Kanye West Speaks Out!

Kanye West Speaks Out!

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It’s time for the inside scoop and here with the dish
is our entertainment journalist friend,
she got her outfit at Kohl’s, it’s brand new.
So good.
Lilliana Vazquez, welcome back.
Hi guys, so good to see you, Wendy.
Yeah okay, explain to me this Kanye thing.
There is a lot of Kanye West drama right now
because after much wait, his new album is out, of course.
Jesus Is King just came out over the weekend
and to promote it he gave a two-hour interview with Beats 1
where he revealed so much about this new path that he’s on,
his relationship with God
and how much he’s actually changed.
But he also talked about mending some of those famous feuds,
specifically with Drake and Jay-Z.
So, we all remember, of course Kanye and Drake,
the feud started because Kanye helped produce
that Pusha T song which outed Drake’s son
and then we all know what he said about Jay.
He basically said that he wasn’t a very good friend to him,
so they had this huge falling out.
But Kanye is now saying that because of his new religion,
he has to learn how to mend these relationships with people
and he is a completely
changed person.
Oh, that’s nice.
So, take a look at this clip.
You talk about the rivalry with Drake,
you talk about this public fall out
with people who you’ve shared
a really valuable part of your life with,
Jay-Z, people like that.
Are you able to mend that,
is this putting you on a path of recovery
in personal relationships as much as it is
in your own relationship with yourself?
Absolutely, you can not be in service to God
and be mad at your brother.
With Jay,
you know,
I love all of these people but you gotta know,
there’s a lineage of Jay to yay to Drake.
It’s you know, this person is your idol,
then you get to know them,
then you be friends,
then you turn to frenemies,
then you turn to enemies,
and then you gotta bring back the positive energy.
Yeah, bringing that back.
But you guys, there is also a lot in this interview,
one is Kanye reveals that he has
a massive sex and porn addiction, as well–
That explains it.
Yup, and he says that this has really impacted
so many of his life’s choices,
he even attributes that addiction,
do we remember the moment where he rushed Taylor Swift
at the VMA’s on stage?
He says that that was responsible for that.
Take a look.
For me, Playboy was,
my gateway into full-on pornography addiction.
My dad had a Playboy, left out at age five,
and its effected almost every choice I made
for the rest of my life.
That Playboy that I found, when I was five years old
was written all over the moment
when I was at the MTV Awards.
That was such a script out of a rock star’s life.
My mom had passed a year before, and I said, you know,
some people drown themselves in drugs
and I drown myself in my addiction.
Well let’s not forget that bottle of brown liquor
that he dragged across the red carpet.
(audience clapping)
Very good point.
And there’s a lot of gems in this interview, Wendy.
You guys, it’s definitely worth the listen.
He also says that he’s gonna be president,
not that he’s running for president
but he’s going to be president.
He’s already put plans in place for 2024.
He said he’s never performing his old music again,
that he’s only performing Christian music from now on
and wait, get this.
This isn’t just about Kanye,
this is about the people around him.
He asked people working on this album to fast
and also abstain from premarital sex.
I heard!
You know it’s one thing to have your beliefs,
but you can’t be maniacal with everybody else around you.
There are some people who can watch porn all day
and they’re not addicted,
just like there are some people who can sniff coke one day
and then leave it alone for a full year.
Don’t drag everybody into what you are going into, Kanye.
But I do applaud him
I do too.
and the changes that he wants to make in his life.
Listen, Kanye has always been free to speak his mind,
but now there’s like a clarity about him,
so we’ll see how this goes.
I like it.
I do too.
For him.
For him.
For him.
For him.
lets talk about Lizzo being accused of stealing.
Stealing her own song and that famous lyric.
So, of course we know Lizzo is having a huge year.
We all love Truth Hurts.
(audience clapping)
(audience clapping)
So good.
And right now some of that success is being overshadowed
because people are coming for her,
saying that that line doesn’t belong to her,
and the line I’m talking about is, of course
“I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% that bitch.”
I said it.
But, I thought that this was settled,
she and Truth Hurts settled out of court.
So, here’s what happened with this.
So, a couple of people are going after her.
The first person that came after her is
a British song writer, her name is Mina Lioness
and she Tweeted back in 2017,
she said she Tweeted this in 2017,
and here’s the Tweet in August she posted.
“What I can not get over is how brazen Lizzo
“and her team have been in ignoring my whole presence.
“They are doing it because they know I have no capital
“to address her, I’m just the poor black girl from London
“that don’t have a dog in the fight”.
Okay, so that is her Tweet,
but there’s other people coming after her too.
Now there’s a song writing duo–
Her meaning Lizzo?
Lizzo, yes, of course.
So, there’s two brothers,
their name are Justin and Jeremiah Raisen.
They’re saying that they were in a songwriting session
with Lizzo, and that session resulted in,
not just a demo song, but also that DNA test line,
and that that came and resulted in Truth Hurts.
And you guys, they have receipts.
They posted photos, videos,
and even a little bit of that demo, and if you listen to it,
there are similarities, but music is so derivative
that it starts to be a gray area here.
So, what does Lizzo have to say about this?
Well, she says, “Absolutely not to the Raisen brothers.”
She’s saying, no.
She filed legal documents
to prevent them from getting her profits
and she says that with the DNA test line,
she saw it online in a meme.
She had no idea it was a Tweet, but she’s now willing
to give credit to Mina Lioness writing–
(audience clapping)
(audience clapping)
So, she wrote,
“There was no one in the room when I wrote Truth Hurts,
“except me, (producer) Ricky Reed, and my tears.
“That song is my life, and it’s words are my truth.”
Is this the same song that Truth Hurts,
the artist from L.A.
I don’t know, no
All right.
this is a different song.
can we not talk about this story anymore?
Yes, the point is, the person that Tweeted the meme,
is happy now, right, she wins.
I don’t even know the song,
I only know the Lizzo song.
But good, so she went after her, the girl from London,
so she is gonna get money too.
She’s gonna get her money,
I’m exhausted.
she’s getting a huge payday.
Yeah, I know its a lot of work.
It is.
Thank you so much, Lilliana Vasquez, everybody!
(upbeat electronic music)

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100 thoughts on “Kanye West Speaks Out!

  1. he married a pornstar of course he is addicted and to top it off he told kim he doesnt like sexy pics she posts the f??

  2. They cut that sound bite up of Kanye its so shady how they do that he never said porn addiction had anything to do with the taylor swift incident

  3. Kanye West wack music will NOT be played on mainstream radio stations, or gospel stations or white evangelist Christian stations, why because he's #canceled nobody wants to hear that 💩……GOD IS KING, not his son PERIOD ⚫️

  4. I really don’t think Lizo is a good person she put out about that about the food delivery person that got death treats because she didn’t get her food cause you know lizo be hungry 😋

  5. Why do people believe in god but not santa clause. This world is so kooky sometimes. Someone talking to themselves is considered crazy unless u say ur talking to god

  6. No Wendy, Kanye acts like hes the only one whos enlightend? I dont think so, suggesting his faith brought him millions in taxes, dah, hes one of the millionairs who is getting anything from this taxbreak of which 83% goes to the filthy rich. His love for this potus sickens me, suggesting Democrats have brainwashed black ppl. He must not think very highly of black ppl, coz if anyone votes for their best interests, its black ppl, esp black women and to say that, proofs to me hes not enlightened, he still got a lot to learn. Maybe he should read some books from black authors or some of our history. Hes not wrong, tbat both parties have let us down, but atleast with the Dems, they want to have affordable healthcare, adress climate change amo things important to the ppl, but the estsblishment still rules and we need more good ppl in the right places, like AOC, Talib, Ms. Turner, Bernie Sanders, but the ppl are scared to back a Democratic socialist, msm wants you to believe that, the corporate media like the WaPo, owner of Amazon, who paid zero in taxes, you really think he's gonna give an anti establishment candidate a fair coverage, if any at all, or fraimed in a way that doesnt show that Bernie has been leading in some States, over Biden and Warren and the only one in double digits, the last was New Hampshire, 23% for Bernie and when you poll on the issues, Bernie also leads most of those, but do you hear this on MSNBC, CNN or in The NYT or WaPo? No, belileve me, I checked.

  7. If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you. John 15:19. I'm happy that Kanye is speaking about Jesus people in the media are so afraid of admitting to a true higher power because it means all their riches are essentially useless.

  8. It's due to his new found RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ. Not religion. I get that Christianity is a religion label, but it's His proximity to Christ through faith, that brought about a radical "rebirth" in him. Religion apart from a legit relationship with Christ brings about hypocrisy, and self-righteousness.

  9. The truth is premarital sex is wrong. And Kanye is trying to shed light on that truth. It's very possible to flee fornication and live righteously, for God provides the grace. There is decency and stability in doing it the right way. Marriage first. Then sex. Then family. May God restore the sacredness of intimacy and marriage, and good values in our hearts.

  10. He married his wife way before he started his change so dont try that with the guy. And if he is a true believer he is not going to divorce his wife because of his faith and that's what a true Christian will do. He can only try to show her the way and if she refuses it's on her cause everyone has to answer to god for themselves on judgement day. He still suppose to love her and not divorce her cause God dont like divorce. And he divorcing her means he is judging her, which he is not supposed to do. So stop judging him on his marriage. Smh. Let the man be. So many people judging him but the day will come when he will be in glory if he is a true Christian. He is on the right path and not ashamed of it. ARE YOU?

  11. Wendy Williams! Do not tough God's anointed, the father can use whoever he wants. Be careful. Someone has to speak the truth. To many people are sleeping around and then have to pay for there bad choices later.

  12. If you're black and you don't know about who Margeret segnar is or her plans to "exterminate" black people then you're not woke and you need to go and check it out. Kayne is woke💜💜

  13. When he was singing about the devil and calling himself god, y'all were commenting oh Keats pray for Kanye so he can know Jesus and be saved. Now he is talking about God and giving him glory. You'll are saying he is fake. No one is perfect, not even the one who had served God for all his life. Kanye is on a journey, and great that he decided to go in his journey with God this time. Off course he still has issues , but who doesn't. At least this time he has decided to walk with God. I'm rather happy cuz it's good that first he acknowledges that Jesus is lord. And it's a great step forward. People are just so bizarre

  14. Wendy when you lose a parent then you will understand his pain…you don't get it…because both of your parents are alive

  15. The media is such rubbish ! Just trying to mess up Kanye and tarnish him cause now he following Christ. This world ain’t right. We ALL have things we struggling with. Media is such a disgrace

  16. Please sweet Wendy ,kindly I want to use your platform to introduce Kanye to this Man Of God, Dr Abel Damina,,just Google the name. Thank you, love you always

  17. Wendy Williams is lost. The mere mention of the names of God and Jesus had her rattled. Please pray for her and all like her! In Jesus name!!!

  18. Wonder why everyone was clapping , what Wendy said wasn't worth clapping for … Watching porn does not benefit anyone wether you're addicted or not … What has our society become , you can't call bad stuff bad anymore … Everyone should be free to do whatever because they want to even if it hurts others … He said he saw his Dad's playboy mag and it affected his future … He does not want that for anyone … This modern society has become sex driven and we make decisions based on sex , sexual preference , sexual orientation , sexual fantasies and sexual urges .

  19. At least KANYE is making a change and legitimately trying to be a better man; which is more than I can say about the rest of that DEMONIC ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY! The entertainment industry is also a SWAMP that needs to be drained!

  20. Hopefully Wendy finds God as well. Her personal life will improve as well. There is hope and stop hating on Kanye for wanting change.

  21. Wendy is not balanced..He is a Christian getting his walk together..its a learning Curb.. Lady Saw went through exactly the same thing

  22. Maybe if Wendy believed in God she wouldn't be addicted to dope. The irony of her speaking of addiction while mocking Kanye is hilarious.

  23. Hoooow hard it was for Wendy to say something positive… Forgiveness is clearly not a concept people in this show have heard about.

  24. Even people (men and women) with porn addictions or ANY kind of addiction, CAN be changed through Jesus Christ!
    Speaking of his many mistakes…. #foolish

  25. Devils cant stand it. He didnt try to make the people fast & not have premarital sex, he asked them to follow it. They twist it as he shouldnt try to make them. Ask & make are different words. Kanye is on top of it & he is not stopping anytime soon. Like he said in his album, you got to protect yourself & family from the vipers, & he is right in the middle of the viper den. God knew he was the person that could be bold enough to handle them. I'm happy for him.
    I bet wendy is a cocaine addict, that's why she made the remark someone can do cocaine & not be an addict. Now she trying to make cocaine ok.
    So many devils on tv.

  26. This should have been titled, “Vasquez and Wendy speak out” If they allowed Kanye a chance to speak out on their show. I can tell you this would have been a different interview. Gossiping about Kanye is not Kanye speaking out. It’s ya’ll trying so hard to make him appear mentally unstable. Which, he says in one of his song lyrics, of being skeptical is all the love you have than that’s fine.

  27. Wendy is getting convicted by Kanye! Yeah Windy you need Jesus Christ in your life to set you free from your own addictions!

  28. This message is for everyone who is reading it: The Lord Jesus came down from heaven, sent by God the Father, to pay (die) for your sins on the cross, then God raised Him from the dead on the third day for your justification. Now, God commands ALL men and women to REPENT (turn away from their sinful way of life) and put their faith in His Son Jesus for the forgiveness of sins. DO NOT die in your sins, Jesus came to SAVE, not to condemn. Today is the day of salvation. Turn from your sins and put your faith in the Lord Jesus for the salvation of your souls. There is a day of judgment coming, and the Lord Jesus will judge the world righteously, and only those in Christ shall be able to stand on that great day.

  29. Shemale coke fiend Wendy Williams is not in a position to judge anyone. He-she needs Jesus more than anyone.

  30. Isaiah 5:20

    Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

  31. He still sunken this is not him he have 28 split personality never alone to many handlers for he made that Oath & broke it alot to many clone versions of him wake up lol he wants to say he is Jesus God & Goddess veals removing wake up an pay a attention !""

  32. Wrong Wendy..let him speak the truth . If someone kills someone just one time it's still wrong..The man is trying to speak up and admit to his faults let him be 🤦‍♀️ So happy for you Kanye! May God continue to enlighten your path!🙏❤


  34. Look at this woman with her fake eyelashes, fake boobs and botox cheeks. How the hell is this what the mainstream elevates and you people don't question it? I've become a fan of Kanye because of his socially conservative mind. I've always rejected worldliness, even when I was completely without religion.

  35. The bible is not about a religion
    The bible is about a real Government…the name of the Goverment is called the kingdom of Heaven where JesusChrist ascended to…and lives right now
    According  to the bible we all have broken this Goverments divine moral laws …….JesusChrist started preaching repent cause the KINGDON of Heaven has arrived yes JesusChrist is the only one who did not commit Sin or broke Gods divine moral laws….
    The bible teaches we all are born sinners or in rebellion against Gods divine moral laws of his kingdom Goverment
    The bible is not about being a protestant catholic or orthodox Jehovah  witnesses. Muslin..mormon. Christian or jew or any other religion ….
    The bible is about Gods kingdom
    Government divine moral laws ruling over all his universe that includes his planet earth
    JesusChrist said u have to be born into Gods kingdom by God himself
    When u accept that u are a sinner Sin starts inside the human soul and than it hits your brain…and then the  body you live in acts according to the thoughts it is receiving causing u to Sin
    Sin is equivalent to committing crime against a Goverment….
    In this case when u Sin you commit crimes against Gods Government…..
    A few examples of a crime  againts Gods Government  JesusChrist said are
    Pride ..a racist mind …lust envy…hate this are some unseen crimes that start in your thoughts/brain….
    When Adam and eve sinned and decided to obey satan…they where the 1st ones to let the devil into their souls…….making satan the Ruler of humanity ….yes the bible teaches humans Adam and Eve where given a eternal body like the one JesusChrist rodemodel to his DECIPLES. …when he resurrected and ascended to the Kingdom of Heaven ….yes creatures the kingdom of heaven owns multiple universes. ..it owns the universe planet earth sits on…right now .the owner is God himself. …
    JesusChrist was sent by God to pay for your crimes on the cross.
    God wants to save you. ..from his future judgment. …
    Buy you have to accept and agree with God  that you have sinned against his Government. …
    After that you have to make JesusChrist your lord and savior
    To become part of Gods kingdom
    The bible teaches JesusChrist died for your crimes against Gods divine moral laws of his kingdom Goverment. …we all enhireted evil or Sin when Adam and eve decided to obey satan. ….
    The bible teaches you are an eternal spirit being living inside a mortal human body
    The bible teaches when a human dies only the mortal body you live in  dies the real you which is your spirit being never dies ..  
    Your spirit gets sent to Heaven if u are found in right standing with Gods divine moral laws of his kingdom Goverment. …
    But if u die in Sin which IS rebellion against Gods Governments laws
    Ur spirit being gets sent to Gods Jail. …he calls HELL. ….DEFENETLY RELIGION IS SENDING BILLIONS OF HUMANS SPIRIT BEINGS TO HELL……
    SATAN LOVES to keep u a slave to your Sinful nature …..
    JesusChrist told nicodemus. You have to be born of the water and the Holy spirit. …to enter Into Gods kingdom of Heaven
    The bible teaches the Holy Spirit which is God himself comes inside your soul when you Repent and Give your life to JesusChrist
    Making the Holy Spirit which is God himself your master and teacher ….the bible teaches the Holy Spirit convicts you of Sin…
    Everytime you Sin….
    The bible teaches all humans are imperfect ….no matter what u do the body u live in is dying daily
    The bible teaches we are to become Like JesusChrist
    The way we live the way we act
    the we forgive ….cause most humans are being ruled by the devil in religion and Sin
    JesusChrist said to live on earth as they live in heaven….
    Love for one another is Gods  Supreme law on his planet earth…
    That is why JesusChrist said Heavenly Father forgive them cause they do not  know satan is using them…
    Yes JesusChrist said demons live inside u. …they control your thoughts this demons work for satan ….they keep u from repenting ….of your evil ways ….to God
    That is how satan rules most humanity …making satan the god of this world 
    The bible  teaches there will be a rapture ….in the future …and God will let satan take over. ….its called the new world order its foundation is in place by the Godless satanist  GLOBALISTS elite. …they hate God  hate Godliness  they hate JesusChrist. ….the are satans army….but Gods plan is to save you…before u die ….
    JesusChrist commands all his followers to preach the KINGDON of heaven to every creature….
    Yes the kingdom of heaven is where JesusChrist ascended too
    With his immortal body….
    Advise  from xsatanist
    Make JesusChrist your lord and savior 150k humans die daily most go to Hell Gods Jail. ….

  36. No offense but Wendy y’all clueless bout Kanye Fr talkin bout some people doing coke all day n not getting addicted and premarital sex, saying people can watch porn all day and not get addicted and saying he’s pushing his beliefs on y’all.. WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO MORRALS? This world is crumbling 🥴🤦🏽‍♂️😟

  37. Wow! I forgot about how annoying Wendy Williams is!! Her aside to coke addiction, as if it some innocuous drug, is absolutely ridiculuous.

  38. This is the same person that said Kanye West was overweight and “crazy”.. Never kick a man while he’s down it’s one of the worst things you can do

  39. Kanye was right to tell those who work for him to obstain from evil. Other people are offended because thats sin they like and feel comfy with like a cozy teddy bear they can go to to "feel good". It's wrong, and pornography is a crime against all of us amd most importantly God. You'll curse and get mad at me, laugh like crazy cause their you berate me, belittle me, or you sit there with just you and your conscience telling you what you knew you did was wrong and feel like you should repent from it.

  40. Wendy's a disgusting crypt keeper and a hypocrite and she is most likely a pedophile/pedo enabler and that's her choice and that's the beauty of it just stay away from me and my children the second amendment will never die.. think about it. IBM helped the Nazis

  41. Everyone notices that one of Wendy’s boops is worth the whole chest of the other woman 😮. By the way; Kayne what he’s saying is all ‘tongue in cheek’

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