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100 thoughts on “Global Protests: From Lebanon To Chile, Inside What Citizens Are Fighting For | NBC News Now

  1. American politicians, corporations, elite, the time the people will come for you will be soon as long as you continue to make it more difficult to survive in the wealthiest nation in the world. We have 500,000 homeless and millions of children going hungry. Your time is running out.

  2. What about hong kong or paris? There are a few more places you wont report on why? Your are not giving us the full story! Shame on yoj

  3. Just think if Hitlery had won in the U.S. those protests would be happening here!

    Yes I know Trump has been protested; but if things were as bad as the fakestream media likes to pretend they are those protests would resemble these!

  4. There is no FUTURE. JEHOVAH has lovingly detailed in the Bible that he would bring destruction to the system of a troubled world. The words of Daniel 2:44 are not empty ones. This system is going to soon be swept away to make way for a NEW WORLD. The world is in dire straits all across the borad. Prostitution, terrorism, disease, natural disaster and the destrucition of the planet are at an all time high. So the time has come for JEHOVAH GOD to unleash the fury of his wrath to do away with a system which increasingly marginalizes the poor and the weak. As a GOD of LOVE he will replace all corrupt governments, left and right with his own form of government that will bring peace and harmony to all individuals who are decent, law-abiding, loving and God-fearing.


  6. Se vocês não se livrarem dessa esquerda comunasocial maldita irão perecer em um mar de desprogresso, igual a venezuela

  7. People are waking up (except western countries) and tired of corruption. Canada just voted in a known corrupt liberal government who’s leader “the male feminist” Justine Trudeau is guilty of several ethics violations, corruption and divisive tactics on a daily basis. Why was he voted in? Well items such as equalization payments to government employees. For those who want the handouts, they will give up personal liberties and self governance.

  8. Yes . History tells us that class divisions like here in America at present lead to class wars . You need not looking any further than the first 2 decade's of the 1900's in englands history to find a solution . the fellow below is afraid of change , but change is exactly what is needed to stop our society from falling apart and into chaos . Vote blue vote progressive and let's even up the odds financially speaking 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

  9. If my people who are ✝️ called by my name, will humble themselves, turn from their Sin & pray, then I will hear from heaven & will HEAL their land. ll Chronicles 7:14.

    Pray citizens!! Fighting is Sin. God's will is for you all to turn to Him, as a Father, to supply your Needs. He says… Isn't life more than what you eat, what you wear!? You have not because you ask not. His language is PRAYER……ask!

    God Bless you as you seek Him …TODAY!✝️

  10. Lebanon
    Hong Kong
    Every week new protest is raising

  11. Carta Abierta al Clero y a todos los verdaderos defensores de los pobres…

    ¿Cuantas muertes más, abusos y brutalidades aún deben perpetrarse contra los pobres, bien lejos de toda "Opción Preferencial por Dios y su Justicia?


  12. These protests shouldn't be growing, they should have always been present. However, the "99 percent" spends most of their lives asleep, staring in the sky, and watching sports.

    Governments are not for the masses and never have been. That shouldn't come as a surprise. Why many people are just waking up now to that fact says as much about them as their movements.

    Rich people have been evading and avoiding taxes for decades, for example, the Panama Papers. That's nothing new and to be expected.

    Although there will always been winners and losers, individuals must spend more time plotting on how to get on the winning side of the equation.

    Lastly, people should be blaming their idiotic parents, instead of politicians, for bringing them into a *ucked up world. Its our parents who make or break us more than anyone else.

  13. Rioting is a form of lawlessness, which the Bible condemns (1 John 3:4). Even if the rioters are seeking to advance a just cause, they are going about it in a sinful way. As the city clerk of Ephesus reminded the rioters in his city, “The courts are open and there are proconsuls. . . . If there is anything further you want to bring up, it must be settled in a legal assembly” (Acts 19:38–39). To be lawless is to consider oneself an exception to the law or to act as though there were no law. The lawless think rules don’t apply to them, and they become a law unto themselves. That’s what happens in a riot. Even normally law-abiding people can become inflamed with fury and self-righteousness and decide that their cause is worth breaking legal, moral, and ethical laws. They may destroy property, hinder transportation, harm innocent bystanders, and tie up law enforcement personnel who could be spending their time on more worthy pursuits. Rioters place themselves and their leaders above the law, and that is sin (Romans 13:1–2). Anger, especially when motivated by vengeance or spread by self-seeking rabble-rousers, is never a trustworthy guide (James 1:20). Those who allow themselves to be controlled by it may become foolish participants in ungodly riots.

  14. As ALWAYS, NBC is a month behind the World news!! Protests in Chile, Lebanon, Ecuador, Indonesia, France, HK etc…have been going on for months now….

  15. Every nation or family has its own personality!? God's will is for you to have life, & have it more abundantly. Seek Him first, as Creator & Father, and all things will be added unto you. He makes it rain on the just & the unjust. John 3:16

  16. VTHE CHILEAN PRESIDENT SEND THE MILITARY TO SUPPRESS THE PEOPLE IS NOT ABOUT THE RAISING OF SUBWAY IS ABOUT THE COST LIVING AND THE RAISING PRICES., OUR WATER IS PRIVATIZED, OUR HEALTH, PENSION, they have been stilling for 30 years and the people are tired as result the student protest at the subway ans take over, MR Sebastian Pinera send military and police officers to burn 70 subway stations, over 1000 groceries stores, banks, churches, and have the country in curfew, the oppressor

    vandalizing pharmacies, they are kidnapping, blaming Chileans to cover it up, they are killing, torturing, raping, adults and children's taking civilians out of their homes illegally this is violation to humans rights, the president publish that we were at war with a enemy that does not respect or care, the media are lying to the public and the world.

    the people do not guns but a pans and spoons, Saturday was a massive protest all over the country and people ask Sebastian Pinera the renounce of the president who refuses to do so, he did some changes with his own friend in the parliament as a joke to the Chilean people and and to the world trying to cover up pretending he did changes in our country, after the massive protest he spoke on media that Chilean people were showing their victory of the changes,

    the people still on the street so is the military and police offices and others that are pretending that are protesters buy are actually government allies creating ciaos so again the can blaming on the people this is a very crucial time for the people as they are been suppress from free to speech violation at human rights the people in Chile will not give up till Sebastian Pinera RENOUNCE



  17. Hebrew's stay out of the way our father is making them turn on one another APTTMH Yahawah. The hebrew's Israelites are now awake all over the world.

  18. US Government just doing same with Lebanon like Syria if Lebanon falls Israel woud be safer and Assad woud be weak without hezbollah

  19. Algerians are also protesting
    millions of people are out every friday and university students every tuesday
    may be the nbc is not aware or they lost internet connection

  20. CHILE dice Basta.. Basta de tanta desigualdad.. Basta de éste modelo económico neoliberal.. Basta.. De pensiones indignas… AFP.. Basta… Nueva Constitución ahora…no la del régimen militar de Pinochet
    Viva Chile y sus trabajadores..

  21. Protests World Wide ! OMG! Are you F-ing kidding me! The corruption World wide – As most all governments have all gone ROUGE! WE IN THE US HAVE LOST OUR DEMOCRACY- AND REPUBLIC- and BECAME A TYRANNICAL- OLIGARCHICAL- EMPIRE- And with all our many problems the Dems just want to Impeach Trump even before he was President instead of doing there JOB`S – A coup …..

  22. The 'kings of north near and far', Syria and Russia, strut their stuff in the build up to world wide wrath. Jeremiah 25: 24-26 Revelation 11: 18. WE stand at the beginning of an extinction level event, seen in protests and riots in 25 places in Q4 of 2019. Daniel 2: 31-46. 'They will not be sticking together'…. the [clay-like] ordinary people; and the 'iron-like' totalitarian political forces [The police and military] so that violent protests and riots appear. The 25 places of violent protests in the face of a sinking world economy are:

    Spain, Sudan, Russia, Egypt, Uganda, Indonesia, Ukraine, Peru, Hong Kong, Zimbabwe, Colombia, France, Turkey, Venezuela, The Netherlands, Ethiopia, Brazil, Malawi, Algeria, Iraq, Haiti, Ecuador, Lebanon, Chile, and Guinea.

    We are at the beginning of an extinction event based on WRATH. Revelation 11: 18: "The nations became wrathful, and your [God's] own wrath came, and the time came….to bring to ruin those ruining the earth."

    "And they try to heal the breakdown of my people lightly, saying: "There is peace! There is peace!" when there is no peace."Jeremiah 6: 14.

    The enriched uranium nuclear assets of Iran will be BOMBED, and the pilots will refuel in Saudi Arabia. The anger and reprisal of Iran is seen in Daniel 11: 44, 45. This is the BOMBING of Israel; the 'desolations' Matthew 24: 15 that introduce the 'Great tribulation' Matthew 24: 21, 22. At this time, Israel is declaring: "Peace and security!" due to the implementation of initiatives orchestrated by the White House administration. 1Thessalonians 5: 2, 3. This 'sudden destruction', spreading into a worldwide cataclysm, is the visible 'False prophecy' of "Peace and security!" by the False prophet indicated in Revelation 19: 20. The disaster appearing is SATAN; Gog of Magog; Revelation 20: 1-10 coming upon 'the soil of Israel'. Ezekiel 38: 18, 19. So the time has come for Jehovah to SPEAK. Jehovah changes the worldwide government, when the political system is ejected from authority at a time of 'hissing missiles' 2Peter 3: 10; and Christ Jesus arrives 'in power and great glory'. Matthew 24: 21, 22, 29, 30. This arrival is also indicated in Matthew 25: 31, and in verse 34 the 'sheep-like' true Christians John 3: 16 are already inside God's Kingdom at the time of His arrival. THAT is why they are also described as survivors Revelation 7: 9, 14-17. This Kingdom also outlined in Daniel 2: 44; the Paradise Christ described in Luke 23: 43 will be created from the earth after the five month crisis of the Great tribulation is over. This cataclysm is brought to an end by Divine interventions when the wicked are destroyed Psalms 92: 7 Psalms 37: 8-10. This history has been written as prophecy, so that we can have confidence in the true God, and understand what He is doing to save us from the cataclysm of the Great tribulation. This good news has been preached worldwide Romans 10: 13-15 Matthew 24: 14 to greatly increase the numbers being saved due to understanding and faith. The political system, engages in wickedness so that it resembles a 'wild beast' Revelation 13: 11-13. Prophecy shows the political system are all executed Revelation 19: 11, 19-21 and Christ Jesus Revelation 11: 15, 18 and His heavenly brothers Revelation 5: 10 Rule over faithful mankind in place of them. The time comes for the dead to be raised up in an orderly manner; Revelation 20: 1 Acts 24: 15 because Christ Jesus has died in their places. Romans 5: 12; Romans 6: 23. The end result is a 'New Heavens' Ruling over a "New Earth'; a Paradise Revelation 21: 1. Luke 23: 43. This massive change in the structure of human society is on our doorstep. "The nations became wrathful and your [God's] own wrath came, and the time came….to bring to ruin those ruining the earth." Revelation 11: 18.

    We stand at the beginning of an extinction level event based on WRATH; and the true God has promised to act.

  23. The False prophet seen in Revelation 19: 20 has the False prophecy of "Peace and security!" 1Thessalonians 5: 2, 3. The 'sudden destruction' is visible when Iran BOMBS Israel. Daniel 11: 44,45. The 'desolations' of Israel Matthew 24: 15 show the arrival of the Great tribulation Matthew 24: 21, 22; the arrival of Jehovah's Day of anger Zephaniah 2 1-11 and the arrival of Christ Jesus 'in power and great glory' Matthew 24: 29, 30.

  24. Demonstrations/Protests around the Globe (daily updated – add yours to the list!) – YouTube


  25. There are more countries in social unrest which it would have been good to add in this video: Bolivia, Peru, Hong Kong…

  26. Your leading question is very misleading and subjective. Talk about the corruption…if there was an independence protest in California again, will you conclude like this? Such irony. ”what a beautiful scenary”

  27. They all want what we all had for so long but resourses are dying and things will never be the same, our near extinction is acually a reality, we all need to be very thankful for what we have left because that too won't be here long, fighting doesnt help.

  28. NBC couldn't help throw in their support for the Democratic Gloabist-Socialist American Party…No thank you, Globalism and Humanist Socialism are EVIL!

  29. Yes the world,wake up everybody!so that we Chinese people can sleep very well!LOL We support you!keep fighting LOL

  30. The conquistadors will be overrun and then perish by their own weapons…Lucifers 1000 year reign is over…Massive awakening is taking place world wide now…Lucifer must and will yield before the light

  31. Hmmm suprising there are also riots in Venezuela Honduras some parts of iran etc. Not just these countries

  32. 🇨🇱 chile struggle continues to take out this thieves who only govern in favor of empires that are super rich while the people go hungry

  33. I totally agree with Elizebeth Tweet. We support them but we have our own problems. Lebanon asking for help is selfish in my opinion. Sending people from United States to Lebanon is not going to give them jobs. America has issues with EVERYTHING.

  34. Proverbs 29:2 “2 When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.”

    The true inhabitants of the land of Israel are not in their homeland, which are the so-called Negroes, Latinos/Hispanics, & Native Americans today. That’s why this earth is all out of sync, but not for long..

  35. DOES ANYONE KNOW THAT LEBANON AND ANTI LEBANON WERE ONCE A HOLLOW WORLD TREE KNOWN AS YGGDRASIL??? It Was A World Tree But It Was Not And Never Was The Tree Of Life Because The Cedar Of Lebanon Which Is Found In The Book Of EZEKIEL 31. The Whole Chapter. This Tree Was In Eden But, But, It Was Never In The Garden Of Eden For In The Garden Of Eden Was The Tree Of Life And The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil. So YGGDRASIL Was In EDEN BUT It WAS NOT IN THE GARDEN Of EDEN… JUST EDEN.
    It Could be seen From Baghdad And Iraq. This Tree Was So Massive That The Cedars In The Garden Of Eden Could not Hide It. IMAGINE THAT.
    Whole Different World Before The Flood.

  36. To clear up the lies of television and news. In Chile it is not about the tariff increase of the subway, that was only the last drop, it is because of the economic inequality, where 2% of the rich are receiving all the profits of the country, while the others continue with salaries equal to those of Paraguay and we pay the same amount spent in Spain for more than 30 years, where salaries do not rise and costs increase every year in all areas. People no longer have enough to eat. The elderly have unworthy pensions, where they must decide whether to buy medicines or buy food. It's not $ 30 pesos, it's 30 years. and the authority was not "forced to militarize the streets" was a repression (and totally illegal) of the President towards the right to demonstrate, that it was and still are in totally peaceful, it is true that there are people vandalizing, but instead of indicating to the Police to act on this problem, they sent the military to the streets where people expressed themselves peacefully. And I reiterate, the militarization, curfew, violence and weapons occupied in the mobilizations are totally illegal under the laws of the State

  37. Raising the minimum wage isn't going to make those government regimes any less destitute. They can't provide you with wages because they don't make any money themselves. This is what happens when you think you can Destroy the profit motive. You just end up destroying the economy.

  38. The United Nations is trying to implement the new world order, they are a evil entity that hides behind their lies.

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