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100 thoughts on “Hannity: Democrats’ unequal standard of justice exposed

  1. Fukk repubs are the dumbest beings on earth. Good thing theyre evil as hell so we can justify hanging them all for treason.


  3. Get it together. Our 2nd amendment is not just for us but the idiots trying to condemn also.

    Get it going already. If you have it all, produce it and show the evidence.

    As a patient person I am speak for lots. It’s getting tedious if we have all.

    We don’t care who you arrest 1st. Just go and expose. Lock the baby eaters up 1st.

  4. This is what the GOP has: Trump lost by nearly three million votes. Only 77,000 votes spread across three states (two w voter suppression) and two are already trending away from him, gave him 46th worst electoral college "win". Why is this dangerously unqualified malignant narcissist, rejected by American voters, in our WH?

  5. Not a Liberal
    But even I see how corrupt this current government is. This D Bag. Licks Trumps Arse Hole. Hannity joke.

  6. It's time to stop talking about bringing charges and just start arresting all the law breaking, treasonous democrats and liberals just like they would do to any citizen with out their power!

  7. We the people, for the people, by the people. These individuals are supposed to work for the ones the pay their wages– us.

  8. Why would we even need to go to war ? What is it that we want to do ? Do we want to go on a killing spree ? NO, we want our constitutional laws and rights. How do patriots achieve that goal ? It is not by going around killing anything that moves. The best way to do it is to place these communist on public trial, and let them be judged by we the people ( not the current just-us system of law). Police use numbers tactics when they raid peoples homes, and that is how patriots will have to operate with overwhelming armed numbers. Not to go in guns blazing, but for protection when placing these communist traitors under arrest. For decades these communist have been breaking down Americans, America, and its constitutional laws, and we the peoples rights for no other reason than profit, and their personal idea of power and godhood. Our constitution is written in plane English, That the power resides with the American people NOT THE GOVERNMENT. Our government has all but forgotten this which is why America is in turmoil today. It is not by a bloody war on American soil that we the people will win, but by armed peaceful arresting these traitors who have violated the American peoples constitution and bill of rights. That time is coming for we the people to come together, and judge them.

  9. Nobody, not even the founding fathers gave 535 in congress control of this nation or
    our lives. WE THE PEOPLE are the masters, they are temporary employees. It
    is time to end this farce. Most agencies-laws-taxes are illegal and
    unconstitutional. They have been forcing us to fund their corrupt pyramid
    schemes for a long time. The founding fathers would have shut it all down and started
    over. We don't need this mess. We know there are some good people in congress,
    but it is time to clean house and start over. The founding fathers never
    intended for the federal govt to be this involved in our lives period. They
    were adamant about a limited govt and it is time for us to start
    over. Congress is a temporary job, they have turned it into an
    illegal full time job folks. Their should be no govt pensions
    hello. It is time to restore our constitution and our rights to be free without
    their interference. They have no right to force us to fund anything. Climate
    Change, energy deals, foreign aid, are all pyramid schemes with no accountability
    and kickbacks. We have no idea where the money has gone. And none of these
    countries every change, so how do we know they ever received any of the money –
    WE DON'T. it is time for us to start over – term limits, no pensions for all
    govt employees. And we can put congress up in dorms for their 2 terms and no
    more and keep an eye on them and what they are up to, because they have proven
    they are not trustworthy on any level. All we need is a military to secure our
    borders and restore our sovereignty. Time to restore the amendments which
    limits all govt interference in our lives. We don't have to fund any of this
    crap, we never did. The money should be returned to the people for all these
    scams like obamacare which was illegal per the 10th
    amendment. And foreign nations owe american citizens restitution for this
    illegal invasion and the crimes committed by the 80 million here illegally
    using our resources and crimes that have been committed. It is time to close
    our border until we can clean up this mess and start over. WE THE PEOPLE ARE
    THE MASTERS, the rulers and we want to get back to our families, our privacy,
    our businesses and our lives without govt interference as the founding fathers
    intended. ENOUGH! We should only hire or elect people who will fix this mess.
    NO MORE TAXES. We the people should set it. 10% of a base wage for the states
    and feds to share is more than enough and no more taxes of any kind on anything
    period! It's over. We the people have the power and authority to take our lives
    back and fix this mess. And we need to shut down all these illegal agencies in
    DC and start over. They have become corrupted beyond repair.

  10. Haven't we moved on? We are now beginning to see something very large unfold? Wrong rant, SH. You keep given false hope all this while, now Mcabre is out of jail, lies!

  11. I don’t believe anything when it comes to the coup being prosecuted it’s been over 2 years and still no one has gone to jail

  12. There are a lot of bad 🍎's in Washington! A huge story in addition to the Dummycrats and bad politicians in general, is all the stolen tax payer money in Afghanistan!!! It was just proven recently that most of what we've heard about Afghanistan has all been a lie! To add insult to injury, they stole Trillions of us taxpayer money illegally! They where completely aware of their motives and it was flat out a racket and this story needs to be told and all the fucks involved need to go to jail!! So, although this story is great news, the story I have mentioned is also very true and should be told!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stole our money like straight thugs and lied about it the whole way!!!!!!

  13. Nobody is above the law except the Liberal Democrats, and their bought out FBI Leaders, hopefully the CIA is not involved with all this Bull crap. Why is it we only see Republicans going to prison, while we have many Democrats caught lying, destroying evidence, doing illegal things such as servers, altering elections (DNC on Bernie during Hillary running). When are we going to crack down on them.

  14. Another nothing-burger to waste viewers time. The Judge actually makes the decision on how much time is spent using a formula that was based on previous crimes. Mr. Stone is, of course, someone who was found guilty on all counts that the prosecutors brought to a jury. The full amount of time that the jury handed down was 50 years in prison. How much time should a traitor to the United States that solicited help from Russia to commit crimes against the people of the United States get? The DOJ recommended 7 – 9 years. Mr. Trump disagrees – and Mr. Barr responded by sending a handpicked representative that favored Mr. Trump's position to limit the crime to under 3 years. How long do you think Mr. Stone should stay in prison for crimes against the people of the United States using the resources of Russia?

    Do you think the jury who listened to testimony and made the decision of guilt that amounted to 50 years – should be overturned because the guy was working to get Mr. Trump elected and used dirty tricks to do it?  Remember 12 Russian nationals who were involved left the country – when Mueller started to investigate Russian involvement in the 2016 election. Mr. Stone lied to investigators and Congress under Oath to hide his misdeeds – so he knew that what he was doing was illegal. Mr. Mueller has been a lifelong Republican – and the people that were prosecutors were working under Mr. Barr, with whom he was unwilling to defend – when Mr. Trump tweeted "how unfair" the sentence was for "his good friend". Minions? Is Hannity saying that Republicans can not be trusted in delivering impartial justice?

    Democrats were not involved in the trial, at all – as far as I can find. Is there some Democrat in particular that I am missing?

  15. Please God show the good people of america n the world that there is justice in the USA. Put a stop to the arrogance of deep seated influencial criminals in US politics.(Prayer).

  16. none of these people will ever see prison. the democrats will continue unchecked until they regain power. America as a free country is done. sick of watching these videos as if something is going to happen


  18. I won’t listen to any other current events other than Hannity.
    I e tried it but nobody gets the facts out faster.
    Dude is on it like a bad suit.
    Gotta be frustrating when Hannity spills out the facts, the democrats deny them and call Hannity names, then finally as the wheels of justice turn slowly the facts come out just as Hannity told us while the democrats say things like “What difference does it make?” as they move on to more lies and corrupt moves.

  19. I am so thankful to see our country returning to the real America, thanks to President Trump our nation is thriving, just imagine what it could have been without all the roadblocks, so proud to see President Trump at the Daytona 500 being cheered by 200,000 fans. WHAT A GREAT JOB HE IS DOING!

  20. HANNTY INSANITY! Who but a moron would believe this CIRCUS BARKING CLOWN? He lies even more than Trump CIRCUS BARKING CLOWN!

  21. Any vote for repub is a vote for unsecured elections, low wages, and allowing insurence companies to deny claims agaiin for preexisting conditions. A repub vote is a vote against yourself. Check congressional records.

  22. The people who put the screws to Mr. Flynn need to have their property and salaries adjusted to pay Gen Flynn back for every dollar he lost….plus interest and also cover all his legal fees. That would be justice!

  23. Republican justice starts with trump stating that the person is guilty and he didn't need to hold a trial to prove it , just lock the person up . Do you rely want a dictator that badly, because you could be next. And also remember he's a Pope loving catholic.

  24. Jurors have returned a guilty verdict on all of seven counts including five counts of lying to Congress, one count of witness tampering and one count of obstruction of a proceeding. Just give him a year for each count.

  25. Both sides have a problem. Voters accuse politicians for the problem. The fact is?! Voters allow this! Live with that lack of patriotism! Term limits are not needed, unless you vote again for them? You need a grant?

  26. if the people are tired of Democrats lies and laws they continue to break and get away with, get out and vote Rep everywhere, the only way to stop them corrupt crooks is to vote them all out!!

  27. I'll believe in justice when some of the deep state go to prison .. so far I haven't much faith in our justice dept

  28. Nothing will change only Republicans conservative or the poor goes to jail in America. Every week. The same story. We can show proof these people are guilty. Only the judges let them off at sentencing.

  29. Did you wash your Hair before work Shaunny, it's been Combed really really Luvely, wash it every time you come to work now, really Luvely

  30. The constitution is wrong under freedom of religion. The only religion known by the founders is Christianity. You need to say that in an amendment. No other religions permitted

  31. Hannity, you Rush Have been telling the American people that people are going to jail for 3 years now and it is not happing only the good guys are serving time so you need to get another source

  32. All the prosecutors who signed the petition should be fired because they are biased and they are trying to subvert their supervisor

  33. No honor among thieves. Fox thieves, tRump thieves, Barr thieves, Stone Thieves. All protect themselves and each other no matter the truth. Sad.

  34. brainwashed Fox News Watchers always talking about wanting all of these commie Democrats arrested investigated put in prison blah blah blah but in reality it's all the corrupt Republicans and Trump followers that are getting indicted convicted and thrown into prison left and right.

  35. Hey hannity. Trump should not have to go through another 4 years of hate from the democrats making up lies his whole term in office. You need to figure out a way from people you know to bring congress back in line. Congress has over sight but they do not have the right to "LOOK" for crimes because the dems hate trump. It does not work that way in America even with crooks like dems. The American people were short changed because the dems chained up our president from accomplishing many things and making his term miserable. Could you imagine what trump would of got done if he didn't have to fight the do nothing dems his whole term. SOME ONE NEEDS TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO BRING CONGRESS BACK INTO LINE. I SAY DO PROPER OVERSIGHT, BUT IF THEY MAKE UP LIES TO HOLD TRUMP BACK FROM DOING WORK FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE BECAUSE OF SUSPICION OR FLAT OUT LIES LIKE THEY HAVE FOR THE LAST 4 YEARS THEY NEED TO LOOK INTO LEGAL ACTION AGAINST CONGRESS. REMEMBER, THEY SHOULD BE WORKING FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WHO PUT THEM IN THE WHITE HOUSE. SOME HOW ITS NOT THAT WAY ANYMORE. VERY SAD FOR OUR COUNTRY.

  36. You have a lot more confidence than I have. I don't think anyone will be prosecuted that is a democrat and had their hand in this mess. Sad that people are still willing to cover up for the deep state. Confidence will never come back to the American people in government or law enforcement until justice is served.

  37. Hey hannity, I put out over 3 months ago on YouTube that the dems will quickly impeach again. They are easy to figure out.

  38. Love you Sean, but at the end I just have to disagree about the speed of justice. Justice is always slow. It's why so many people refuse to do the right thing. Because Justice and doing the right thing are slow and take hard work. I would rather see a slow process that gets it right than another which hunts impeachment.

  39. Voting is necessary but not justice in and of itself…. We elect for results… Also Sick of terms like "Officials" too, they're Officially "Paid Employees" that's it!

  40. If you see any oppression of the poor and a violation of justice and righteousness in your district, do not be surprised about the matter. For that high official is being watched by one who is higher than he is, and there are others who are still higher than they are.

  41. John 3:19-21
    This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.

  42. I just hope that when this deliberations take place ,that all is well in with evidence and all the necessary precaution so that no one can say or claim some other lies to discredit parts on the whole things…….

  43. The real tactic that has been used for decades by the corrupt profiteers who have twisted our justice system, is actually quite simple. When an oppertunity to profit illegaly presents itself, the crooked officials involved will gather select subordinates whom theyve groomed to go along with their scams. They also call upon subordinates who are kept in the dark to any details that would expose the corruption. They are then used as scapegoats who will then be, sometimes unwittingly, forced into situations in which they will perjure themselves in court, immediately destroying any credibility they would have had for testifying against those who set them up to be framed for the entire scam. Or if that fails, illegal surveilance is used to bring completely unrelated or embaressing accusations to light which the media outlets the criminal syndicate owns and operates will then spin on a migraine inducing loop until the population has forgotten that they were just conned out of their hard earned money that they thought would go for new roads, schools, infrastructure and maybe a little discount on medical expenses if the get hurt or sick. All of that which there is more than enough money being put in the pot to pay for and not have anybody ever see a medical bill ever again no matter how sick they get!! That is, if it werent for the crooked bastards constantly stealing from the same pot we need for those services. They need to go in the ground after theyve swung in the breeze publicly so all will know what the punishment for high treason looks like and think twice about trying it again.

  44. I got good tip for corruption .dates back for many years from local politics to past presidents also don't know how true but I paid for some research and the company after a couple days gave me full refund and said stay away from the whole thing it involved so much .from unclaimed estates to natural resources and leases. People have been known to disappear some died unexpectedly. Conspiracy theory or truth.

  45. why are you watching this AH? last night he "propagandized" the NY Mayor by saying he was biased against minorities, farmers, working people, his main reasons for not being a legitimate candidate…..not a word about his primary "cause"……..ban guns & repeal the 2nd Amm. …….that should be all you need to know that Faux is a "uniparty" NWO/Globalist propaganda machine…just knowing who the owners/board members are should be enough, but most of "your favorite" crisis actors/performers/analysts are NY Progressives & many from SanFran…..so enjoy the manipulation

  46. i really wish hannity and oothers would stop stressing the inequality of justice system. For those of us who are afraid and lack confidence already it makes us even more depressed and SCARED. Especially for me who has something to fight back about

  47. rush limbaugh's competition for biggest lying, hateful satanic demon! fox exacerbates the country's divide with scare tactics so that they can help murdock and the rich keep stacking dough while the poor gets poorer!

  48. Obama's minions in government are using Stalin's tactics of dealing with political opponents .If Obama had not turned it into Club Med for America's enemies , they would have sent Stone to Guantanamo …They're turning our justice system into soviet style justice …

  49. Here's what's going to happen. The Democrat's failed impeachment will result in them losing the upcoming presidential election. Nancy Pelosi's violation of USC18 §2071 will lose the
    Democrats the House. The Republicans will take the House, retain the Senate, and win the Presidency. Once the GOP has all three, the Democrats will NEVER attain power again.

    The memes we see of TRUMP 2020, TRUMP 2024, TRUMP 2028, TRUMP 2032, TRUMP 2036 etc… are not just for rubbing the Democrat's noses in, they are prophetic. A Trump (not necessarily Donald) will be POTUS for as long as they want the job.

    Here's something else you can take to the bank: Ivanka Trump will be the first woman POTUS. Anyone wanna bet a buck

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