Jodie Comer Choked While Eating Pasta on Camera

Jodie Comer Choked While Eating Pasta on Camera

It is so nice to meet you. You, too. Thanks for having me. This is very surreal. That’s your accent. Yeah. Sandra Oh said when
I meet you, I’m going to be surprised
by your accent. So you’re from Liverpool. Yes. Yeah. Liverpool. OK. Home of the Beatles. Yes, exactly. But I’m so shocked to hear
that because I just don’t– in Doctor Foster, you had
an American accent, right? No, she was British. Oh, she was British. Yeah. Maybe I– Didn’t do a good job there. No. [LAUGHTER] No, she was British. She was from London, yeah. And so now, you play a
Russian assassin in this. And you have all kinds
of accents in this. Yes. And languages. That was a big part
of the character. When I auditioned, they
were like, you know, she speaks a lot of languages. And obviously, in the audition
process, I was like, oh, yeah. Fine. Like, not thinking about it. And then, when we got to set,
I was like, oh, this is real. Yeah. It’s an intense character. Yeah. It’s a really intense character. So a little bit of– if you
haven’t seen Killing Eve, just this cover of
Entertainment Weekly is– Fancy. Yeah. Showing you kissing a knife. Yeah. That was my decision. Yeah. Well– You can imagine. It’s good for the character. That’s amazing, that cover. Yeah. It was a great day. Yeah. Yeah. So all right. Tell everybody–
explain who you are. You have so many
different characters within your character. Yeah. Well, I mean, I kind of
had to view Villanelle as an actress in many ways. She puts on these personas. She dresses up. She uses the accents
and the languages. And it’s all a ploy to
kind of trap her victims and lure them in. But it’s a wonderful
aspect of playing her. It’s a lot of fun. Yeah. I’ve seen the first two
episodes of season two. Oh, great. And I’m just– I can’t wait to see the rest. It’s such a great show. Thank you. And you get to do–
now, there’s a lot of like climbing buildings
and riding motorcycles. Do you do a lot of that? Do you like doing– No. No. No. I’m so uncoordinated,
and I’m not agile at all. I have an incredible
stunt double, Jessica. But there were a lot
of outtakes of me. You know, it might be
written in the script like she pulls out a
knife very smoothly. But then, there’s
like 15 outtakes of me trying to do that convincingly. So yeah, a lot of it’s
smoke and mirrors. So what is the day on the set
that you were eating pasta, and that was the
most dangerous day? I don’t understand that. Yeah. Well, that was in series two. She was being her
usual self, showing off and trying to prove a
point whilst shoveling mouthfuls of pasta. And it came to my close up,
so I was really going for it. Bear in mind I was eating
pasta from 9:00 AM, and this was about half
4:00 in the afternoon, so it was a lot of pasta. And it was particularly
dry and rather large. And surprisingly, it shot down
the back of my throat mid-take. And the actor
opposite me kind of thought I was making a really
weird acting choice and was like– Watching you choke. Watching me choke. Yeah, it was all on camera. And then, everyone
kind of realized that it was actually
a very serious moment and kind of ran in to help me? And did someone give
you the Heimlich? What happened? No. Well, just before that was
about to happen, it passed. But when I told my
brother, my brother was like, I just love the
fact that of all the things that could potentially
kill Villanelle, it was– It’s that. Yeah. It was a mouthful of pasta. Well, Sandra Oh’s character
should know that and feed you pasta. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, someone should tell her. So do you– do you
visit Los Angeles often? I have done over the
past three years. Do you like it? I like it. I don’t think it likes me. Why is that? Every time I’m in LA, something
really strange happens. Like what? For instance, the first time
I was here, I had to– well, kind of got kicked
out of my Airbnb because I wouldn’t sign a
subtenant agreement form. The second time, I
got bed bugs, so I was going to loads of
meetings head to toe in bites, which is really attractive. And then, I was here
in January, and I had to get all my
wisdom teeth removed. Emergency dental surgery. All of them at once? Like, what happened that
you all of a sudden– They were impacted. It was right before
the Golden Globes, so I was being a bit of a party
pooper at the Golden Globes, which wasn’t like me. So that’s when I
knew something was– something was wrong. God, that’s horrible. Yeah. So touch wood. Nothing’s actually happened– Yet. –this time. Yet. Good. Well, I want you to get away
from me as soon as possible. [LAUGHTER] But I really– I couldn’t
wait to meet you because, like I said, I loved
you in Doctor Foster, even though I forgot which
country you came from. And I absolutely
adore Killing Eve. It’s just such an
amazing character. Thank you. It’s just so incredible. So I can’t wait to
see the whole thing. Thank you. Killing Eve airs Sundays at
8:00 on AMC and BBC America. We’ll be right back.

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100 thoughts on “Jodie Comer Choked While Eating Pasta on Camera

  1. She is so talented and amazing. Can’t believe she is from Liverpool. As a man I have to say I have not seen a performance this good in a long time

  2. This is such an dry interview lol. The actress is handling it well .. should be Ellen’s job to make it more funny tho

  3. Awkward interview but I'm guessing the audience (and Ellen) don't understand a Liverpudlian accent very well. Ellen should have listened to a few Beatles interviews or something before sitting down with the amazing Jodie Comer

  4. Me: ordering a Starbucks in America with my English accent.
    Cashier: sorry what ? What did you say ?
    Me: say the same thing with an American accent
    Cashier: ok sure.

  5. I think Ellen is slightly awkward in this because she probably has a small crush on Jodie aha but I don’t blame her

  6. Was there even an audience present? If that had been a lame arse Kardashian the audience would have been roaring🙄 Pity Americans and what they find worthy of interaction.

  7. In fairness to the American audience I’d like to think they were listening to Jodie. I only half pay attention to most celeb interviews myself but I’ve found with Jodie Comer I’m mesmerised by her when she speaks and there could be a natural disaster developing outside my window or the beginnings of a military coup and I wouldn’t notice .
    I’m convinced that listening to her voice on podcasts eases anxiety too and leaves the listener with a sense of enormous wellbeing.

  8. Ellen: “if you haven’t seen Killing Eve…
    Me (instinctively): “what are you doing with your life?!!?!!”

  9. It’s tough one it was like Ellen was giving Jodie a chance to shine and us get to know her. For some her accent might be hard enough alone to understand.

  10. How anyone even finds Ellen entertaining is beyond me, she has the personality of a goldfish. Jodie is one of this generations finest actresses, she deserves better!!

  11. For some time now, Ellen seems to be doing interviews obligated, they are not funny anymore, they are usually dragged and awkward

  12. Ellen is so overrated. Perhaps she had some level of charm about her years ago but these days she believes her own hype. She has the same dullard guests on time after time because they boost her already bloated ego. Jodi deserved SO much better than this, Ellen came across as bored, disinterested, rude and terribly unprofessional.

  13. Don't forget Jodie is from Liverpool UK, people in America have a hard time understanding us. The only places in America that I've never had a problem with is New York and Florida it's because we do talk fast and have a Irish twang most of us.

  14. Ellen was lying when she said, "I just saw season 2." She doesn't know anything about Killing Eve or Jodie Comer. Ellen faking it until she makes it.

  15. I feel like if you're gonna do an audience for a very popular British show you should bring people out who have seen it or something idk. It was awk and dry. And Jodie was fantastic. Ellen was very awk in this.

  16. The comments on this video are sending me, I'm not sure there was anyone in the studio so much dead air, and Ellen….. Do more research next time…. Yikes!

  17. I think maybe this was shot not with a live audience, the studio was SUPER quiet…and yes, Ellen was boring. But come on I mean I'm Mexican and I totally got her humor and she was a delight to watch.

  18. I don't think Ellen actually watched the show. There's no way that she gave Jodie that dead eyes after she watched it. I would be thrilled to interview her!

  19. I suspect the audience wasn’t familiar with Jody Comer, largely hadn’t seen Killing Eve. But seriously, people, she was charming, intelligent, humorous and utterly exquisite. How could there be no reaction???

  20. She has done such a great and impactfull job as Villanelle that I can't look at her and not think she might be tempted to pull out a knife and slash a throat or two.

  21. Ellen was so rude on this – She makes jokes all the time and she can’t seem to handle ones from other countries – plus the audience was so dead

  22. Everyone keeps mentioning the dead audience and I’m like, are we even sure there is one? Looks more like they just filmed it with no one there and they had Ellen pretend there was is one so when it aired they probably just added crowd noise later it forgot to in the upload

  23. Did I comment already? Maybe a while ago and maybe I changed my mind. But I just see Ellen trying to be interactive and getting laughs from a surprisingly quiet audience. Was it the accent? Who knows. I love this interview anyway.

  24. YoU aRE sUcH aN aMaZinG ActrEsS….. shut up already Ellen you don’t know anything about Jodie Comer 🤮🤮

    Ellen bombed this. Jodie a star ⭐️

  25. Villanele is one of the best female characters there is, and i'm a Conservative; i would love to see Jodie Comer in a James Bond film; but sadly it has been castrated by the Feminazi Taliban………….ELLEN!!

  26. I didn't watch Ellen anymore because she's plastic, just this episode with Jodie and last with Sandra, I love killing Eve..

  27. I love the British accent. I can speak it naturally myself, but I just don't want to hear it from Jodie because she plays Villanelle too well. I just feel like losing Villanelle as a character or a real person. I just can't believe there's nothing of Villanelle within Jodie? It makes me feel sorrow. Who is Jodie anyway! LoL

  28. Glad im not the only one whom found this interview flat. Love both ladies but the interactions was just awkward. Ellen wasn't prepared at all.

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