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100 thoughts on “Joe: All President Donald Trump Is Doing Is Hurting Himself | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Oh my God, people really wake up and smell the coffee Trump didn't learn no lesson. He's not going to learn No. Listen, he's going to do what he wants to do because that's the kind of man He is. So when are you guys going to stop making excuses for Trump? He's a crook. That's what he is.

  2. ''Trump is hurting himself,'' What an asinine comment ! Trump has Hitler's playbook —-no more elections , complete corruption of the judiciary , eliminating the legislative branch of government , arrests and executions of political enemies , and the killing of all non-Caucasian citizens . What is going to stop him ?

  3. Its amazing that this man takes no responsibility for any of his actions. He is literally the WORSE president EVER!!!!

  4. Trump is everything I wished Obama would of been….😣🤐
    Democrats are looking like girl parts. Come on at least fight all y'all wanna be politically correct…but for why though 😂

  5. We have a clown for a president. Republican senators have much to answer for. Surely they will reap grapes of wrath. I pray

  6. Trump is a criminal. But he is not evil now if he spent his time molesting children Offering sacrifices child trafficking. He would be in the running to break into the top ten. He is not in the top twenty

  7. MSNBC, the worst news service in America. Lying to it's viewers and inventing stories out of thin air and betraying the President and all American people since 1996. Tom Rogers the founder of MSNBC deserves to be jailed for his crimes against the truth and the American people.

  8. he is jealous of others as they are doing better then he is grow up trump people find out the truth and when it gets mentioned from the news channel you call them fake news no correction you are the fake frump and the tan dont do you any favours you look absolutely ridiculous and stop gettingat people just because they no what you really are a liar and a con you are a fake president why get rid of people just because they were to do with your inpeachment trial you are making it worst for you and people wont put up with the way you are carrying on

  9. Bugger me, America has seen nothing yet, this fuckstick will continue to destroy the US and what it used to stand for, I am sorry for you!

  10. Trump is like Bart Simpson and the electric cup-cake – He WILL do the same thing over and over because he believes at his core that he is entitled to do it with no understanding or care that it's wrong. The enablers in the Senate are the truly disgusting low-lifes who should have their lives and dealings put under a microscope and then brutally dealt with.



  13. Lesson? 50+ Republican senators decided not to give a lesson. How can you expect him to learn when you gave him a big thumbs up for his criminal behavior? They should expect nothing less.

  14. Yes, Trump changed his behavior. He increased his Abuse of Power, because the GOP acquitted him of it, and now he knows he is above the law. Expect it to get worse until just before the election.

  15. The Forever Impeached Traitor Trump…
    Said a great many lies since taking office. Practiced lying and being a bully all his life.
    One thing he did not lie about.
    Remember kids… He promised to drain the swamp???
    There the filthy beast has done a bang up job. No denying it.
    After taking office, finding no "deep state", he has installed one. Once Dumpity Trumpity is gone, we have a whole rack of Treasonous filth to remove.

  16. Boo hoo. All "Trump is doing is hurting himself".
    This whole investigation into Russia is a scam. Roger Stone did nothing wrong. The judge is a Trump-Hater and deserves to lose her bench and she needs to be investigated.
    Perhaps if the fake news would tell the truth for once, you would see what this judge and jury did.
    Either way, Stone will be pardoned.

  17. I love how "alleged" adulterers Mika and Conan (I mean Joe) have the moral fiber to constantly pretend to be moral compasses.

  18. Joe says that Trump is corrupting the DOJ? LOL… don't look now but that deep state was the creation of Obama and Holder and maintained by Lynch. It would have been permentantly ingrained if Hillary won but THANK GOD she lost. Now the Washington est. INCLUDING the clowns on Morning Joe are fighting back because Trump is disrupting their life, their influence, etc.

  19. Donald Trump everything is a disgrace

    Why can't this US president manage a single tweet that presents a justified response, rather than an insult-ridden name-calling hissy fit!? https://etsy.me/2OSBv8k .

  20. Enough is enough! No more Mr. Trash in life anymore. Let’s move in to hopeful presidential candidates for our future like Pete Buttigieg! Show that this country is worth such diamonds!

  21. America, apparently REPUBS just took the leash off of our head Traitor Criminal. What the fk did the REPUBS expect.? Vote out all traitors …every fkg one! Every Repub, every cheater, every liar,every traitor………all of these losers must go.

  22. Actually joe … he is setting himself up for re-election. Maybe you should take notes. It’s going to end in tears for you. And all that cunning reporting and torn up republican cards will about to zip. Keep trying though … very entertaining

  23. The most crooked, dishonest, ignorant, vindictive two-bit con man to ever occupy the Oval office. If ever a president deserved to be impeached, it's tRump! It's maddening that no one in the gop has the guts to stand up to him, but sadly they are a bunch of cowards. By acquitting tRump the gop has given him a green light to do as he pleases and we all know he will because he knows there will be no consequences. It is so hard to watch what is happening in our country, it makes me sick. The gop has turned our once great and highly respected country into the laughing stock of the world, but they seemingly couldn't care less. It will take generations to repair the damage they have done if it can even be repaired. This dangerous man and his enablers must be voted out in November the survival of the US depends on it! Voting BLUE no matter who!

  24. Not National Security: King trumpy security. King trumpy: King for life. No law,no justice, no hope. Could anyone have seen this coming? Lots of people said the very next day that we would never have another Presidential election. Those people were right. All along people have cautioned that King trumpy has made himself King for life. They were right. And the MSM, totally owned by the rich and big business, treat each public crime as thought there hasn't been a thousand public crimes already. Lets see. King trumpy controls the military, he has his police, he has thousands of national, state and local pols , he controls the judiciary, he has the ability to act fully outside the law with no consequences. Oh yes! he determines all economic policy, all bank practices, all business practices. The President has learned a lesson, yes he has, King trumpy knows now he can dictate exactly what he wants, and do whatever is necessary to get that done. Anything. Shoot people, drop nukes, whatever he wants. King for life: King trumpy.

  25. Trump is a black hole devouring all in his vicinity ,America first then the rest of the world. We are failing as human beings as long as we allow the feeble minds to rule us.

  26. People overthink this putting themselves in his shoes when really it’s classic narcissistic behaviour to blame other people and not yourself

  27. I am not an American but why do democrats call Trump dumb? A dumb person doesn't just become the president of the greatest country. He made peace with North Korea. He made peace with Russia, he solved the problems with Iran and where is WW3? The economy seems to be going better and better. No wonder everybody says that Americans are dumb. You hate teachers, you hate doctors, you hate your President for no reason.

  28. The world leaders know he has no class in how he belittles his own people, but they just smile diplomatically and laugh behind his back.

  29. The Left used every dirty trick and the entire might of their media propaganda against President Trump and still lost. You guys just can't take a hint.

  30. Looks at Drumpf's current position

    Ya, sure looks like he's hurting himself. He's the most corrupt, willfully rogue, in-control, and feared president ever. At this rate of hurting himself, he'll be a dictator by fall.

  31. Biden is evil and so are those who votes for him for anything he is a pedophile having black retinas it is the end times things about to fall into place

  32. Anyone that thinks this only hurts him personally is a fool. What the president of the US does effects the country as a whole. He has disgraced this country just look at everyone in the world turning their backs on the US.

  33. No, that's not all he's hurting. The thug in the White House is hurting 99% of us, shredding the Constitution, dismantling our government, putting our national security in danger, destroying our democracy and trying to replace it with a dictatorship.

  34. REPUBLICAN LAWMAKERS want to keep a job? HELLO, party, Constitution mean nothing when you want to keep that $170,000.00 job.

  35. Yes Susan Collins, Your King trump has learned he can get away with it- now he will rob more banks Susan Collins resign now– please — it is an insult to victims of Alzheimer's everywhere thank u.

  36. What it means is that the representatives of the Republicans mean to bring in New World Order Which is to have everyone enslaved like the Iron Curtain Fiasco Expecting Mexico to pay for America to be behind an Iron Curtain.

  37. this deeply flawed man is steering the mighty USA, that spends more on weapons above and beyond every other country on Earth combined. Why????!!!! that is why you guys don’t have free healthcare free education and overwhelming poverty. The love for the gun outstrips the welfare of its people. And now you’ve got an unstable president

  38. Where is he getting his crazy numbers just because he states these numbers they are true in his mind the guy is crazy he just cant stop doing stupid stuff he doesn't care

  39. Wishful thinking. Yes, people like Trump tend to get overconfident and shoot themselves in the foot. But Trump has his lackeys will clean up any mess he makes. He's unstoppable right now. Right now. He's Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet.

  40. Spreading a hideous stank throughout the country, Dump is the most grotesque politician in history. The republicans have killed the party. Cowards and liars all!

  41. what would Trump bank robbery look like? trump walks into bank pushes clerk out the way. takes money . walks away waving at the camera. some how fox would be outraged that a clerk was in his way and did not offer to help.

  42. I think all of the democrats are going down and soon. The jackasses are mad because they are helpless and are going down very soon

  43. How could anybody capable of judging accurately what is RIGHT from WRONG I mean someone who is capable of using their hand to guide a portion of food to their mouth as the lowest criteria watch Trump from 2015 and still think Trump is capable of learning from his mistakes? Trump will never be capable of learning from his mistakes, you want to know why what Trump has been doing is not his fault that is how far he understands things his symptoms is called cognitive abnormally in another he has MENTAL ILLNESS get it to understand it, no offence that is the inconvenient truth. May the USA succeed!!

  44. You were aware of the heat, don't cry like a Baby now, who are you really?
    Commit , don't retreat and you will win!

    If that is what you want, of course.

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