Latest news from the Slack Frontiers 2019 show | TECH(talk)

Latest news from the Slack Frontiers 2019 show | TECH(talk)

hi and welcome to Tech Talk where we
take a look at what’s going on in
technology and weigh in with our
insights and thoughts on what it means
I’m Ken Mingis executive editor at
computer word I’m here with senior
reporter Matthew Finnegan also from
computer world who was at slack
frontiers this week so we’re going to
find out what slacks up to and what
kinds of announcements it’s got in mind
stick around ok so Matthew thanks for
taking a few minutes I know you’ve got a
bunch of interviews and keynote things
to get to today so I just wanted to get
an idea from you what kinds of things
slack is looking to talk about this week
and what kinds of changes they may have
in mind for their popular collaboration
software ok yeah okay so this is slacks
third annual frontiers conference and
there were a range of announcements at
the event so far on first aid will dis
Elaine they’re helping slap appeal to
all the audience of business
professionals so the first perhaps the
most noteworthy has been thought
extracted around with email systems so
as a bit of background slack it is a
channel based communications will start
to place email is that it’s the dominant
method of team communications and
businesses but of course Sachs way that
you know isn’t going away anytime soon
yeah I love when they say that that it’s
gonna replace email and and it might at
some point you know I do understand that
they’re really building out the software
so it can do a lot of things but I don’t
think emails going anywhere anytime soon
yeah that’s like due dates they’re gonna
complete replace email and it’s some
wasn’t reflects I suppose and for
example last year it clients a stroke
which information software and a weeks
courage Empire see the frontiers
conference stack announced there was
integrating type with Gmail and outlook
and some basins meant it would be
possible tablet capacity within Gmail in
Outlook which will make it easier to
share information within emails directly
into slack so adding like the miles and
attachments and so forth and so
yesterday our front is this was built on
with their announced email bridge so
this basically enables conversations
between two members in slack and those
who want to remain in email so basically
the idea is that you government the team
to do to someone’s breaking the basis
and might have one team implementing an
email to communicate with them directly
so they’re getting team members in slack
will be able to send direct messages or
Channel and so working this late state
to be able to apply in email yeah it’s
sort of interesting when you you know
you think about slack talking about that
they want to replace email and then here
they are one of the things that they’re
announcing at frontiers this week is
that they’re finding a way to sort of
merge that the channels that you know
that basically make up slack with
traditional email I guess as a way to
sort of broaden the reach of what you
can do in slack if someone doesn’t have
slack or doesn’t understand how to use
it or hasn’t been trained on it yet so
okay interesting so email bridge is is
the you know one of the the first of the
three things that slacks been talking
about what about this workflow
automation tool no codes to which say
she fits in any user ization
create simple automate workflow and
so for example we might have my ones
they have a process for onboarding new
employees and when they sign into slack
and although I want to mention pricing
which automatically sends in the red
opinion corporal HR information right
there which as just one example that
would save time on diesel and easy
easily XP tasks so it’s an interface
action triggers which varies this then
that start yeah ok so that’s what it
basically that’s what it does then it it
takes a series of actions and allow
slack user to sort of put them together
in a way that they can kind of customize
their workflow using slack is the aspect
got it and then the the third
announcement that I think they were
talking up that you had mentioned
earlier was this thing about shared
channels basically extending shared
a beta to enterprise grid users what
what what is that is is that the the
thing that allows companies to share
channels with companies outside
themselves is it or internal external or
what is that basically let me ask
channels as a communication internally
but in 2017 the frontiers of it’s an
apps that share channels available as a
beta for some of its paid users which
essentially enables patients or
employees to see message and external in
ICT so we use its lack of course and for
these shared channels so rather than
using guest accounts and distantly makes
it a lot easier for as a teams to
interact with service providers and
clients and their regular interactions
with it for example okay good that makes
sense now when you you know I know
you’ve you’ve only been there a couple
of days but as you’ve been talking to
people and I’ll wrap up with this
because I I know you have to go but I
just wondered as you’re talking to slack
users that are there at the event do
they do they feel like the company is
evolving and growing in ways that that
are useful to them that are gonna help
slack take on Microsoft and Google have
you gotten any sense from that from the
users there how they perceive what
slacks up to enterprise criticism some
probably signed up to the late sort of
shows this is something that they really
wanted to be easily I mean the Lord be
on the announcements coming out here
again like Groote intention of way the
users actually ones work it will face
the one two remaining email for for the
time it all
and so yeah okay good that doesn’t
surprise me I would think that probably
slack uses of a slack conference would
be predisposed to appreciate what slacks
up to anyway I will let you go I know
you’ve got a full day ahead of you
Matthew but I did want to get a quick
sense for what slack is announcing this
week obviously I’ll be looking for the
stories and we’ll be keeping tabs on
whatever else may come up so for now
thank you very much for the info I
appreciate the update okay
okay quick reminder if you’re watching
Tech Talk that you can always subscribe
to the channel we’d like to have more
subscribers and if you’ve got comments
or questions you can add those to the
comment section for now that’s a wrap

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