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19 thoughts on “Hannity: Truth and facts matter, just not to Democrats

  1. Hannity,saw your show 2/11/20, no wonder the left don't go in your show, the way you were trying to manhandle tulsi gabbard was disgusting…you need to learn how to shut your pie hole and listen, to tulsi and to all your guests to be honest…just saying

  2. Truth and facts matter, just not to………DJT and his radical Rinos, who have thrown themselves behind the lies and teh "alternative" facts of the worst president in US history!!!

  3. the fact is trump goal is to take all your safety nets, proof is, he has already taken food stamps away from poor workers and the disables…. mentally ill people can be bodyable but they are not mentally fit to work! TRUMP IS FOOLING YOU AND LYING TO YOU, JUST LIKE HANNITY, DOES !!!!

  4. You don't think Donald Trump using his hotel for the G7 summit is illegal do you actually think Fox news has more viewers then all the other TV stations combined stop and use your own head

  5. Why would he have to trash the Democrats out of all the there's not one who's telling the truth there's not one who loves this country the man was wounded serving his country but that doesn't count wake up Trump is just a man who is capable of lyingcapable of cheating on his taxes but you don't want to see the evidence that he did how can you have a trial where they don't look at all the evidence I'm a republican but I'm not that stupid I don't want a president who is the country the presidency is a job not a god Hood

  6. The United States intelligence agency the FBI and others said it was Russia that hacked the election the national intelligence agencies all said it was Russia but you didn't believe an American he believed a Russian who has been the sworn enemy of this countryread the facts for yourself stop letting somebody preaching hate tell you what to think

  7. Listen at the names this man is calling the Democrats he's not talking about Russians or South Koreans he's talkin about your neighbors people you live in this country withwho grew up in the same country and hold the same values that you hold they were talk the same things you were taught sounds like propaganda

  8. Facts matter:

    -Obama inherited the worst recession since the great depression of the thirties. Trump inherited strong economic momentum from Obama.

    – annual growth, gdp 2.5% under Trump. 2.9% average since WWII. Falls way below Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson,Carter,Reagan, Clinton. One tenth % above Obama 2.5 vs 2.4%.

    Job growth first 35 months 182,000/month. Obama last 35 months, 224,000/month.

    -Unemployment down 4.7 —> 3.5%. Obama cut by more than half, from 10% to 4.7%

    -Trump wage growth adjusted for inflation 0.8%. Obama 1.3%

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