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100 thoughts on “NBC News: WH Tried To Limit Testimony For Former Trump Russia Adviser | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. Americans !! clap your hands ,,, grin your teeth,, and cheer for the president,,,, then see how far that will take you,,,,,,,,,,,,,, to the pit ,,, where he may be going.

  2. No no there not lying is getting you know where. What do you think you are doing with your lies to the American people. Cnn, Msnbc, msm, are killing more people
    with your lies. Take a vote you people hate Trump more then you love your wife or family get a grip.

  3. And yet Republicans were so outraged at that comedian who had a rubber Trump head with blood dripping off of i

  4. You tell it good! Thanks for being on the side of the American people, and on the side of truth! So glad we have news stations which do not cover up the truth with lies, but stand for the truth. We shall prevail over Trumpism!

  5. Trump is a criminal plain and simple. He is almost a traitor. His followers are just ignorant and don’t care about our republic.

  6. Even after all this, I hesitate for a moment at the description of the video. Really?

    There are not enough obscenities to describe the White House Ogre.

  7. The Kurds had a land/area pre WW1 and WW2. Their land was split between Syria-Turkey. Outside artificial forces split their land. They helped us against ISIS. They have equal women fighters. Look at the many videos. They were slaughtered by the Saddam/Iraq regime with chemical weapons that we sold them. They need to be protected. What is happening right now will come back to haunt the U.S and the world. They are moderates, and should be supported.

  8. That pic from the video clip – it looks like it was taken from the movie Kingsman, where Peter Firth, a spy, goes into a church and it becomes this crazy blood bath. Weirdest movie scene ever. And that looks like Spanky's head on Firth's body, not the fat, bumbling oaf occupying the WH. It is just me – or did they used that scene here?

  9. YA…0nl¥ 15 dda¥'$? make sure HOffman get'$ @ exam internally
    buy a Indian skumwolf jail crap DR 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕!

  10. You forgot to mention Black Lives Matter being one of his victims in the unwatchable video. I didn’t make it past 2 seconds. Kremlin Don is no Kingsman.

  11. You guys are still calling names but what specifically has he done that is illegal? Being angry about Hillary losing is not going cut it in the next election.

  12. Well stated, "Spoiled rich kid," donald has no backbone. no internal fortitude, just a coward of a man who needs he rally to energize his dilutions. "Executive Privileges" should be nullified when there involved criminal behavior. Hopefully this will take away ALL the clokes he used to hide behind.

  13. It is absolutely critical for our Nation not to allow traitor-trump or the current GOP to remain in power at any level. They must all be removed and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the LAW!

  14. This is like watching Star Jones huff and puff every time she breaths in. This guy seems to struggle to finish a whole sentence. I can’t watch this.

  15. The only person more ignorant than Trump is a Trump voter.
    The only person more delusional is a Trump voter.
    The only … you get it.

  16. some folks gonn be goin to jail…count on it! https://www.zerohedge.com/political/trump-will-steamroll-competition-2020-moodys-accurate-election-model


  18. Traitor Trump approved the video that was released by his sons for Traitor Trump's base!!

    We all know how low they will stoop to get a message to his base!!

  19. The only power the devil has over souls is their willingness to believe in the devils deception thru his lies …once exposed his power is no more .. " the devil he is a liar " & Gods light of truth will always shine thru into the darkest of loes with the path to His love & glory in truth !!! THE DARKNESS CAN NEVER EVER EXTINGUISH GODS LIGHT ….Spiritual Warfare at its finest !! …if we stay close to God, seek him first in our lives thru his word in the Bilble, then the devil will never again hold any power to deceive us

  20. How do they know what Sondland will say. It’ll really be egg on the face of the media if he says something entirely different. Why not just wait before reporting. You’d think the media would be extra careful in this time of Trump constantly yelling fake news.

  21. I like to read fantasy. Not live it. I think we need a spread sheet and a graph to correlate Trump's lies, and criminal actions… Just to keep reality front and center.

  22. 2019 began with a Government shutdown and ending with a pending Impeachment. Worst year in politics no matter your political affiliation 🙁

  23. Under whose watch was ISIS defeated? The military is not a police force, but a fighting force! You fantasize over impeachment!

  24. I think there's a better-than-even chance that Sondeland's testimony will take a hard right from what the media has been reporting (Trump told me to say no quid-pro-quo, Evanovich was outstanding diplomat, etc.) and he will start to recite the Trump message. These media leaks about his testimony might just be a false flag. Hope I'm wrong though.

  25. The only thing that truly needs to be limited is a Trump presidency including his enablers,the Republican party inside of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C. .

  26. Time stamp: 3:10 This is Our Reality, It's Bad Now we let a New York PIECE OF SHITbUSINESSMAN/Politician/Gangster into Our WHITE HORSE!! AND I SAID WHITE HORSE on purpose lmao..

  27. The video looks like a scene from Kingsmen where they had a mind control implant for most of the people in league with the corrupt leader of scheme. Giving this so-called president a weapon is pathetic because he is a 5 time draft dodger and historically has chosen gossip and deception as his tools of manipulation. Impeach this so-called president

  28. Since the dawn of patriarchy, we, as countries, have suffered but one major setback, which, despite apparently good, albeit arguably naive intentions, disempowers women as a whole and leaves the door open to sin.

    The setback I refer to is, but of course, the age of consent law.

    Many of us at Pink have worked closely with youths. If the age of consent were set at a good, fair, and solid 18 years of age, globally, then I, for one, would have at least one less reason to complain about patriarchy in the government.

    As it stands, the majority of countries in the world, today, set a legal youth's age of consent at something which is under 18 — something which dearly stresses us here at Pink, as youth protections fall short when Johnny Law cuts the line at, say, 17, or 14. As you can imagine, there is a big difference between a kid being 16, and a kid being 17. There's a big difference between a kid being 17, and a kid being 18.

    While 18 years of age for relational consent in young adults might sound arbitrary to some, experience has proven that it is the nicer and more effective than a legal age of consent that is less than 18. Furthermore, in our experience, a legal age of consent that is GREATER THAN 18 would be better than a legal age of consent that is less than 18; age of consent should rise, if anything. Not lower.

    Even the United States of America as well as most states there fail to post a legal age of consent which is at least 18. Most countries around the world have reserved, ignored, or even seem to have rejected our proposal to set all age of consent policies which are under 18 to on 18. I feel this is a grim reminder of sin and ignorance in the world, today. An age of consent that is under 18 stems from feudalism and patriarchy.

    So, while others have ignored me, I must ask you, whoever you are, in the name of God above, to please correct the legal age of consent, anywhere that the age of consent fails to be set at at least 18, to a good, fair, and solid 18 years of age.

    Thank you for reading, and Pink should look forward to greater recognition of countries when they have corrected policy from being obsolete and patriarchal.

  29. 😂Get him girls!😂

    😍Pelosi For President!😍

    😍Pelosi – Warren 2020, A Totally Unbeatable Ticket!😍

  30. This guy is a C_A actor …wake up. You are programmed. Been going on for years. Think JFK…. a Democrat. They don’t care about which party is in the Whitehouse. .

  31. How long will you continue to believe the C_A programmers in the MSM. Don’t forget JFK was a Democrat. I voted for Obama twice because I still believed in the system. Scripted C_A propaganda

  32. Watch YouTube The Edge of Wonder and find out the truth about what is really going on around Earth and how The Deep Stae aka Illuminate are behind the scenes in charge and how Trump is the good guy in this and there are hundreds of sealed indictments coming. Cannot do it all right away as in each case involves a number of people. Trump knows all about this and watch Anonymous group YouTube Expose Hillary Clinton. In my emails from Democratic party, it says I am a top democrat in my area but I belong to many groups and let me say from what I see and hear Trump is good and even will expose the hundred alien types the Government is currently working with and the secret Mars base. Think I am crazy than think about why new space force. Other names try Corey Goode, Emery Smith, David Wilcock, The Kate Awakening, Q-Anon,

  33. I don't why I think Bozo The Clown( aka) Trump tries to stop this tidal wave of people who have the bravery to come forward he's done and he knows it.

  34. biden ripped us off, enough money to build the Trump wall. The only video I seen was biden strong arming ukraine.

  35. I'm not follower of sharpie 45Th…I'm far far away from that…but in a debate SHARPIE 45TH VRS BIDEN… I will put my coins on sharpie!!!

  36. Ha ha ha, no one is buying your lies anymore.

    This is not reporting news , this is the propaganda of the radicalized coup media.


  37. There is a clinical reason behind this "fantasy" scenario. Trump has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. People with NPD live in a fantasy world where they are the smartest, bravest, most admired, most loved person in the world, as evidenced by his insistence that everything he touches is "the greatest (economy, foreign policy, etc) in the history of the country and maybe the world." He won 2016 by the greatest landslide ever seen, he is a stable genius, etc.
    NPD's primary defense mechanism is projection. They project every negative thing about themselves on to others: Hillary conspired with the Russians, a politician who's children profit shamelessly from their fathers position is Joe Biden, not his three little crooks. The other side of projection is an ability to pull others into his fantasy world.

  38. why doesn't all these news commentators get over this Russia thing and just ask the Progressives and Democrats to Declare war on Russia so we can at least get over all this Russia fear mongering and get to what all these progressives really want, a bunch of dead Russians.

  39. The music playing before Trump’s appearance at a Louis Vuitton factory was ‘Macho Man’ by The Village People & ‘My Way’ by Frank Sinatra. Those were just two. If I worked at that factory, I would’ve gone back to work rather than be a pawn in yet another “rally.” Sickening.

  40. When I watched this, I could see why “the other side” would see this media outlet as biased.
    Hear me out. We’ve gotta work harder to see things from the other person’s perspective.

    The text banner reads that it’s NEWS…then a bit of the way in, the anchor switches to more of an OPINION piece, even though he does include facts within the opinion.

    That’s fine, and I agree with the opinion/slant, however, instead of NEWS, it should’ve said NEWS & OP-ED or News And Opinion or News and Editorial, News & My Take, etc.

    Always be above any reproach, that’s the best way to succeed.

  41. The women have more backbone than the men.

    Yovanovich and Hill are brave, clever, decent people, and they are owed an enormous debt of gratitude.

  42. Unbelievable that some American people are still supporting such a clown …. Looking at this Soap kind of movie from central Africa and wondering how it will end

  43. "These guys" – I'm sorry, but from a story-telling standpoint, when you are gifted by reality with Slavic stooges to the "Grand Vizier" by the names of Lev and Igor, you have to use those names at every opportunity.

  44. This is a big nothing! They (MSNBC) clutch at straws here and with every one of their commentators. They may as well be describing the way POTUS makes a PB&J sandwich.

  45. Until there is a house vote, it's a witch hunt, not an impeachment. Schiff's closed door unconstitutional "inquiry" is an attempt to find evidence to back the whistleblowers' hearsay. Apparently MSNBC and the brainwashed are happy that the President is assumed guilty till proven innocent.
    Does anyone remember the 2 1/2 years Schiff said he had evidence of collusion with Russia? Millions of wasted tax dollars later, turns out he is a liar.
    Propaganda should never have been legalised for use on U.S. citizens. The brainwashing is working. The left is delusional.

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