Hansen Medical Magellan Robot Highlighted by BBC News

Hansen Medical Magellan Robot Highlighted by BBC News

Anchor: Pioneering technology at a London
hospital may pave the way for less invasive
treatment for patients in the future. In what’s
believed to be a world’s first, surgeons at
St. Mary’s in Paddington have used a new type
of robot to repair damaged blood vessels.
Tom Wessa [SP] has more.
Reporter: Barry Merchant’s on the road to
Barry: And you’ll keep a close eye on it,
will you?
Reporter: Visited by one of his surgeons at
St. Mary’s this morning, this was the pair
of them last Thursday. Barry’s the one on
the table. Barry’s the first person in the
world to be operated on by this robot, a million
pound piece of kip to help surgeons tackle
tricky operations to strengthen arteries.
Barry: I didn’t know it would be a robot.
I was quite surprised when he said to me it
was the first one in the world as well. They’re
going to try it on me. Poor ‘ole Barry.
Reporter: The surgeon sits next door, directing
the robot.
Surgeon: The real trick here is to drive into
the blood vessel, through the stint, and then
out through the specially formed window, into
say, the kidney vessel.
Reporter: Using robots for surgery is nothing
new, but each day it seems a new use is being
found for them, new techniques developed.
Surgeon: These are rare and complex, relatively
complex operations.
Barry: It’s given me a better outlook at life.
I get to my grandchildren and get out with
them. Now that I had that done, I’ll get my
hips done and I’ll be hoping I’ll be a new
man. Bionic man.
News Anchor: Lovely Barry Merchant there.

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