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100 thoughts on “New Video Shows China’s ‘Wartime Controls’ To Fight Coronavirus Outbreak | NBC Nightly News

  1. 2 percent fatality rate? That's what we are scared of? With those mostly being the elderly or having pre existing health conditions?

    Jesus we just described the flu. I think pneumonia is actually more deadly.

  2. That's why people keep sneaking out to other countries and laughing and bragging about spreading the virus. The WHO is also corrupted and needs to be dismantled, the leader is a communist sympathizer.

  3. What I have learned from all these China videos are they are extremely organized country unlike individuals traveling all over the world

  4. Corona means crown… and the new name given by the WHO, according to bible concordance=
    Ovid= sheep
    19= slaughter
    They are coming for us all… they need large harvest of energy, when they do, it will birth the locusts in the PIT…. pleasegive your life to Jesus Christ if you haven't!!! It's TIME!!!!!!!!!

  5. Phew luckily I’m a 28 year old women who doesn’t smoke and is no where near China 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Anyways this is sad and scary I hope the Chinese governments put restrictions on what can and cannot be eaten, idk who’s bright idea it is to eat bats, rats, cats, snakes or anything like that 🤷🏻‍♀️ praying for China and the world.

  6. 60k in city of millions, over reaction. only 2% death rate. pssss 6k people die from the common cold in the US every year.

    over reaction, something is not adding up.

  7. Yea…Soldiers get deployed every Flu season…right. You have to be blind to not think that this was a biological weapon.

  8. Let's see IF it surpasses the number of dead people the U.S. killed during the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Or the number of people the U.S. killed in North Korea back in the 60s.
    I think it's safe to say the Coronavirus is harmless when compared.

  9. China’s 🇨🇳 corrupt Government and the Chinese pollute 🏭 the Environment and choose to overpopulate the planet 🌏 by NOT capping its 1.435 Billion continual increasing population growth. Mother Earth will find a way to reclaim 🦠 herself! 😷

  10. Yeah right the 1 party country, the communist dictatorship with its leaders hiding on an island.About time they get handled!its about time all those communist dictatorship start falling, i suffer in the country i am due to the rise of the present dictatorship.

  11. I will keep going to work even with the sniffles until they explicitly tell me to not come in. I don't care if rich shoppers with nothing better to do get sick.

  12. Its here in dallas tx but they telling us all late i went to parkland hospital 30 of January for a head injury but all they did was check me if had the corona virus all the the other physically hurt were check last but the people with similar symptom to the virus they were checked first but they were bot taking anyone in tjey left everyone in the emergency room waiting

  13. This virus was created. Nothing more than the Chinese government trying to stop the protest and civil unrest they were facing prior to this outbreak. Coincidentally, H5N1 breaks out at the same time as the Coronavirus? Remember when it was just H1N1? Where do all these new strains come from? Pathologist and then the patent them. Now what's next the vaccine? Wonder what the monetary ticket will be on that vile of poison?

  14. Female American doctor is STUPID! She is NOT allowed to do jack!! Only thing she can do is be LOCKED UP INSIDE her apartment like a convict!!

  15. Turn them off and follow Q and remember stay in the light and do right by your fellow man ! For no one goes unpunished in the end and this end and a new beginning are soon to be upon us !

  16. The scary part is how the Chinese government is extremely underreporting the numbers… realistically it’s probably around 200000

  17. I think the media has ADD for their board with coverage of Wu flu it takes time to spread and seems not to be upto time coverage

  18. I admire those doctors who chose to stay and try help. But, you are not wise. You know for sure how the health system and infrastructure of China, you know there is no cure yet. So you don't really help. You spent 12 years in college to become a doctor. You WILL and ARE more useful in the States helping other sick people. Nothing you can do in China that really help. Your sublime contribution goes to waste with the CCP running the country.

  19. Why do the Communist Chinese enjoy the Freedom to Travel to the United States, in contrast to the cold war era East European nationals?

    Block the Communist Chinese Nationals from traveling to the U.S. altogether.

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