Michael Moore: CNN ‘Not News’ in Sandy Coverage

Michael Moore: CNN ‘Not News’ in Sandy Coverage

bible more plot was not happy with
c_n_n_’s coverage of the hurricane he
actually appears morris program to talk
about what’s what
can you imagine
if a hundred and ten homes
were burning right now in los angeles
bill that’d be another three hours
before we run out at W duplicate
hundreds of every other girl in new york
never had a little my point is that
everyone else was going on
with putting a lot of reporters have in
if three p water and see how far they
blow up whatever that is not new what he
was uh… i don’t agree with that
because i said well we are to cover that
last one of the mysteries of the
sentencing debate
reporting for such comes out of the
uh… the water in
in lower manhattan resources out of here
comes well
but certainly more delay while you why
do you put it all back alley that’s in
in atlantic city our effort our effort
our effort our effort our work
with it will mean blown around by the
way and why i think he was incredibly
courageous to do what he did
yes inception lead testing he was there
for twelve hours
and cut
rediculous now outlook out as a c_n_n_
shouldn’t do it it’s a fun shot that’s
why people tune in and do they do it for
anything other than ratings comma on-off
all is inspiring
all that i do know the water
an ass lightly goes out there
and they talked to holly that she about
their city he has a good guy any you
know he tempered things
but overall is that what was important
for lawyers to know
eclectic in fact he’s telling people
what he’s in the middle of the water is
very important everybody evacuate
okay but jack as you know the water
spoke you’re not really setting
you know message out there by being how
water birthday
so ekta and i don’t mean a call him just
call him out on it
it c_n_n_’s choice to do that he’s gonna
you know more notoriety by doing it at
center i get it
and i don’t even like
i don’t be
but michael moore what he says is true
and fine but i don’t really pretty
unique ever that for me what would be
much better is okay go ahead and show
the way is a show ali out there and then
saturn cetera and then talk about why is
this happening listen to the macro
picture let’s look at the record heat in
july let’s look at the drought so slip
all of the weather together so that we
can begin to get a sense of our climate
is changing too that would be reporting
that would be journalism that would give
you something value-added is said to
just do the easy thing
said the guidance for add as you can
and have audience watches tv drowns
to derail okay
so now to be fair dollar doshi heat he
says that these are booked
adding the criticisms are
well-intentioned and fair
and he said we’re gonna look into this
and we always reevaluated satara
he said something else was really
interesting italy went into other guys
who had not evacuated
feelings about
hey you shoulda gone et cetera his core
is interesting but it’s also he’s
probably the person that is
the lease qualified to tell everybody
else to evacuate
says their their homes
further away from the water they need
so it’s kinda wierd for him to be like
from the moment who should
you should evacuate fifty okay but
nonetheless right
many says this quote i must tell you the
challenges every journalistic bone in my
body not to ask these people
what were you thinking why do you
somehow think this was and i have a new
despite all of our report
as i said number one day my default
every was ok because you’re reporting
was in the middle of the water and you
are fine
and then number two
look at how they view germs
what’s wrong with asking someone hey why
didn’t you evacuate that’s troublesome
he believes
you would be the one thing to do is
fighting and he is trying to this
fighting estate the most obvious and
relevant question
his wife
uh… well you know that what it would
be a bias question
it would be an on balance question
it would be a question that was it made
surely of manila
within trauma in their heads as c_n_n_
do not ever ask an interesting quote
question that might challenge anyone you
ever have art
just a definite bill the watergate
pounded by the way it
that’s our are yummy
no give us contacts
ask hard questions
not only of the people you’re
interviewing but also of your reporters
to figure out why we have these weather
incident just sitting there
didn’t watch out by a store

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100 thoughts on “Michael Moore: CNN ‘Not News’ in Sandy Coverage

  1. I agree with Moore, standing in water blowing around is silly. It would be much better to have people stating dry facts;
    For example; wind speed, water levels, route of the storm, death toll, electrical issues, fuel costs, aid areas, volunteer centres… etc.

    Tons of fluff in todays news and very little factual information.

  2. His bush facts were dead on…. he documented it and the economy suffered. Its too simplistic to say he was right, but he was right.

    Welcome to reality.

  3. Talk about being uninformed these people don't even know why they are voting its a bunch of talking points and lies with no substance. It is sad that these people will determine the path America will take and I am deeply saddened because of it.

  4. Lol I don't know why either. I wrote my comment before the video was over, that's why its similar…. cenk. and I think alike

  5. Some of his "facts" are facts, some are not. Nevertheless pretty much everything he does could legitimately be called "demagogic"

  6. all those fools standing in the rain is bull shit they are not helping inform any one of any real danger just fools in the rain. CNN Wet HEAD IDIOTS .

  7. Velshi "Incredibly courageous" to do what he did? At one point during the Veshi report, 3 guys in swim trunks came out and started dancing and clowning behind him…punctuating the absurdity of CNN.

  8. It's a Cat 1 hurricane, I have slept through cat 2's in shady hotel without even entertaining the thought of I need to get out of here. CNN & other so called news outlets are nothing more then ratings whores.

  9. It was a cat 1 winds but cat 3-4 storm surge. Also the sheer size of it made it way worse. this storm cannot be categorized like other hurricanes. Cat 2 is a serious storm and cat 3 or 4 is seriously bad. I've been through many storms living in FL. Tropical storms can be just as serious and sometimes worse.

  10. I watched clips of that show. One excuse Piers gave was that "it was dramatic". People. This is supposed to be the News, not All My Children. The purpose of the news is to convey information, not drama. It's supposed to inform you, not entertain you. If you want to be entertained, watch Jersey Shore. If you want to learn what happened to the Jersey Shore, watch the News.

  11. i swear babyboomers and some of there kids are the ones that watch cnn,fox or whatever news. when they are gone tv will go that and computer are getting so cheap. When that happens we will see change, BIG change from the food we eat, to way we run our country. I mean at any point and time we can stop and no one will really lose anything it all a game Ego driven game no body want to lose and you never win

  12. Exactly Cenk, value added. I asked the same question of some of the women, men saying I've never experienced anything like this in my life. RIGHT, BCAZ it didn't happen to you until now, moreover have you not been watching what happens to us here in FL. In 2003-4-5 etc we had 4 hurricanes hit us within 6 weeks, causing extensive damage and loss of life. This is the NEW NORMAL, expect to get more of these until WE START TAKING CLIMATE CHANGE MORE SERIOUSLY. All the earth is concern w/ is balance.

  13. Notoriety is BAD! Why do people misuse that so much?

    Notoriety :
    1: the quality or state of being notorious
    2: a notorious person

    Example from Websters: "He achieved instant fame and notoriety with the release of his film."

    It is not fame or eve infamy (which is also misused).

  14. i love how michel is wearing a sweatshirt and peice is wearing a suite and tie hahaha. oh michel, keeping it classy! nice job 馃檪

  15. Moore is right tho. Ali Velshi, Anderson Cooper, and Erin Burnett were all getting there "storm cred" last week…CNN does these reports for drama and ratings. There was no redeeming value in what the reporters were saying. None.

  16. And you came to this conclusion because Moore is hesitant to admit he has profited from the system he criticizes? Thanks, Dr. Freud.

  17. He's not hesitant to admit it at all. He wants him AND PEOPLE AS RICH AS HIM to be charged higher taxes so that justice and opportunity can be extended to everybody (he can't do it just by donating his own)….. this is a point which you've obviously missed. He's not hesitant to admit anything.

    You're a moron because you respect wealth-destroyers like Mitt Romney instead of rich people who actually want there to be (and ARGUE for there to be) justice.

  18. I always found Piers Morgan to be quite vacuous in his interpretation of events and imagined if he was a female would be the standard blonde with big tits on the fox network

  19. I am not trying to be a rude internet user when I hate upon the closed caption type text underneath these videos but… the text is outrageously off. If my hearing impaired mother were to view these videos… relying upon the text alone, she could risk going insane! If it were possible to volunteer to transcribe audio so that hearing impaired people… or complainers could read the words being spoken then… I VOLUNTEER for the TYT army?! Regardless, please get on that cause it's not good!

  20. I agree with you that the caption for youtube videos is horrible. However they are not made by TYT, but by youtubes automatic program interpret the voices without human supervision. This is why the text is bad, because the technology behind youtubes voice caption is still in it's infancy. TYT has nothing to do with the caption.

  21. Who said anything about parties? This has NOTHING to do with parties. RICH people who want to be richer at any cost whatsoever to others are the ORIGIN of right-wingism. It's a very simple phenomenon.

  22. CNN has bad ratings so they love disasters like these and wars so they can dispatch their gazillion reporters and air it 24/7. CNN can't report facts on the banks, wars, Democrats/GOP, etc, so this is what they resort to.

  23. Thanks Greatly…*hangs head in shame* I should have done that research! I can't wait for the technology to be at least an adolescent!

  24. I thought Ali Velshi used to be CNN's financial go-to guy… Why did they stick him in the middle of a hurricane like some lame local weather reporter?

  25. You're just making shit up, now. I've seen several interviews where Michael Moore is confronted about his wealth and he deflects and tries to change the subject. It's a fact. It's one thing I dislike about him. I like Michael Moore. I said he does good things. You do realize that people can criticize someone and still support them? Plus, you're insinuation that I have respect for a bloodsucking parasite dirtbag like Mitt Romney insults me. You know nothing about me.

  26. I can't really see what you want from Michael Moore. He keeps saying people as rich as him should be taxed more, and gives reasons for that. What more do you actually want from him?
    You want him to say "I've profited immensely from the system I'm criticizing"? Maybe he doesn't see it as "profiting", in the same manner that somebody like Mitt Romney would.
    He wants higher taxes on rich people and explains why. I don't know what else he can do.
    He's right to deflect from that ridiculous question.

  27. lol this is fantastic. How can you ignore all the variables and have tunnel vision like that cenk. What about weather modification warfare going on between the west and Russia and China? What about HARP? What about Geo-engenering, possibly warming us by creating the greenhouse effect, what about agneda 21? Lol he simply counts on his audience to be ignorant about those things what about people who are informed, what are they gonna think cenk? Their gonna think your a clown part of establishment

  28. All the air time CNN spent on this guy in the water allow them to do the high quality in depth journalism that they always do. You know like they did in relation to the story sourced from the bogus blog post about the flooding of the New York Stock Exchange…

    CNN = Corporate News Network, what would ever cause you to expect actual facts or real journalism from them?

  29. Basically, CNN has one real journalist: Soledad O'Brien. The rest are either opinion commentators or entertainment "news" anchors.

  30. Things that CNN should have had running on their ticker and being talking about:

    -Items needed to hurricane-roof your house
    -The amount of water needed to sustain an average family for five for several days
    -A map of water levels through urban ares with constant updates
    -A continually updated list of as many rescue stations as possible.

    Any political pandering or 'entertainment' reporting should have been stopped immediately.

  31. Why didn't Michael Moore use HIS time to report on the hurricane instead of bitching about CNN's coverage .. Oh I forgot, they didn't dangle a hamburger in front of him

  32. The only way that is true is if you have a skewed idea of what "justice" is.

    Most people would not qualify use of force to redistribute wealth, as "justice". Whatever floats your boat though.

  33. News is not news, it has abdicated its responsibility and is now nothing more than a propaganda machine or a means of entertainment. Truth died when News became a profit center.

  34. I was refering to a news dude i knew of in Florida. No i wasnt it was cnn..msnbcc….tyt…same thing…ok..tyt is a little better. Stop supporting the demopublicans that would almost make you guys worth watching..im so over you.

  35. michael moore isn't radical left. He's just left. If he was radical left he wouldn't be so fat. He'd regulate what he'd eat.

  36. He is right! The majority of 24 hours new coverage was reporters in the elements, press conferences, and anchors. I had to go to alternative media the next day to get images of news worthy events, such as Breeze Point fire or NYC flooding.

  37. I live in Staten Island. We got some of the worst of the storm. I can say that we got our storm coverage from two outlets: The Weather Channel and local news. What did we need CNN for? I mean, it's good that they covered it, but they didn't have to keep cutting to the guy in Atlantic City every hour on the hour for the benefit of those of us who were in the area. They could have just as easily done some token hurricane coverage for those who weren't in the storm's path.

  38. Guys… it's all about production costs! End of story. Also CNN is a feed (as they are an outlet) to and from the rest of the country. In the other areas the local news uses them as their source. The point is/was not to watch them 24 hours a day as they work in cycles. It's not news it the news-business or it's a news-show. Choose one choose both it doesn't matter but like everything else it's cost-based bang-for-the-buck stuff and they don't pay shit to production people so what do you expect!

  39. Come on he personifies the American dream; happy, fast and stupid (meaning rich). The rest doesn't matter and we're here making comments when he's getting the forums… and the money!

  40. I think you need to look up the word "propaganda." It's not a loaded word it just means the dissemination of information. So what's your point and who is "it"?

  41. My parents are republicans and they HATE the fact that I like Michael Moore. I can raise the best arguement in the world, with 10 billion times more logic, and they just say "stop listening to Michael Moore… he's a socialists who believes the entire world should live on food stamps".

    Then I just stare blankly at the cieling and realize my parents are retarded.

  42. @Nemisis99 I'm about as liberal as you get but even I would tell ppl to stop listening to michael Moore he is a very skilled manipulator and just like republicans he bends distraughts truth to get his agenda across his documentarys. Are filled with bullshit extreme leftist is a good terminology for him

  43. In all fairness, and this may not directly correlate, but Journalists used to put themselves in danger of battle to report the realities of war. Is it really that different/wrong for Journalists to put themselves in danger to report the realities of extreme weather?

  44. Still remember those memorable shots of Anderson Cooper withstanding the force of the elements in front of a barely trickling downspout.

  45. Not quite. It is not just information but ideological information. It promotes a cause whether that cause is true or valid or not.

    prop路a路gan路da – n. 1. The systematic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those people advocating such a doctrine or cause. 2. Material disseminated by the advocates of a doctrine or cause.

    Anyone with an understanding of English language knows that "it" is "news".

  46. Poor Ali "Oli Williams" Veishi. "How's the weather Ali?" "IT'S GONNA RAIN!" "What about an umbrella?" "HAD ONE! "And?" "BLEW AWAY TEN MINUTES AGO!" "Thanks Ali."

  47. to be fare Michael Moore isn't happy about anything,
    except himself. he's an extremist and if you ask me as bad
    as glenn beck.

  48. The reporter wading in a flood or being blown about by storm winds is unnecessary, cliched, hackneyed bunk at this point. We should appreciate it for what it is: a rite of passage/ initiation for new reporters, or a desperate grab for ratings/ relevance by more seasoned but soon to be marginalized reporters. I'll tune back in when I hear about a reporter brave enough to step into the path of an approaching tornado.

  49. I've lived through a lot of hurricanes, and have seen more than my fair share of those reports– I call them "Asshole in the Wind Reports". They always go along with footage of people buying supplies and boarding up windows, which should just be file footage from decades past, since it tells us nothing to see this every time.

  50. Good to hear you lived through them. Some aren't so fortunate.

    My all-time favorite is the clip with the imbecile reporter in a canoe during a flood trying to make it look like she's paddling the boat, who's suddenly upstaged by a person casually walking by, showing just how shallow the water really is.

  51. Classic. I always think they should cut from the Asshole in the Wind to the anchor in the studio, sitting by a fire with a mug of hot cocoa, his feet up in slippers, "Well, thanks for that report, Dave. I know I wish I could be out there with you!"

  52. It has been an ongoing process over the last 30 years. This is one of the reasons why traditional media is dying; no one trusts them any more. They have all adopted a false neutrality. The Repubs said this, the Dems said that, it's a wash. NO! The job of the media is not to present both sides, it is to bring the truth to the people. Which the media absolutely does NOT.

  53. "Regulation can be used as a tool of the left or right,"

    As an example of Right WIng Regulations, MORE THAN 1100 state and federal bill introduced by Repubs to limit & control the health care & reproductive rights of women.

    They claim to want govt out of our business ..no,no,no… they very much want govt grinding its boot-heel in our business, what THEY want is govt out of THEIR business.

  54. I never understood people who make claims like yours. The news tells people things, and they will find out the truth, and without something like the news many fewer people would be informed about issues. No one can make you believe anything all they can do is make you hear something. You choose to accept or reject it. No one forces anyone to watch the news stations they choose to watch. It's not propaganda. No one is forced to adopt anything the news says. Congress will make no law

  55. News has a moral & ethical obligation in society. They are the forth estate, more accurately they are the 5th estate. It is there job to bring hard truth to the people, not be neutral observers or shills for corporate agendas. More & more young people are saying they have no faith in traditional media because they don't trust it as a source of objective news. They are right, corporate news media is an utter failure. At worst they promote propaganda, at best they project false neutrality.

  56. For me the problem is that you suggest the news outlets are compromised, but you neither suggest how we could create objective news that only deals in what you call hard truth nor do you seem to admit that it is impossible to create unbiased news.

    This is the heart of the issue for me. You can criticize any amalgamation of news agencies you compile for being biased but you can't suggest an alternative. And I'm not saying you personally; I mean anybody. Can you suggest preferable news outlets?

  57. A simple look at the recent election coverage will show you how abysmal modern new media is. Romney lied his ass off, no one except TYT called him on it. Obama has an equally abysmal record yet no one asked how a Constitutional Lawyer could pass the NDAA act which puts the USA in a permanent state of undeclared Martial Law. Where is the truth about Romney tax reform with Math that doesn't add up & the absolute shaft to the common man?

    News has abandon the truth in favor of being shills.

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