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far away from the big movie studios and bright lights of Los Angeles roughly a 130 odd miles from San Francisco or you could say about to hours from Sacramento is Tuolumne County. It’s home to some of the most popular and oldest state parks in California and from High Noon to Back to the Future III, you won’t believe some of the films that have been shot here. Tuolumne County with its local in bed and breakfast nooks and sprawling ranches lent itself seamlessly to early Hollywood Westerns the Wilson Colonel house and Columbia State Historic Park for one is where Gary Cooper’s character Marshall Will Kane tried to recruit Henry Morgan’s character in the oscar-winning film High Noon for Sam in? He’s at church, Will. He’s gone to church. This Studebaker also appeared prominently in High Noon and locals have made efforts to restore the quaint charm of the place for an authentic recreation of the wild wild west Tourists are encouraged to take a ride on an actual stagecoach in and around the locations where films like Wells Fargo and Clint Eastwood’s Field Riders were shot. The pride of Tuolumne County however is Railtown 1897 State Historic Park, also dubbed the movie railroad from its many many appearances in films, television series and commercials over the years. Here, one can tour one of the last remaining working round houses in America. The state park is also home to one of the most photographed locomotives in the world the majestic and solid iron steam engine locomotive Sierra Number Three. Okay this is so exciting I’m standing right in front of Sierra Number Three. It’s the big star attraction here. It’s been in so many movies that we know and we love and we watched over the years. In fact at one point I read that Clint Eastwood said it’s one of his favorite co-stars because he’s been in so many movies with Sierra Number Three most famously the Sierra Number Three featured in this scene from Back to the Future III pushing the famed DeLorean time machine down a track. We’ve got a lot of visitors because of the movies that have seen the films and and know the history of the Sierra Railroad. Hollywood played a big part in keeping this place alive for many many years and we will get a lot of people come up here for that that purpose. Tuolumne County remains a significant tourist attraction for movie buffs and the nearby Yosemite National Park is still a top choice for adventure seekers heading into Northern California for a bit of sun and film history.

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