Latest News: Zac Gets Pardoned and Red Foxx Escapes!

Latest News: Zac Gets Pardoned and Red Foxx Escapes!

All right. We’re back for another
round of headlines. This weekend news, I was pardoned by president Trump for
transgressions and I’d rather not discuss, but in other news, color has been made for your dogs that
will spew out profanities every time that it barks you. I can. Oh my.
See a join. Tim wants to, I’m very thankful for this guy. I can finally get rid of that dumb ass
parent that just keep squawking. Help me. Help me out the window all day long. Yeah. Yeah. It trikes playing that to
your neighbors over and over again. Slightly depressing news. A Kansas man is offering
$25,000 to anybody that can
help him find a girlfriend. Cheer up, buddy. You can get a $35,000 signing bonus and
a 2020 Dodge challenger just by signing up to serve your country. Then you can
leave all Becky with the good hair behind Virginia news and not what you’re
thinking. A Virginia dog home. Homan orphan bear Cub do his family. It was a question I got for, how do you know this bear Cub was orphaned
but it singers some showtunes like the subtle come out tomorrow. No, this thing was just
taking a nap. Well, his mom went to go get some damn
lunch and your dog kidnapped him by the way. It looked like an
underage bear. Where’s Chris Hanson? Would you need it? Yeah. Here we go. And more disgusting news employees that
a Michigan Wendy’s have been fired after a tick talk post came out and showed
one of them bathing in one of the sinks. Even for claiming that, Oop,
it feels like a hot tub. Wah wah wah wah wah. So I get it. The world we live in now punishes
people for having good personal hygiene. Fakes bin Laden. Can a see a man using a metal detector? Found a live world war II mortar round [inaudible] I don’t know. I just thought
it was kind of interesting. It was a lot more around doing there
in the middle of Tennessee, I dunno. Custodian in an Ohio school
stumbled across a purse
that apparently been lost in 1957 dad’s mom. Now if you look at the photo from this, it looks like he’s just kind of
wedge between a locker in a wall. Not exactly buried in a time
capsule or really hidden, but there’s good heartwarming
part. As they retrieved this purse, they figured out who it belonged to and
then they got the family together to figure to reveal the contents of this
purse. No, I don’t know about you, but let’s say my wallet
is lost today, right? There may or may not be some shit in
there that I don’t want people to know about, especially my kids
50 years from now. No, the contents are none of your business.
Just wrap your heads around it. There we go. We have a jet powered wingsuit takes
off from the ground for a high altitude flight. Perfect. This is what we need. A bunch of 50 year old Yahoo’s thinking
there. Boba Fett flat around the sky. [inaudible] Oh, another week at other Fox, uh,
are heartwarming news for the week. Red Fox escaped an enclosure.
At the Oklahoma city zoo. Good job, man. Pennsylvania. A squirrel apparently climbed up at
light power pull thing and chewed on some stuff and knocked out power like
600 and 700 a whole bunch of people. This just goes to show you that even
squirrels are tired of paying so much for cable.

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7 thoughts on “Latest News: Zac Gets Pardoned and Red Foxx Escapes!

  1. #FreeReddFoxx
    If that guy gives me 25k, I'll order him a blowup doll!
    Hey! That purse story made me tear up a bit, then I wondered why the hell I'm watchin it!
    Lovin this every week! Hope your pardon was worth it Zac!!!

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