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100 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – November 9th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

  1. These phony Republican Congressional chumps did everything that they could to Obstruct Justice in the Mueller investigation, and they did everything that they could to limit the scope of it. Now they make even more What about Hillary investigative demands so that they can turn a legitimate Impeachment inquiry into a circus intended to further inflame and confuse the public. Screw em. The public answered their corrupt protect Trump at all costs interferences in the 2018 mid terms, and they will likely show even more Republican Pols the door in 2020.

  2. Haha That shot of Donnie walking out the WH door and down the driveway without a clue as to where he’s going.This guy is losing his mental capacities.

  3. "Gender reveal" parties are a stupid idea and should be stopped. These people simply cannot do something simple, but push the envelope, doing something grander than the previous couple… No common sense, no concept of being reasonable… Unless it's about furthering the Darwin Awards.

  4. So touching about the guy that left the NBA to join the army. As a veteran twice over whom was injured on active duty and the VA has turned their back on me for decades, I can personally attest that this is quite likely the dumbest decision he's ever made as, when he's injured (note, I did not say "if"), the VA WILL NOT STAND BY HIM EITHER! It's completely disgraceful on the part of the VA! If I had never served, I would be making well into the six figures right now instead of being a homeless veteran left to beg to survive!

  5. I’m sure Alabama fans did welcome 45 and ever black, brown , and decent human white should have walked off the freaking field.

  6. The Berlin wall ended East Berlin communist rule and 30 yrs later we have communist running for the President of the United States.

  7. Thats differrent!!! Gave up NBA contract for the military????? .hmmm..maybe he should rethiink that. Sounds like a deadly idea.

  8. 7ft tall and going to the military. He is so noticeable. I feel we gonna hear bad news about this fella soon..hope.not…im say sorry ahead of tiime dude.

  9. When will President Trump gladly. ..release his elusive tax returns?!?!
    Suuurree, it's a witch hunt…like Putin didn't help Trump win the 2016 presidential election. Suuurree, like the Turkish and Russian military aren't slaughtering the Kurdish military and the Kurdish people. Suuurree President Trump… isn't eager to stop through court proceedings ACA /Obamacare for everyone within our nation.
    President Trump should be ashamed of himself!!!

  10. OMG, WHY is the non-story of Pat Sajak "and who's filling in for him" wasting precious minutes of a 20-minute national/world newscast????? For a second day in a row??? Does this mean we should go to TMZ for the actual news? I wonder why the other major news outlets aren't covering this 'breaking' news story.

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  12. Party causes plane crash. Do you see how the press lies to you? It was the pilots fault. It's not like the people where shooting at the plane. If You pay attention you will see this play on words in almost every story.

  13. instagram ending "likes'" ,with the metods o potentil it has
    have you ever heard of a secret language.. what if people get to use there words, to say they like something or mention a hi or whats up…
    ( at the same time, is bots going to destory it, its it going to be like a youtube an page or video thingy? int he past TGB the way i mean it)

  14. Idea , instead of chopping down these beautiful trees for paganism, why don't they transplant ? That way u can put these magnificent creations back from whence they came , where they have a chance to keep living ? A world without trees has no canapy for protection .

  15. "Gender Reveal": never heard of it before… just more evidence of how stupid people can be… (thankfully, I live in Poland)

  16. We never heard of gender reveal parties until tragedy in Colorado a young lady and her little girls were murdered summer 2018

  17. Strongest Economy + Lowest Unemployment among Blacks and Hispanics + Lowest Number of Family in Food Stamps + Highest Median Household Income = Peace, Love, and Prosperity for Everybody. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 God Bless USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  18. You were still a one-sided news broadcast more like fake news when they booed Trump at the baseball game you played the whole 20 seconds when they cheered him at the Alabama LSU game you played a whole 2 seconds just shows you how unfair and one-sided you are !💥 👇😡👎

  19. The Nixon impeachment was also called a witch hunt. He also was denying to give full tapes, he started out with edited transcripts but had to eventually release them in full.

  20. Would someone please tell me why this is news.The whistleblower is not news.How about we talk about Prince Andew and his dead buddy Jeffery Epstein or how about Allen Durchowitz and his accusers.NEWS not twitter !How about we talk about Victims and Criminals.

  21. That guy will avoid the death penalty by holding out the whereabouts of that young lady only to reveal after they remove the death penalty from the sentencing phase.

  22. M🍑‼️ Call upon Ivanka, Jr, Eric for their taxes and foreign wealth they've been accumulating since the crook bought his way into house.

  23. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 All that Dogma you're trying so hard shove down our throats about the " Horrible president" AND LOOK at the Applause hes getting at the game!!!! It must be frustrating to know that the America people don't listen to you anymore!!

  24. The wall: this reminds me of the night news broke that Gorbachev was no longer paying to keep Eastern Europe communist. 1. I was chopping tomatoes for a salad and nearly removed my finger in shock. 2. Poppy Bush recognized as many of the former Soviet Socialist States as he could pronounce and powered through the rest.

  25. (Not that I had much to begin with but) My respect level for Alabama/LSU diminished significantly by those fans giving don t a warm welcome. Did they offer free beer as an incentive?

  26. The lie deny and justify Administration manufactured the 2nd transcript this is why Ghoulianni and Pompeo flew around the world meeting w Russian Aligarch

  27. Insanity. You don't just call in anybody in a trial of someone. They have to be relevant to guilt or innocence of the person being tried for those crimes for which they're being tried.

  28. Alabama fans had no choice. If anybody boo or protested against the POTUS. They would have been kicked out and lost their season tickets. Ironic Alabama looses Karma


  30. NBC, N.othing B.ut C.orruption. Communist propaganda arm of, The Democrat Islamo-Nazi Party. Ditto, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, NPR, NYT, Daily News, Washington Post, PEOPLE, Time, Glamour, Vogue, peers, cohorts, comrades. All corrupt, unprofessional, inept, ignorant, political illiterates, anti American, traitor trash.

  31. Call summary…….well who is summing these accounts. It's all relative to perception and each individuals reality. Use your head WHILE not endorsing low standards such as Democracy.

  32. NOW THE REAL TRUE NEWS: ERIC CIARAMELLA- Worked with DNC operative, Alexandra Chalupa, in creating the first Trump/Russia collusion hoax. Worked for Biden, Brennan, Clapper and Obama's administration. Was FIRED from the National Security Council, for LEAKS, and returned to the CIA. And is, of course, a registered Democrat. Is in fact, a treasonous POS who should be in Leavenworth with Schiff and Killary.

  33. Question: what would happen if you hang the defendants in public square and live stream it for crimes they have committed? Would it decrease future kidnappings and rapes?

  34. I would send a rocket into orbit
    trailing a pink contrail all the way,
    including pink flames at liftoff
    for a gender reveal,or how about
    inviting some old soviet era communist
    people to your house(they were pinkos).

  35. Alabama and other states that voted for this criminal should be taxed to cover the legal expenses for investigating and impeaching this

  36. Bloomberg… Using the Hilary strategy. How did that work out for her skipping states. Oh yeah lost to the worst jackrabbit ever.

  37. 30 years ago tear down this wall Russia now we have a traitor who works for Russia trying to build a wall.Trump tear down your wall ! Is this what we want
    to be what history remembers in the distant future?

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