How 2020 Democrats are positioning themselves after New Hampshire

How 2020 Democrats are positioning themselves after New Hampshire

JUDY WOODRUFF: The race for the White House
is heating up, as the field of Democratic contenders narrows. Yamiche Alcindor reports on how the campaigns
are focusing on the next make-or-break states. YAMICHE ALCINDOR: This morning, one of the
few candidates actively campaigning, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. He
brought his unconventional bid to North Carolina. Today, the state kicked off early voting in
their primary. In New York, former Vice President Joe Biden
was also fund-raising for his struggling campaign. He was also trying to use TV to his advantage. On ABC’s “The View” this morning, Biden said
he wanted to press Bloomberg on past policies and remarks about people of color during the
debate in Nevada next week. JOSEPH BIDEN (D), Presidential Candidate:
I’m going to get a chance to debate him on everything from redlining, to stop and frisk,
to a whole range of other things. YAMICHE ALCINDOR: Then there were the senators
still in the race Vermont’s Bernie Sanders, Minnesota’s Amy Klobuchar, and Massachusetts’
Elizabeth Warren. Sanders narrowly won the New Hampshire primary
and the popular vote in Iowa. Early this afternoon, all three were back at their day jobs to vote
on the Senate war powers resolution. The bill would limit the authority of a president who
they all are hoping to unseat. As for the contests coming up, businessman
Tom Steyer is focusing today on Nevada, where voters will caucus on February 22. Hawaii
Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is in South Carolina ahead of its primary one week later. Former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg
was positioning himself for the Nevada caucuses as well. His team today unveiled a new Spanish-language
TV ad that it says will be airing statewide. Meanwhile, a powerful union representing many
workers on the Las Vegas Strip is clashing with supporters of Bernie Sanders. In a statement yesterday, the group said — quote
— “It’s disappointing that Senator Sanders’ supporters have viciously attacked the Culinary
Union for distributing leaflets criticizing his Medicare for all plan.” The next debate, which will be in Las Vegas,
is scheduled for next Wednesday. For the “PBS NewsHour,” I’m Yamiche Alcindor.

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