Hands on with the first bendy phone – BBC News

Hands on with the first bendy phone – BBC News

I got chance to use the world’s first
flexible smartphone it folds out into a
tablet as well and that’s the secret of
it it’s called the Flex pie and it’s
been five years in production from a
company called Royale so what’s it like
to handle well it’s quite heavy if I’m
being honest with you and it feels a
little bit bulky putting it in your
pocket putting it anywhere basically
it’s a little bit more bulkier than
perhaps a normal regular phone would be
but just like something new in your hand
that’s shiny and slick you want to play
with it all the time flip it over and
that’s okay because the OS that runs on
top of the Android system it uses they
call it water automatically changes the
screen so you can have it one way and
then flip it around and use it the other
way the screen flips with you takes a
little bit of time to resolve when those
changing of screens happen between the
tablet and the phone when you fold it I
wonder how many times you can actually
fold that screen before it breaks they
say they’ve done the resilience testing
we’re talking about tens of thousands of
times that you can do it that’s what
they say we’ll have to see if that works
in practice at the moment the browser
and the existing apps that are come with
Android are on it and they do work with
the flexibility of that screen but
specific apps that use that feature well
they’re thin on the ground I didn’t see
any weren’t shown any and that’s why a
developers model is out at the moment to
encourage people to start programming
for this unique aspect of the device

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