Jussie Smollett Indicted & The DOJ Meddles in Roger Stone’s Case | The Daily Show

Jussie Smollett Indicted & The DOJ Meddles in Roger Stone’s Case | The Daily Show

Jussie Smollett, Empire actor
and black Pinocchio. A year ago,
he told an incredible story about being jumped on the street
by two Trump supporters. And now someone
might finally go to jail for that attack. The dramatic new turn
that’s thrust the Jussie Smollett case back
into the spotlight. That’s right. He’s once again
facing charges in Chicago for claiming he was the victim
of a hate crime attack. NEWSMAN: This morning, Smollett
is facing six new charges of disorderly conduct
for lying to police. The move a stunning reversal
after prosecutors dropped all 16 charges
the actor originally faced. In this new indictment,
the special prosecutor’s office says Smollett
made numerous false statements to Chicago police
on multiple occasions, reporting a heinous hate crime that he, in fact,
knew had not occurred. Yes, Jussie Smollett is back
in the headlines, this time for being indicted over reporting
a fake hate crime. And it really sounds bad until you remember
that his plan all along was to get a recurring
story line that doesn’t go away. So he kind of got
what he wanted, you know? This is what he wanted. And look, I know
what Jussie did was wrong. But I won’t lie.
At the same time, I kind of feel bad for him,
all right? Because he gets into trouble now
for calling in fake crimes, but those Permit Pattys who made
those bullshit calls to 911, they live their lives.
They just do their thing. -(cheering and applause)
-In fact, maybe… Maybe that should be
Jussie’s punishment. He should be forced to get
a white lady nickname. That should be it. Yeah? Everywhere he goes,
people will be like, “Well, well, well,
there goes Subway Smollett. There he is.” But let’s move on
to Roger Stone, Trump campaign aide and the Monopoly Man’s
cocaine dealer. This week,
he was about to be sentenced for lying to the FBI
and threatening witnesses. But luckily, he’s got friends
in Oval places. NEWSMAN: Late tonight,
all four federal prosecutors on the Roger Stone case
have quit after the department undercut
their recommended sentence. Just yesterday,
those career prosecutors recommended he get seven
to nine years behind bars. But late tonight,
the DOJ in a filing calling
the initial recommendation excessive and unwarranted just hours
after President Trump tweeted overnight,
blasting the sentence prosecutors
initially recommended as horrible and very unfair. The president deny
he had anything to do with it. Yeah, I thought
it was ridiculous that… No, I didn’t,
because the Justice… I’d be able to do it
if I wanted. I have the absolute right
to do it. Uh, I stay out of things, uh, to a degree
that people wouldn’t believe. “That’s right, folks.
That’s right. “I stay out of things. “I stay out of everything. “Intelligence briefings,
church, Melania’s bedroom. “I stay out of all of it. I stay out. Stay out.” (applause) This is actually crazy,
what happened here. The Justice Department
recommended Roger Stone get seven to nine years
in prison, all right? Trump then tweets that their recommendation
is too harsh, so they then cancel
their recommendation. And then Trump says
he’s totally staying out of it. That’s not what he did.
He’s staying out of it the same way the Kool-Aid Man
stays out of a room. “Did use the door? Oh, no.” (laughter) Because here’s the thing. Trump is acting like
his Twitter account can’t influence
the Justice Department, like they can’t see his tweets. You know,
it’s like someone saying, “I didn’t ask her to marry me. “I just had ‘will you marry me?’
written in the sky. Anybody could have said yes.
It could have been anybody.” And not only was it wrong for Trump to get involved
in his friend’s case, it was also totally unnecessary
because there… If there’s one person who looks
like he can break out of prison on his own, it’s this guy. All right, and finally, you guys remember
how the Titanic crashed? Well, uh, it happened again. A new report claims
the wreck of the Titanic was hit by a submarine
last year, but the U.S. government
kept it a secret. That’s according to
legal documents reviewed by the British newspaper
The Telegraph. It says a $35 million
underwater vehicle hit the Titanic wreckage
in July. It comes ahead of what could be
a landmark court battle over the future
of the wreckage. Yo, this is insane. The Titanic was involved
in another crash? Oh, their Nationwide premiums are totally going
through the roof, man. I’m glad that no one was hurt. ‘Cause how would you explain
that to people? Yeah? It’d just be like, “Brian died in the Titanic. Yeah, this year,
this year, yeah.” Titanic versus submarine
is such a weird story. I mean, technically, though
the Titanic is also a submarine. Yeah, really,
any ship can be a submarine if your captain is shitty
enough, when you think about it. You know what would be crazy
though? Is if getting hit makes
the Titanic un-sink. Like,
that could be a rule, right? If you crash, you go down. If you crash again,
you get to come up. Yeah.
So now it floats up to the top, and then they’re back up
on the surface. Everyone’s like,
“Yeah! We’re alive!” And then the iceberg shows up,
like, “Well, well, who didn’t learn their lesson?”

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100 thoughts on “Jussie Smollett Indicted & The DOJ Meddles in Roger Stone’s Case | The Daily Show

  1. You hypocrites allow 45 to do all kinds of criminal acts just like you dont see it. Wow. Hypocrites supporting a bigger hypocrite.

  2. I hope they get his ass to the full extent of the law. And then all them white women calling false accusations with INTENT for something to happen to the person of color by the police, like a WEAPON can get the same.

  3. Yet all the white women who lie and get black people killed almost everyday are not arrested to called victims. Fuck American's racist justice system!

  4. I in no way support those ladies who call the cops because of the racist views and thinking that there's a crime. But to equate that to somebody who fabricates a whole story and continually bold-faced lies is race-baiting at its core. And that's the same as you are the same as those ladies Noah.

    Further more it is irresponsible in your position to do such thing and I'm having trouble watching the rest of the video listening for the first time in my life unsubscribing and I'm disappointed

  5. So the black guy who lies about himself being attacked by racist white people needs to go to jail. But white people who call the police on people bbq's, kids selling water and cutting grass or touching their asses, saying kids got guns outside their homes, block people from.going into apartments,……don't go to jail or get charged with nothing?

    Im calling the police on white kids selling lemonade in the summer. You can call me Lemonade Leonard.

  6. Those white people, because of their lack of celebrity status, we’re not capable of trying to incite a national race war. Jussie was, and that’s exactly why he did it. He should be punished. They all should be punished.

  7. Melania is legally required to keep her room door unlocked at all times because she is a bought and paid for guttersnipe trashbag whore and is obligated to service Donnie's chode whenever deemed necessary by the Daughter Fucker-in-Chief himself.

  8. When is enough going to be enough? We are obviously living in Gotham city with villains like Trump and Roger Stone. It's not funny anymore. Someone needs to take a bite out of crime.

  9. I am actually genuinely surprised they haven't pulled the Titanic up by now…….I mean why not they like to dig everything else up. Literally and Figuratively!!

  10. Jussie Smullet goes to jail for lying. Donald Trumps keeps his job and gets re-elected for one more term. Gotta love our justice systems. All about PRIORITIES 🤦🏽‍♂️.

  11. Right. People who called in to 911 about people who were doing nothing wrong have not been indicted. I think those cases ought to be revisited too.

  12. Yes.. he should be punished.. But about these caucasian women claim a BLACKMAN stole my car, raped, beat me,touched , in most testimonies its someone that is Black!

  13. Noah, you have the absolutely worst tRump impersonation. But because you go in 100%, yours is my favorite. You are so funny. Thanks 😁

  14. Of course they were gonna bring up whites about it. Of fucking course he is. Why wouldn’t he? You gotta push that false narrative that blacks have it harder legally. You couldn’t just have gave the smollett story and leave it alone.

  15. It’s not a time reduction. There was never time given. It was a recommendation. Do you not know what that means? I don’t have to take what someone Recommends. it’s an over sentence before it’s even close to a “reduction”

  16. For me its just amazing living outside the USA and watching this show. Is everything in America just about race? Living in europe i dont give much credance to what colour your skin is but watching this show it seems American does. You bitches just need to stop puting everything in black and white and realize we are all human!

  17. Hes a straight fuckin bitch lol he made up that whole situation because he thought he was going to be cut off that show. You were getting cut anyway you sissy ass bitch lol

  18. The "911 white ladies" at one point are "at least" ignorant and kinda believe they are doing right. But Jessie and I say fuck him twice, Jessie tried to gain from a lie about a sensetive issue in times of disunion, knowingly his case would reach far.
    For this I have no more than contempt for him.

  19. Comparing Jussie to the Parking Lot Patty's is beyond weak. The guy made up a horrific crime that people were trying to murder him and tied up law enforcement in a fake investigation. Not quite the same.

  20. Trevor; over it with the white lady shit. DON'T GENERALIZE. These women making those bogus calls are ridiculous ; AND paying people to make yourself a victim is ALSO ridiculous.🥀

  21. At least he will not be entitled to intelligence briefings when he leaves office. It is because he is now impeached President Trump.

  22. How come no one in the justice stopped him. Oh I forget Barr is his puppett . Barr should be taken out of his position. Crook, crook goverment.

  23. I hate what jussie did. But after seeing what roger stone got for his crimes jussie should be able to walk away from this too.

  24. Juicy Smooyay is that famous French actor that Dave Cha-pelly talked about! What he did was dumb. What Stone did is crazy. Let's see Who goes to jail!

  25. Let me get this straight: am I getting a vibe that people are sympathetic to Smollet because the President lies and gets away with it? That’s major bullshit and highly hypocritical. I really hope Smollet goes to jail for that nasty fabricated situation.

  26. I don't feel sorry for this guy at all he took a serious subject and turned it into a lie to try to advance he shitty career FUCK HIM and I hope he goes to jail.

  27. this isn't even that big of a deal. Jussie being indicted. the only people who care anymore are conservatives who wanna make bullshit remarks on democrats like; "look at what democrats done" and what about all those racist white ladys who called the cops on me, huh?

  28. An unmanned exploration vehicle rubbed the Titanic and had a red stain on the side when it resufaced. I would barely call that a crash but oh well.

  29. Just goes to show how aggressive the police will be when they go after a man of color. If it had been a white man that committed real crimes, such as a white officer in the military that committed war crimes, they would have gotten a presidential pardon… Oh wait that really did happen.

  30. Trump was proven INNOCENT and Roger Stone was found "guilty" by a politically biased judge and jury.. Trump has every right as the American President to completely pardon or commute Stone's sentence! He never lied.. Talking to wikileaks front desk and taking to the man in charge are 2 different things!

  31. Trevor is lying to you all and he knows the real facts. The DOJ was already refusing the 7 to 9 and they already had a meeting about it days before trump tweeted. This is why you dont trust Democrats

  32. I really would not be surprised if that orange/lying bull in the WH- would not try to go after the Central Park 5. When you give a fool like trump all this power- he is not going to use it for the good- but for venegance/pettiness & corruption…….WTF…

  33. They indict Jesse but not worry about Epsteins killers huh. A self inflicted crime outweighs a human trafficking conspiracy of elites?….smh

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