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100 thoughts on “NBC Exclusive: Were These Chinese Trespassers Confused Tourists…Or Spies? | MSNBC

  1. The White House alone has Russian spies walking around freely. This is the best time for our enemies to strike. All our professionals in their field have been all fired an REPLACE BY inexperience FOLKs. What a joke IT TRULLY is.

  2. FBI, CIA, NSA: “beware spying”
    ImPOTUS: “Fake news … alright it’s true but it’s not a problem … alright it’s Biden … get Schiff”

  3. 3:10 Wait, so she's basing part of her argument on conversations with random cab drivers in China?
    That paranoia is how we got Japanese internment camps. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  4. Illegal immigrants don’t only come into the US over our southern border. Container ships and the owners of the shipping companies with their shady and vague overseas registers (like the company owned by the family of our Commerce Secretary Elaine Chao) are complicit in smuggling huge numbers of Chinese illegals into our country every day. There is no possible way to examine the thousands of containers that funnel into our ports every day. Only a fraction are checked or examined in any way for drugs, humans or any other illegal cargo. Our ports are a huge sieve allowing illegal immigrants and Chinese spies in but our focus is always directed at the “Wall”. And the shipping concerns are well paid for being the coyotes of the Pacific. Wake up, America!

  5. My goodness you people are becoming paranoid about spying. Your paranoia will morph into more excuse for broader government control and spying on you. But never mind the intelligence community. Just get so paranoid that the crazies with all the guns will start shooting people for picking up sand on the beach.

  6. I find none of this surprising. What I find surprising is that no one has tried to take trump out. Perhaps, it's because he has more value to our enemies alive and in the White house. There hasn't been worse security then there is now.

  7. How Did They Get On A Military Base?…Maybe We Need Walls Around Our Military Bases More Than The Border To Mexico!!!!

  8. In the mid-1970's I had a chance to question an MIT graduate of the 1950's about a number of topics… one was Cold War Soviet espionage efforts. He laughed as he told me the Soviets rented an office across the street from an MIT facility and simply watched what was being erected on the MIT roof. They could deduce the major areas being studied simply from those observations. Everyone at MIT knew they were there. It was a running gag for the senior students.
    Note (an aside): My acquaintance had the opportunity to luncheon with Einstein a few times and was quite a genius character in his own ways. He wouldn't talk about physics and the Cold War as it related to Einstein, that was a classified topic even 23 to 27 years later, but he well understood the need for renewable energy… even designed a simple and inexpensive windmill for me that could provide enough energy for a single family home typical of coastal environments (where wind is essentially non-stop). That was 1978.

    So espionage and dangers to the Western Democracies such as economic over-reliance on fossil fuels, especially the U.S. are hardly new. No competent politician should be surprised. Evidence of anthropogenic climate change begins c.1958, and China typically attempts immense tasks using huge numbers of people.


  10. Ever since trump arrived at the WH he has compromised our safety by appointing a bunch of incompetent know nothing morons like Jared Kushner, Ivanka, a other appointees bc they say wonderful things about their king the buffoon. We also know Trump can't keep his mouth shut, if someone praises him, sends him love letters, or anything similar he does a d gives them what they want.

  11. Trump is so much more concerned and focused on his idiotuc wall than protecting our safety against the real enemies. Unfortunately, we know how he feels and views countries with dictators.

  12. Question is, how do you defeat spies? Well, be an open book in a way. Make sure no one knows anything but what you allow to be known.

  13. If you're being spied on then they'll increase their efforts in discovering information when you let them know things because something is always "missing" with spies information-wise and that's why they don't stop spying. Spies are always looking for something and for some reason they follow certain people in hopes of finding what they're looking for. Why would they follow who they follow is the question.

  14. Why did it take 30 minutes to stop the Chinese on a military base? The fact that some military posts have more than one gate is also something to consider.

  15. Turn over photos? Once taken uploaded to cloud which can be downloaded from China before the phones, cameras, or photos are turned over.

  16. They should be treated as spies, if I took a vacation to Sanya on the Chinese island of Hainan and drove a jet ski due East I would run directly into their South China Sea Naval base and I would be treated as a spy at best. At worst they would test their missiles on me as I approached.

  17. NBC news stop your BS news on the Chinese …really…do you see that everything is just done to break the Chinese economy because you American are AFRAID that the Chinese are the FIRST POWER in the world….

  18. Well maybe Spanky and his gang should give those"students"the Otto Warmbair treatment like his lover Kim Jung Un would MAGA Monsters Are Governing America resist

  19. Sooo there's actually no proof presently one way or another but and on top of this health crisis they're basically accusing Chinese tourists of spying. What could go wrong? Or there is proof but the three people in this segment sucked horribly at succinct explanations. She was horrible.

  20. This just in , Breaking News, Trump is Colluding With China to rig The 2020 Elections. Adam Schiff, says there is Evidence In Plain Sight For All To See, We Must Impeach.

  21. You don't just drive on a military base. That seems like a set up

  22. Type into youtube and see the packed stadium "Namaste Trump Live: US President Donald Trump Arrives in India". Trump never fails to draw a crowd. Just imagine a Democrat President. They would have to hire or pay a crowd to see anyone of them hahahahaha

  23. They are there for the Chinese government's interests. They could have dropped a surveillence device on the property?

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  25. The fact of all matters involving the republicans president in anyway has an absolute underlying motive for his unrepentant corrupt methods of operation !!!
    Practically everyone he has been associated with has a criminal mindset, in prison, or well on their way to an institutional facility.

  26. Sailors, Soldiers, Marines, and Airforce people need to look out as well. I don't know what happened to these guys but at Ft Lewis, was walking on a Saturday-to Cash sales and then the PX. Saw these two normal looking men taking pictures on this fenceline to where on the inside was an airfield-but not just an airfield-that is also where Strykers were staged and used for training before being signed over to the units to do training including a driver's school. So I expedited my pace and these dudes jumped into car and took off. Got the license plate number and saw a Sgt Major I knew at cash sales(if you don't know-cash sales is where you can buy uniforms and other assorted items) We called the MP's and gave them the info about it. That Sgt Major tried finding out what happened and was told in so many words-don't worry about it, steps have been taken-good job now don't worry about it. Just because people look like you don't mean they are like you. (in my description in civilian clothes I would have took them for officers in how they were dressed and carried themselves.)

  27. whats crazy is you morons believe everything msnbc says, get outraged, scream RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA… or in this case CHINA CHINA CHINA, then in a few days forget all about this outrage and move on to the next outrage of the week. pathetic

  28. Message to the US from the rest of the world…. China (and Russia) can’t believe their luck that you fools elected trump. Chinas hundred year plan for world domination got a 50 year boost… and they didn’t have to lift a finger, and Russia only threw a couple of million roubles away to get results they couldn’t believe. The clowns are running the circus now, and the bad guys couldn’t be happier. Goodbye US, coz you are history now.

  29. i'm shocked this could happen to our Country under Trump's leadership…
    i hear he is the best leader…. it is often said…. everyone is talking about. 😂

  30. The guy in the middle is not African and he doesn't represent black people he is clearly a brown person with a shaved head and will do whatever you want for money! Showng his black gloves don't let that fool you! Chinese are not your enemies they are your friends the real enemies of America are the Media and the Conservatives and Trump!

  31. But the punch line is the American voters can’t wait to vote their president back in office for a second term. This country is being propped up by low IQ voters. They’re in charge to allow this to continue while we sit back in awe and disbelief. We are all to blame! We are the weakest link in this universe while we claim to be superior to every other country worldwide. The great powerful United States of America’s with Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Devin Nunez, Roger Stone, Lewandowski, Ivanka, Jared, them Trump boys, all of them represent all of us. They are America and the media is complicit!

  32. We have tens of thousands of Chinese students here in Waterloo “studying “ in universities where the technology of computers is. Google is here. Raytheon IBM. Drones for US military manufactured here. Much much more. And its all approved. Cuz universities want the money being generated. Canada doesn’t care if they take it home to China. What are the Chinese going to do with the technology anyway? Take over the world? Oops. I guess they might.

  33. Remove the Electoral Process, it is unconstitutional. Every VOTE should count during a presidential election. This is not a State issue. #45*, Moscow Mitch and NRA betrayed our country and are Russian Entities funnelling money to the Russian Republicans. Follow the foreign money being invested in America. The TRUTH is There.

  34. Corona virus could effect the Chinese spying. Stock Market tanks on the prospect of no more copyright infringment has stocks looking around. They act like they care.

  35. Good grief, what cab drivers was she talking to? This is my eleventh year in China and I've never has a single Chinese person tell me it was their duty to rise up and take over the USA. Where do you people come up with this garbage?

  36. Has anybody seen the rally in India for President Trump? Has any world leader attracted such a large crowd ever anywhere in the world? While the FAKE NEWS promote Russian hoax once again the president is being respected all over the world as the best world leader.

  37. Make it look like they were recruited by the CIA, then send them home.

    A few months of MSS surveillance and interrogations and word will get out: no Chinese tourist will ever consider amateur spying for the homeland again.

  38. Thousands of Chinese tourists are in the Philippines doing all sorts of activities that would send them to the firing squad in China.

  39. What sensitive or threatening to national security intelligence can be gathered driving around a military installation with security so lax they were able to drive in unchallenged in the first place.

  40. American government is looking so stupid the last perpetrators were trained by the American airlines think make no sense repeat that

  41. Are we sure these weren't part of trump investors. Him and Jared sell green cards for 500 thousand to Chinese.Maybe Trump knows about them Trump tried to sell property near that base not to long ago

  42. Artist living in Beijing. Occasionally I take photos about the city. Nobody goes near the compounds near the center of the city with a camera—without being stopped by uniformed and plainclothes police blocks in advance.

  43. No xenophobia here, it's perfectly natural to accept and assume all Chinese cab drivers want to conquer America. Anyone who believe's this paranoia, Google "nail houses." They can't even build a road, without someone literally standing in the way.

  44. What a joke. As if the Chinese couldn't send drones from beyond the international water line and take all the photos they wanted. BE PARANOID, AMERICA. BE VERY PARANOID!!!

  45. They used their citizens to take pics of Hawaii know where Bomb , No difference Now !!! Those are ones they use Why Not , used none military then !!! They Spy on America Year Around .

  46. Come on America, take off the rose coloured glasses. What do you think would happen to a group of Americans who tried to do this in China?

  47. Whether Trump uses Chinese or Russian spies, the HIJACKING of our votes is going to happen the same way — through our cell phones and the voting machines at the polling place. LEAVE YOUR CELL PHONES AT HOME WHEN YOU GO TO VOTE IN THE OFF POSITION> EVERYONE KNOWS the Chinese and the Russians are MASTERS at writing code and hacking. The IOWA CAUCUS was a test run and it worked out great for GOP
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