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100 thoughts on “Hannity: Biden attacking the people he wants to vote for him

  1. Give him a microphone and he always shows his true colors. Obama kept him out of the country and away from speaking as much as he could for 8 years for a reason. I say let him talk. Seal his fate for good. VOTE TRUMP 2020. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. Joe is scum maybe joe can let people for trumps rally borrow his unused parking because we know trump runs out of park because TRUMP doesnt photoshop THE CROWDS that come to him unlike JOE,bernie and Hildabeast

  3. Atleast with Rudy we dont have to worry about his track record, Rudy may have only been a mayor buf we didnt have to worry about rudys son or family selling out access to america be aude his oath of office actually means something to him. RUDY CARE ABOUT OUR COUNTRY AND THE PEOPLE THAT LIVE HERE

  4. Never thought I would defend joe Biden but honestly he’s a huge turd in a giant bowl and barely makes a splash but on the other hand that young “woman” is absolutely at least a lying dog faced woman and I doubt she isn’t a pony soldier either but that’s just me I call em how I see em and that young pig shaped dog faced woman is dog faced and it’s not cute it’s ugly and gruesome an ugly gruesome dog faced pony soldier who cannot even be honest….. what happened Democrat’s what happened stop lying stop pony soldering stop being so hideously dog faced in the face of truth you hideous dog faced dog woman who is an insult to every good breed out there

  5. Repeat Repeat Repeat 👎 no consequences.
    Pathetically boring! Epstein, Clinton, Bush, Biden
    No Consequences 😒 Shh move on

  6. Frightening that there are so many stupid people willing to hold onto a anchor while the ship is sinking. Barnum & Bailey Circus, is often quoted as saying “there's a sucker born every minute.” These are the people we have today that Barnum said in 1889! Except they are willing buying the lies of the news media.

  7. Uncle Creepy Joe Biden is acting like a bumbling rabid fool because he knows his campaign is almost over. He just needs to shut up and go away permanently.

  8. Everyone should hope that sleepy joe stays in the race …. so we can see just how low his pole numbers can go. That would be embarrassing and deserved.

  9. Hay ..to all men out there..AND women…..What would you do ? If someone called your kid .A 🐕 …. I'm sure the Mom and Dad did not approve..

  10. Looked like a joke but it's a pretty bad joke and he does seem to be insulting underneath it. Joking but not really joking kind of thing. Pretty lame.

  11. Biden is a fool but so is this girl he called a dog face pony soldier. She talking about folks losing jobs when unemployment is low right now and business is coming back to the states. Black unemployment at its lowest in history. She just thinks she has to vote Democrat cause Trump bad man. Dumb asses. TRUMP 2020!

  12. So is obama going to be investigated for allowing biden to bully ukraine. Biden did say " call the president " when biden was challenged by ukraine on firing the prosecutor that was investigating hunter the scum bag coke fiend biden.

  13. Joe is all over the place. Biden supporters switching to Wall Street Pete. Looks like a three horse race to me – Bernie, Pete and Michael. The other campaigns are either falling apart or will fall apart.

  14. Biden is a pathetic old liar easily triggered by any honest questions regarding his family or his dishonest actions. He needs to drop out.

  15. Fox , I watch and follow your network for sometime now. Don’t fall into the same strategies as CNN MSNBC ABC and all the other network making things up. Hannity , I get your message , stay on point and do not distort anything . Keep your credibility with all not just with some. Thanks for all you do.

  16. Do we need a Civil War in order to save our Families/Loved Ones, Constitution, Rule-of-Law… Republic from Brain washed liberals, Illegal Aliens, Socialism and Democrats?

    Your thoughts?

    Thank you!

  17. It was a joke however it was to the wrong person u only say something like that to someone who you are familiar with. Not a stranger lol

  18. Biden wants your children he 8s a sick pedophole just like Schiff. Democrats have many pedophiles in their ranks.

  19. What you should ask BOZO is why your boss got impeached for life not aquitted for life when Biden was probably not getting elected. Lying dummy, the Ukraine prosecutor was NOT investigating Biden. Dumbass – welcome to NORTH KOREA

  20. When I hear about Biden I can only compare him to Malaysia Ex Prime Minister who is a pariah. His step son with no experience can be a producer for wolf of Wall Street. Hunter with zero experience, how can he be in the board of the most corrupted company in Ukraine

  21. Wondering why FOX is not reporting about the poisoning of former ukraine proscuter Schokin? Few days ago He was hospitalized in Austria where they ve saved his life. One day later he would be dead. He accusses Biden ordered his assassination.

  22. It is my belief that Schiff and Pelosi are keeping this going to cover something else that would be more damaging if discovered – probably something that could bring jail sentences. They certainly aren't doing anything for those that voted for them, and apparently doesn't care who sees or knows it. Barr needs to step up his investigations and issue some charges, before the libs bankrupt this country with this fiasco.

  23. I’m sorry he said that to that young lady. This is the way the Dems really feel and talk without PR people and writers telling them what to say. T2020.

  24. Hey Sean! Read below and act on it if you are a true patriot! Why is congress, judges etc allowed to pass a law that protects them from accountability to lying?
    Let’s see if you will have a report on this to the American people!
    The False Statements Accountability Act (“FSAA”) was sponsored by a one-term freshman Senator William J. Martini (NJ) who later became a federal judge. It included a bizarre Subsection (b) that permits judges, attorneys and parties to lie to Congress, courts and agencies without liability.

    See HR 3166

    Here is the Ninth Circuit Court appeal which affirms that lying is legal:

    US v McNeil

  25. Please exsplain budget cuts for the disabled and poorest Americans. How can you justify cutting taxes last year for rich and this year your going to propose to cut disability medicare and food stamps. We love trump so can you please exsplain

  26. ………..Joe's not running…he's just hiding behind it. What you are seeing is a man who doesn't even have enough energy, smarts or patience to properly maintain his cover. People who consider Joe to be fit in ANY WAY for the job of president are idiots. Remember MSM?…constantly referring to that fossil as the "front runner"…trying to shield one of their own from investigation……ALL BS.

  27. I like Ukrainian women and am looking for a job…is that enough experience to work on a board of directors for Burisma?? I mean seriously I'll work for a lot less.

  28. Warren didn't like being called a liar on national TV, and neither did I.

    More importantly, go check out "The Depression Cure" by Stephen Ilardi. That book changed my life, and pulled me out of a 6-month major depression. Check it out.

  29. When Biden call hers that the gut reaction of many attendees was to laugh and many are smiling. What a bunch of butt kissing lemmings. They should have walked out on the spot. Clown show.

  30. Hmm cant vote biden hes one of 3 musketeers; clinton, obama, joe. All for them, and none for all. Cant vote butttujuj crime went up more than 50% under his watch as mayor, and he backed other candidate years ago, bernie, cant vote socialist hed take what little $ i have maybe even my house, and give it to any immigrant who needs it or needs his tooth pulled and has been here only 1 month even though i cant afford my own fillings. Socialism will start with ruch but evwntualy theres no rich left to tax and will trickle the debt to the average citizen as they spend our $ for who knows what. Tulsi is about best nominee i reckon if i had to pick any democrat but trump is rising right now, his state of the union address 2020 was great!

  31. Oh sure, we'll be the ultimate jury as long as the dems don't get their way by having all the illegal immigrants bused in to vote for them..

  32. Imagine that interview : “ So you were recently kicked out of the service for cocaine abuse”
    “Ahhh , yeah”
    “Well we can only offer you 50k a month and you have to show up at least a few times a month “
    “I’ll take it “

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