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100 thoughts on “Joe Calls Out GOP For Telling Trump His Actions Had No Consequences | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Nothing has changed. Trump is still a communist traitor. Isn't it funny when we talk about trump being such buddy's with Putin and the communist (our enemies, Republicans!), but yet no Democrats

  2. Have never even bothered with this communist trash, of whom is still our absolute enemies! A vote for trump is a vote for communism! Pure and simple.

  3. Poor baby Hughey Trump. Everything is always someone else's doing because as he has pointed out daily…he is perfect. The major crime here is his Presidency! History will not be kind to this tub of lard.

  4. I appreciate your honesty with calling Trump a liar. There needs to be more blunt news coverage instead of dancing around the FACT that Trump is a flat out liar.

  5. You all are idiots! No injury to anyone, no damaged party, entrapment, FBI raid, for what? A hoax, a false investigation from a fake, lying FBI to the FISA court, and you guys are saying Stone, who was entrapped in Congress on a false investigation into Russia collusion case against Trump. Wake up people you are being lied to by these Liberal idiots. Trump was right, it is a miscarriage of justice. Stone deserves a new trial and the evidence of bias submitted which would end the case against him. Wake up people, if they did it to Stone they will do it to you.

  6. They are all hold overs from Obama administration, those Attorney's should have been fired when Trump took office, same with the ambassadors, all should have been fired and replaced with people who follow Trump's policies. Again wake up people. Obama did it. Fire many and he was not ridiculed, when he took office. Liar, liar pants on fire to those in this media station.

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  9. When a head of state takes over the justice department to either prosecute legitimate detractors or defend criminal allies, you live under dictatorial rule, it's that simple!

  10. Thank you, Joe, for sparing us the lie shower that only gives T the media domination he craves. Now whisper the same in Brian Williams's ear, as his hour is padded with so many T clips that he'd might as well get a pension from Fox News.

  11. But i don't understand why would these lawyers cair if Justus department said thay would like to lessen roger stones time in prison so what these lawyers out decided to quite because of that look pepole this doesn't sound right i think there is something thay arent telling people about like Roger stone was railroded like general Flynn was railroaded buy criminal democrats you something happened you don't no about that is why these worthless lawyer's quite the case the criminals protecting these lawyers where taking out of power WATCH whot happens next so pathetic turmp 2020baby

  12. Impeach the frog face BARR AKA LIAR and walked him off the property like they did Vindman our decorated war hero.. All those GOP that voted to acquit Trump should all be fired too.

  13. Trump’s vision of America- where his crooked cohorts get reduced sentences, pardons and medals of freedom, and where American heroes, truth, justice, and national pride and respect are dying a lingering death! Trump has no boundaries because the GOP and Congress lets him get away with it. I’m waiting for Trump to shoot his innocent person on Fifth Avenue like he said just to prove he can get away with it. Superman , Captain America, Iron Man, and all our Marvel superheroes are weeping for the death of American values!

  14. I find that it is fascinated that the Trump supporters have not jumped on the thumbs down button. How can they argue with the logic of this commentary. Trump is a criminal and the Repulsicans are complicit in this crime against our country. Our lives as we knew it will change forever. It is not possible that those Repulsicans will find justice? Surely, we need patriots in our Congress to drain the scum. This is nothing short of treason. We should be at war with the enemy within! Penalty of death by public hanging.

  15. You guys are Delusional! You guys are pathetic! You guys are the hate mongers and the stirring the crap! What a couple of big crybabies! You guys don’t relay the news, you created out of nothing and have no idea what you’re talking about… Do you think this is a dictatorship? You know it’s not. Cuba has a dictator and the people aren’t allowed to speak or to have open public gatherings. It’s not what we have here. What we have here is the media being a bunch of instigators stirring up people that don’t do their own research.

  16. Why are you being so rude to the pretty lady sitting next to you and cutting her off she couldnt speak you are wrong for disrespecting her.

  17. Repugnikkklans have a very interesting concept of 'Democracy"!!! Just take everything they say and substitute Trump with Obama. Then imagine their responses!

  18. Thanks you two for saying what most of are feeling with no way to voice it, in way that the perpetrators can hear and know that we are not all just a bunch of suckers please keep up the good work.

  19. So support Bernie and let's get the corrupt billionaire out of the White House and money out of politics! No? Oh, you don't actually WANT to change the system? You're actually part of the 1% yourself, and at the end of the day you'll take ANY president that lets you avoid paying your fair share of taxes? You would rather keep Trump in charge than allow Bernie to become president, since that might mean you'd have to contribute a few measly percents more per year to our common economy.  A change so small that it would hardly make any difference to your opulent lifestyle, but would make universal healthcare and education a possibility for the people of America.  

    Yeah. We see you MSNBC. We know you.

  20. I sincerely hope the judge sentences Stone to nine years and then sanctions Barr and his lackeys for filing frivolous and inconsistent legal pleadings.

  21. To test a man's character, give him power. Now he thinks he is above the law.
    Trump is so corrupt. Remember, this man had 6 bankruptcies. he could not get a loan
    from any bank in America so he turned to Putin who had Trump laundering money. Trump
    is the biggest con man in America. He is a pathological liar, a cheat, immoral, street talk; a
    crime boss. Definitely not fit to be the president of America. Bill Barr will soon know what he got himself in. Mr. Cohen told you so. I will see lots of you ends up in jail for Trump.

  22. Hopefully this is the way they will be with his campaign. No FREE ads. No showing his rallies. Just say what he did. Report the lies…and that they are lies. Don't show any tweets.

  23. I often watch this broadcast but it's a bit off putting not because it's horrible or really bias it's just this guy always want 2 control the conversation long winded willing 2 over talk guest and his Co host but worth watching

  24. Susan Collins…you're time is going to come in the next election. Maine needs a Senator who isn't on the brink of senility. They need an official that will stand up for what is right…not a dodgering shakey old fool.

  25. "This is your fault!" Next time you say that Joe, be looking in the mirror. You asked for this. You pushed Trump for President. You were warned, you knew what he was and your hatred for the left blinded you to the facts. Congratulations Joe, Good Job Joe, this is on your shoulders.

  26. greatest banana republic ever. imagine an African country with a clown-like this? the whole wide world have been crying to overthrow the leadership. shame on the American republicans for backing up a dictator and spoiled child in chief at the white house.

  27. Those Republican Senators should be blame for letting Trump get off the hook. You guys should be ashame of yourselves and all of you shouldnt be reelected.

  28. Well in answer to the moderator's questions, I can see the day coming soon where it's not just prosecution, but persecution, and public execution of everyone he sees as an enemy of the state, or threatens his rule over what he sees as his kingdom. And those sympathetic senators may want to look over their shoulders. Because if this president thinks he even smells a traitor in the ranks It'll get even uglier for them. This is what dictators do. They take out the opposition by any means possible.

  29. Trump is turning American into a monarch
    And his cult followers are to stupid to notice or care
    Trump new slogan will be
    Make Trump King Of America

  30. I vehemently disagree that Trump is a "would be" Dictator!!!!!…….nothing "would be" about Trump……if ever there was a full blown Dictator it's Trump……The only difference between Trump and Nero was Nero fiddled on a Fiddle…..While Rome burned to the ground……and Trump Fiddled on Twitter while America burned to the Ground!!!!!

  31. Just a show for the public, Barr is the attorney for criminal Republicon presidents. Iran contra lie, weapons of mass destruction lie, and tRumps cheating the People of the United States of America out of a fair election in 2016and again in 2020!

  32. So any older democrats can help the new president elect and get off scott free for many major federal crimes in the favor of the new president? Cool! What are we waiting for? Goose and Gander right?! Right?

  33. Wasn’t it Roger Stone that put the judge in a target type crosshairs photo AFTER she told him he couldn’t talk about his case ?

  34. https://www.change.org/p/district-of-columbia-american-bar-association-disbar-attorney-general-william-p-barr-4abc4f8b-6ff6-46d3-97d4-d540507f65e5

  35. OH there's receipts alright, the money laundering and shady deals even espionage involvement by your favorite democrats LOL it's all being exposed. Criminals hate the new sheriff in town and as you are witnessing, the house of criminal cards is falling down. The dems are running scared, even Pelosi has her family involved in the paper trail. Ha ha just wait. You guys got nuthin' but a rubber chicken. You look stupid when the truth comes out.

  36. What a traitorous swine Barr is. He needs to be in jail! Today he pretended to tell Trump to stop tweeting because it makes his job harder. Just another silly distraction. Don't take your eye off the ball, people!

  37. I would substitute the word "miscarriage" ,and instead insert the word "ABORTION"!
    Our entire bureaucracy is compiled of infidel ideals!
    Self-righteous MF'rs.😀

  38. If trump steal from a charities, do we think he would not steal from taxpayers? That is why the deficit is 23 trillions. Trump and the Republicans are pocketing taxpayers money.

  39. Who's the guy who keeps interrupting? These two sound like idiots. I agree with them but, these two are out of sync. It's like she's announcing the news and he's flapping his lips. 👎👎👎

  40. From the Senate trial, we could see how the Republicans regard Trump as their fearless leader. Next, they will lobby to have his bust carved on Mt. Rushmore. 🤣🤣

  41. Thanks God for decent and honorable Professionals. The Republicans have enable Trump to make a mockery of the American ideals. Shame.

  42. This is a waste of time to fret about what's happening with Roger Stone OrengeO the killer clown is going to pardon him any way. SHINEY OBJECT ALERT!

  43. Donald they overlooked at your impeachment, so why blame the other side ???? When everything happens in your side all the time. Just keep on lying is the only thing you know what to do.

  44. Wrong! You are the ones who make baseless assumptions and so do a major disservice to your listeners. You two misled by omission: 3 of those prosecutors were Obama admin leftovers, so could have been prejudiced vs T. How do u know for sure that they weren't on a witch hunt against a Trump friend bc you and they think T shouldn't have won in 2016?
    You don't know their personal reasons for quitting the case; you're assuming they quit in protest.
    You don't explain that Prosecutors can suggest sentencing, but the Judge decides.
    You don't know for sure that DOJ prosecuted bc they wanted to harass Trump and friend.
    You made it sound like they resigned their jobs, while all they did was resign from this case.

  45. I wonder if Susan Collins has learned her lesson, that a leaper can't change his spots ? She can kiss her job goodbye.

  46. The US has become a third World and a shithole country where corruptions flourish as never seen before.
    Disgusting vermin Drumpf, his family, his administration and those corrupt, stupid Republicans.

  47. Seems we are witnessing the rise of the fourth Reich! Rich white dictator! I'm not a person of color and feel terrible watching the progress WE THE PEOPLE had made, go away! While watching the stars and stripes fall off our flag. Wonder if our new flag will be gold and have a big "T" on it !

  48. Congress needs to pass a law that president's can't pardon members of his family or personal friends, And also limit the number of pardons they can give.

  49. Barr's actions are in direct opposition of the Judical Guidelines played out by AG Sessions, R. What are you senators waiting for to stand up against his continued abuse of power?

  50. they are cowards and resigning was an act of their own guilt. those jerks took the side of sin and will be paying for it soon.

  51. I will say this again and again:

    WE. TOLD. YOU. SO!

    We Told you he would do this. We Told you he wants ultimate power. We Told you he was a wannabe mafia thug, who lies like a fish swims, and wants only what benefits himself.

    But NO! Oh, he'll grow into the role. He'll pivot to a true President. It's not him, it's Bannon. Kelly will sort him out. OH, he'll learn his lesson.

    You. F#NG. Idiots!

    He has been like this. All. His. Life!

  52. The trouble with principled resignations is that it then opens the door for a trump lackey to be installed. There are no shortage of them. Short term profit people.

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