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100 thoughts on “Man who Trump called ‘my African-American’ leaves GOP


  2. LMAO…duh. Smart to go independent, I did 30 yrs ago. And I believe most
    A/A's should be. So you show both parties you're not to be taken for granted. But you're going to have to stop giving your vote for free.

  3. Trump said it's his duty to root out corruption, but if that were true, he would have started with the corruption in the WH.

  4. They have DEFINITELY slashed and targeted the poor! The minority’s because my sister is on disability and her food stamps got cut as of 9-19 to $15 a month she is physically disabled and struggled already paying rent utilities and basics OUR WHOLE FAMILY WORKING FULL TIME JOBS SO WE ARE ACTUALLY PAYING FOR HER TO LIVE don’t get that twisted but they are definitely cutting housing and food subsidies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

  5. If your black and for Trump you have Stockholm Syndrome. VOTE OUT THE REPUBLICANS – THEY ARE NOT PROTECTING OUR COUNTRY AND NOT DOING THEIR JOB. THEY DON'T WORK FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE so stop being stupid and voting to keep them in power. After all the Republicans have never done anything for you, think about it!

  6. Don Lenom I'm laughing with you too. Thanks for that clip just so stupid for him to say my African like slavery.

  7. Hey Gregory, run quick now, the boat is sinking. And NOW you leave? Real convincing. NO RESPECT FOR YOU. I don't care what colour you are. Pay attention California.

  8. I really am saddened by people who still trust this voting process. Donald Trump did not win the election. It was rigged for him by outside of the country support. He told you that himself," if I don't win I will not accept the results, because I know the election was rigged ".

  9. God. Listening to Trump talk is akin to sticking your face directly into someone's ass as they let a huge, wet fart rip. Fat cheeto ass windbag piece of human garbage.

  10. Hey i voted for Obama in 2012 didn't vote in 2016 going to vote trump in 2020 just because he's right is this news or bullshit let's get some real news happening

  11. His voice and using the term "diddly squat" makes him as offensive as his thinking "my African American" was funny. 🙄😒😑

  12. "I got tired of all the whining and I'm a doer so I went to make change and was met with nothing but resistance…"

    No shit Sherlock… What do you think people have been fucking complaining about this whole time?

  13. LMAO… When You Sale yourself that Cheap The Devil should come for you B4 your time…. LMAO Look @ My African American… You are a Very Cheap and Disloyal Hoe…There's No Redemption for you… Really Now You Noticed or is it that You are No Longer Needed as they have Bought Another 1? Oh PLZ Don don't just take that from him….

  14. He was probably high as fuck when he called that man his African American. You ever watch a bunch of methheads have a conversation?

  15. The Republican Party are OVERT RACIST the Democratic Party are COVERT RACIST the enforce White Supremacy and perpetuate Systemic RACISM AND OPPRESSION of the aboriginal indigenous inhabitants of the United States Black people that White Supremacy the United States government pass a law that made chattel slavery LEGAL for 400 years,
    U.S. Supreme Court on March 6, 1857, ruled (7–2) that a slave (Dred Scott) who had resided in a free state and territory (where slavery was prohibited) was not thereby entitled to his freedom; that Black Americans were not and could never be citizens of the United States.Black

  16. Black people need reparations with interest The USA fucked my black family up listening to this black man he sounds white he got his wake up call black people need reparations with interest Fuck the dumb shit Black people like him are sick.

  17. And isnt it fantastic that this clown took this long to realise the GOP is only interested in whites…..guess the southern drawl falling out of Republican cake holes didn't give any hints as to where primary interests may lie…..

  18. Democrats = the party of the old KKK
    Republicans = the party of the new KKK
    Either way you go Black Americans…YOU WILL STILL BE A SLAVE!!!!

  19. ‘His’ Generals too..like a little boy collecting toy ppl….sicko. Glad you finally woke up Gregory. Cheers.!

  20. This crank is too remedial to even take him seriously…slow to identify that Trump made an offensive remark towards him…slow to pick up on the swamp trump is creating…slow to see the racism embraced by the Republican party…and I could go on and on

  21. Well if you're looking for Pat on the back and some way to come running in try to hug you into believing what's best for the country you

  22. 1) why does he sound like that
    2) he realized the GOP is for "whites" after 2016? the GOP is for rich
    3) he hasn't changed his ideology. he just realizes he would not get GOP backing in his race for political office.

    bye trump's african american.

  23. Sumbitch might as well remained a refuckican an independent is a sumbitch who is afraid to commit . All republicans are not KKK, NAZI white nationalist but all of the three mentioned are republicans .

  24. This guy's feelings were hurt. That's why he's leaving. Not about their policies or even concerns about laws being trounced. No, "nobody reached out" to him so he skulked away with his head down and ran to CNN because he knew at least THEY would be happy to hear from him. Sigh. What does he believe? No one knows. He's hurt and will get over it if Trump bats an eye at him. I wish his "move" was otherwise motivated. Btw, I'm all in for Bernie so not at all affected by this gentleman's delima.

  25. 1. Illegal immigration mainly harms African Americans.

    2. Trump passed the prison reform bill.

    3. Lowest minority unemployment in the HISTORY of our country.

    But this guy says he only cares about whites. Uh…ok.

    When jobs come back, they are coming back for everyone. When illegal immigration is cut, everyone benefits, bit mostly lower middle class, which African Americans constitute a major part of.

    Prison reform bill was specifically targeted for blacks. What more does he want?? Does he wants literal handouts like what the Democrats give? Sorry, republicans don't do handouts.

  26. As a black person I rather have a white person like Donald Trump who says what he thinks. Than the white person who says nice things in my face & says all the derogatory things behind me.
    The world is white supremacy by ruling design. So where Donald Trump does it openly you go in shock mood. And the one who does it in secret is admired to be a nice person. Whites act & feel entitled so don’t be in shock.

  27. Lol Gregory had a wake-up call. Dump Trump and his white supremacy clan let Gregory know where he stand. Boi boi people lose their self respect and dignity for money

  28. What happen he took a look in the mirror, realize he is still a black man on the wrong side of fence!!
    We don't want him in Cali still!

  29. Drumpf's african americans are Diamond and Silk. They are bought and paid for. By contrast, this guy isn't afraid to speak his own mind

  30. Who gives a crap that he didn't use the n-word he still called you a piece of property you're his boy and I mean his boy in the most derogatory means you want to take it as you're a traitor to all black Americans !

  31. What good does complaining do about how bad our politicos are if we don't do research on them and when voting day comes,we stay home sitting in our Taco Bell fueled asses!?

  32. Trump is a talker but no action 🤣. He just lied! Because that exactly what his supporters all need . His strategy is to make believe that his doing it by action but not really and supporters are buying it.

  33. Trump called me his Mexican American friend. I had absolutely no problem with it. I am proud of my culture. Mexicans for trump 2020.

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