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100 thoughts on “Majority Thinks President Donald Trump’s Actions In Ukraine Were Wrong: Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. I do not believe polls, they are incredibly inaccurate, look at the 2016 election. It’s like people trying to bring Oprah Winfrey’s “The Secret” to make something real.

  2. He has been breaking the law over and over again. He is a criminal. He should be impeached and removed from office. His past defines what king of a man he is. He was connected to a Crime syndicate in England many years ago.

  3. Anyone who thinks it’s ok or down right stupid!! Sorry but we don’t include a foreign country to do anything with our elections!! Does not take a rocket scientist to know that’s its completely against your constitution!! Read it and learn something just for a change!!

  4. Give it ONE week and it's a nothing burger, Mueller report. , Kavanaugh hearing, what's the next FABRICATED HIT JOB. FOOLS

  5. The American people are way smarter than what trumptrash assumes we are! Some of the final nails in communist traitor trumps coffin, politically speaking, because it's what trump made it about from the beginning. All of his hearsay from trumptrash, instead of documented facts that the Democrats keep producing more and more. As I said before, this is the tip of the iceberg! The sheer size and magnitude of the corruption is incredible and once all of the tax info. and multitude of mafia style dealings with other countries and some of our own corrupt senate is exposed? (And it will be!)The ONLY thing left for our judiciary is to hand out very long sentences in prison for trump,McConnell,Barr, and so many others that have sought to deceive the American people! The American people deserve better than this! With our economy crumbling(yes it is), when 6500 retail businesses go under in the first 3 months of this year and thats more than all 12 months of 2018, plus our biggest railroad in America, 2 weeks ago, admits they are in trouble (their words not mine!) when their shipping is down about 8.6 to 8.8 per cent? And yes, that's a lot! A clear pattern is now established that our economy is not good. But then trump and his people won't talk about that, will they? Then you have this rascist pig stephen miller for spreading hate, chaos, turmoil, and anything else he can spew out including books, and some wonder why the immigrants are suffering and dieing under his corrupt leadership? WOW! When does all this end? When the American people stand up and be counted to stop the corrupt elections and totally REMOVE this communist cancer from our society! Pence, all this time, has been trying to stay clear of this, but his background and fascist attitude expose him for the big problems he will cause to our democracy.

  6. Obama definitely was concerned about ppl doing business in Ukraine while it was destabilized – if reporters bothered to do their job correctly they would be reporting on Executive Order13660 Of March 4, 2014 and the fact that exactly one month later Hunter Biden joins the board of Burisma.
    So do DEMS not think Obama's EO needed to be followed? OR was that EO just a set-up to disallow everyone except Biden/Kerry from grabbing a profit off Ukraine's energy.
    And are these State employees really only worried about a release of American aid because they were all waiting for their kickbacks off that aid.????? Otherwise, they should have been on the same side as Trump in asking to investigate criminal activities in Ukraine. They should be equally concerned about giving away OUR $$, but OUR $$ means nothing to them.
    Now THAT is the true crime here and the true story. But I guess these weasels wont get paid by their anti-Trump boss if they do REAL reporting (Just like that ABC woman who wasn't allowed to report on Epstein).

  7. I would think that the actual percentage that believe that trump should be Impeached and removed from office would be much higher than 51%! Americans are smarter than that! I mean, the past 2 days of testimony has produced very indisputable, solid evidence against trump.

  8. I went in with an open mind: I followed closely. You have to be deaf, dumb, and blind not to understand the man is guilty. The second remarkable observation is the two men Republicans found to champion DJT are Jim Jordan and Nunez—both of questionable ethical and moral character. Lastly, DJT's behavior continues to be out of control. His bullying and childish name-calling alone makes him impeachable.

  9. If it was you or me, we would be locked up for what he did. After all he stole over 400 million dollars of taxpayer money. Remember, he said "I don't give a chit about Ukraine."

  10. To everyone defending the president, please tell Nunes to actually ask questions and mount a real defense. Saying that is all a show doesn’t look right. If the guy is innocent, please help the guy by firing real questions to the witnesses and don’t waste the few minutes they have. Do your job and DEFEND the guy with words not by hitting the table.

  11. This is all coming out!
    Special Report: Ukraine investigating the Corruption in Burisma/Ukraine talks about Election Fraud/Biden! The MSM was
    Informed and Withheld it!

    The above video is broken down for you!


  12. MSNBC made money covering, and facilitating trump's rise and ignoring Bernie. Now they are making money covering trump's fall and ignoring Bernie.

  13. So fake and weak minded people who can not think for themselves believe this crap.
    70% yeah sure that many people took this poll BS… May GOD have mercy yon your soul at your time death

  14. Having been in WWII, I recognize our president to be a neo-nazi. The same maniac as Hitler, at least he built the autobahn and gave the Germans the volkswagen and rockets (V2s) that came screaming over London and we now use the science to go to the moon! Our president will never be able to do that, of course, he has the right DNA for it. He only shows Hitler's madness and mania!

  15. Hey you 43% are you a patriot? Laws have been broke and we NEED to enforce our laws or we will have anarchy and Russia may love it but not true patriot's of the United states of America!!

  16. Any conservative must by mandatory rule of conservation object to trump. trump is a fringe decoration to the greatest threat to democracy corruption run amok.

  17. Democrats and their paid-fake medias EXPOSED themselves and now it backfires them. They exposed themselves as defender of corruption. If they are serious about corruption, why they don't allow Hunter Biden to present himself before impeachment as he was BOARD MEMBER OF WELL-KNOWN CORRUPT COMPANY. They shift the goal post from quadproco to bribery…. Democrats defending quodproco, corruption and bribery of Joe Biden in the name of impeachment

    If they are serious about quodproco, corruption and bribery they must first investigate Joe Biden and Haliary Clinton. Because charity begins at home

  18. What does it matter whether public opinion polls show that some Americans think it's okay to demand that a foreign leader investigate a political opponent? It is a CRIME according to US law! What's next? An opinion poll whether murder should be punished?? Such polls are idiotic.

  19. I have been watching Trump since he took office and I am exhausted…!!!! Imagine he got away with obstructing the Mueller report and his collusion with the Russians because they couldn't determine a legal conspiracy and any normal person would say whew… thank god that's over… but Trump went out and did it all over again??? American people who support Trump… come on now.. what is wrong with you???? Imagine… Col Vindman is now under protection? There are questions surrounding Epstein's death; Barr has given a partisan speech which means that your security is not in safe hands and the list is endless for all the misdemeanors under Trump's administration… what more do you want????

  20. The President of the United States only cares about his own benefit. He wants to make America Weak he. He's best friends with Putin why cause he is a Russian Spy.

  21. Finally news station that is unbiased, truthful and fact based. I want to read the what the trump supported have to say here

  22. Trump has been wrong starting with the debates, if people couldn't see through him, then all you Trump lovers should move to a desolate area in this World and let Trump treat you badly… maybe you people might understand what kind of a creep he really is, since you can't seem to see the forest for the trees at this time.

  23. the entire man and his history of bad behavior is a reason to get Trump out of office…. not just this final scandal…. so impeach him and have Barbie-Doll Pence finish the rest of the term.

  24. Dems needs to hammer Lindsey Gram own words on ad after ad that u don't even have to commit a crime to be impeached..

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  26. What a load of Garbage..He wont be impeached ..polls are soo fake.. president is innocent ,,dems need to be impeached soon ..you could get an award, for toxic insults and biggest liars award .We dont care what you say !! dont care what you do .. we are better than you..all liars will be arrested ..

  27. At least when they finally send Trump to prison he will be with all his high paid talent.
    Six (6) of Trumps advisors are now in prison, with more coming.
    Thirty-Nine (39) of Trumps’ team that have resigned or been fired so far with more coming.
    Thirteen Russians and three Russian entities were indicted under Trump’s term.
    Trump is being investigated for six (6) criminal activities including bank fraud, tax evasion and Trump's crimes of emoluments or getting money from foreign agent’s
    Trump College was convicted of Fraud
    Trump Charity Foundation, The New York Supreme Court convicted Trump for "stealing" charitable donations intended for veteran’s groups.
    Huffman was jailed for using personal money to bribe a college. Trump is praised for using Taxpayer money to bribe a Foreign Government.
    Roger Stone, Trumps confident guilty of seven crimes including witness tampering.
    Trump threatens impeachment witnesses while on the stand. Intimidating a witness is a criminal offence.
    Trump accused of using the Presidency on over 2500 conflict of interests for personal gain.
    Trumps’ Lawyer, Rudy Giuliani and his associates Lev Parnas and Igor  Frumanare being investigated for criminal activities.
    Hillary was accused of private server and never found guilty. Trump uses private cell phone for Government and private business while discussing Government Bribes to a person in a restaurant.
    What will it take for the Republicans to see that Trump is a crook and a liar?

  28. Don't do business with any Repub that thinks Trump is okay. They have zero integrity and will screw you over like Trump. Give your money to someone who's got some honor.

  29. Never believe the DemonRats party. Showing time & time again how delusional they are in trying to find some way, some how, some where or something to bring down the President. First it was Trumps a Russian Bot(later found that was a LIE), Second it was Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 Election(later found that was a LIE), Third it was Trump in involved in obstruction of justice(later found that was a LIE), Fourth it was Trump bribed the President of Ukraine to get info on Joe Biden(later found that was a LIE). All I ask for those with a higher attention span of a nat, ask yourselves…what’s it going to be this time? What else will the DemonRats LIE about to the American People to shift their opinions about this Great President? What more lies do you have to hear in order for you to see that this President has been blatantly attached for the past 3 years? Why do you constantly believe in these lies Democratic Supporters? Why do you believe in CNN, NBC, MSNBC, VOX, BUZZFEED & so many more that constantly lie to the people, yet they call it “honest news?” Ask yourselves…throughout the 3 years have you not seen that the Democrats will stop at nothing when it comes to LYING to the American People & attack this Great President. A President who’s administration single handedly made the US Economy to be more prosperous than ever, unemployment at an all time low(historic low), DowJones having record highs, companies coming back to the USA, taxes becoming fair so companies can prosper & not want to move anywhere else & so much more. Don’t let the Democratic Party subvert you from learning about real logic. The Democratic Party CAN NO LONGER BE TRUSTED. If it were up to me? I’d label them a HATE GROUP & treat the party as such(not it’s supporters). All I ask is, please don’t automatically believe your party anymore, don’t automatically believe CNN, don’t automatically believe the media. All the information is out for the people to see, including the “Transcripts” President Trump was involved in when talking to the Ukrainian President. Again, it came out to show there was No Bribery, Quick Pro Quo etc…look at the facts, please. I beg of you…with the Damage This Corrupt Party has done to America, we’re closer than ever to another Civil War if anything & I MEAN ANYTHING happened to POTUS. TRUMP 2020…the one president who’s actually done what he’s promised he’d do for the people.

  30. Trump is a pathological liar and he always was. Whatever polls say, I know my own opinion: He needs to be impeached asap and removed from office immediately. He can take his Vice Prez with him! It's like watching an organized crime syndicate operate right in front of the entire world, from our White House. Humiliating for us average citizens who DO follow the laws of our country.


  32. Fiona Hill’s statement was extraordinarily powerful. She made clear that the Republicans on the Committee are damaging our national security by perpetrating an anti-Ukraine myth concocted by Putin to divide and undermine America. Her explanation of Russia’s tactics was brilliant. – @TRIBELAW

  33. we let clinton get away with his scandal and get let off the hook, but now were gonna try and fry trump, seems like we got different rules for different presidents, cause both of them screwed americas honor

  34. The "Poll" is hardly accurate. "Most Americans"… How is that when you only surveyed 506 Adults?. Is 506 Americans more than the Millions you have in your Country now? LOL. Anyway, forget Impeach and Remove from Office. You IMPEACH & EXECUTE . You will stop the Corrupt President then.

  35. They made up their minds, because it was "crystal clear" what Trump was doing. Even if he didn't succeed, he "Attempted" That word is used a great deal in crimes: Attempted murder, attempted robbery etc, etc, etc.etc. It proves "Intent"

  36. Come on out Bolton. This guy is a war hawk but a coward when it comes to serving his country. He already opened his mouth when he said Giuliani was a grenade. Let him clarify what he meant.

  37. I don't think there is anyone left anywhere who can sincerely say that there isn't grave cause to doubt whatever noise comes out of Trumps mouth. I'm a proud American who is embarrassed by the rhetoric that has become our everyday Politic.

  38. The GOP'S defense is Trump never asked Zelensky to investigate the Biden's, judge for yourself……https://youtu.be/M8oDTab16j8

  39. It amazes me that the more information that is given to the Republicans about how corrupt Trump and his cronies are they defend him even more. Im watching bible prophecy come to light before my eyes and quickly. 2 Timothy 3 for those of you that fear God repent now.

  40. Hundreds was slaughtered. He’s right. , no more , being butchered by democrats , cutting heads off. And I’m voting for Trump because we spent five days and he’s definitely innocent

  41. Getting 🍾🥂ready! Amazed it took this to figure this fascist out. Guess his intimidation is so pervasive people are still defending him. Y’all are going under the bus

  42. What do we learn by Trump "winning" the Presidency ? That any Clown Republican Bullyer, Woman Abuser, Crook, Compulsive Liar, Cheater, Racist, Narcissist, Ignorant, Arrogant Individual , can be President of the United States .

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