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100 thoughts on “Former DOJ Insider Blasts Bill Barr: He’s ‘Weaponizing’ Justice Dept. To Shield Trump | MSNBC

  1. The tree of liberty needs to be fertilized by the blood of dictators again .just like in ww2 we the people must work together to defeat fascist dictatorship .

  2. Joseph de Maistre “Every country has the government that they deserve and in a democracy they have the leaders that they deserve”

  3. The bigger crime would be when a Democrat takes the White House. They let this administration walk away without prison time.

  4. This November election will be the highest voter turnout in the history of the United States. We could easily see 150 million people vote. 👌

  5. "A Republic, If You Can Keep It"

    The government set up by James Madison and the other Founders requires a virtuous public and virtuous leaders—or the whole system will fail.
    The people and the leaders have both failed, and we now see the whole system fails.
    This country is turned into a real banana republic. the consequences will be devastating for everybody.
    The real winners are autocrats like Putin.

  6. The fact is he used Russian help,Russia our enemy. He violated the this is special circumstances he does not legally hold the right to be President, he should be yanked out of that post, now

  7. MSNBC is unwilling to simply report the news and contrasting views, which is its corporate charter. Instead its headline and content are all an attack on Pres. Trump and A. G. Barr. To assert that the FBI's investigation of Hillary, General Flynn and others was appropriate is simply absurd and ignores the FBI's deviations from its own procedures and legal principles. MSNBC continues to provide propaganda cover for the seditious behavior the Obama administration and the administrative state during the Obama terms.

  8. Apparently the Republicans are willing to go over the cliff with President DTrump there last Ride all in till the End

  9. I'm very confused. If this POTUS is doing all these unlawful things why hasn't he been stopped by the courts, cops, tax people, or anyone.

  10. The agenda is revenge. Trump is spending his time as president to go after everyone who has ever disagreed with him. I hope you get your country try back America. You have to fight for your country.

  11. Barr is a fascist, a very dangerous man who is doing irreparable harm to our Judiciary and Legislative Branches. History will remember him as a supreme hero as the 1% publish the history books. America, bend over and kiss the rest of your civil liberties good bye. The House of Congress, your only shot at any kind of local representation in this corrupt government, has been rendered powerless.

  12. Yes, the Bernie & the unionizing of the big pharma mental patients on planet prescription. It is a stroke of organizer genius. No one else wants much to do with these social media lepers. Yes, the social media Ivory tower storm warning. More Ivory tower Pelosi prayer groups maybe. The politics of lovely chore boy pageantry. And this down to earth priest I used to know long, long ago. This war within the church is more important than one might think. The great ship ego maniac head trip and the crashing wave after wave of demonic moral outrage.

  13. I'm not a hater. Yet i have been reduced to hate because I truly hate Trump and the weak complicit republican senators that are allowing all this Bull Shi#.
    The sight of Trump, Barr, Guilliani, McConnell, Graham, etc etc sickens me.
    Add Martha McSally, AZ (R) who just yesterday ran the nastiest, ugly ad for the Senate seat against Mark Kelly. She is one toxic person. Ashamed she was "given" the temporary spot by our Governor after she lost in the election.

  14. Trump told his aide to do the criminal act of quid pro quo. Barr just went along with it. Let's face it…Trump was the one who told Stone what to do. Then he criticizes Barr by tweeting. Trump is just doing that. We know that Trump is at the center of this. It is Trump's fault. He just wants so much that the American people will reelect him; so, he wants to look like he didn't know what was going on. Trump can't be reelected; because, he will continue to do more criminal acts.

  15. Just more distracting and deflecting from Trump and his enablers criminality and corruption. All roads lead to Russia with Trump. This is further evidence of Trumps continued efforts to side with Putin and Russia against America.

  16. From Australia I have observed the President relentlessly going after citizens of his own country considering American citizens as his enemies. Presidents are supposed to protect his own citizens

  17. Trump went after 1 company in Ukraine, Barisma. Now 2 criminal cases are being changed, Trumps friends. This is anti- American.

  18. I wonder if all this is really about the possibility of the whistle-blower being involved with a horrible incontinent that took place in the Ukraine caused the death of 100 people? Just asking questions cause I don't know the answer. with absolute certainty, though it sure is beginning to look like it with the information that's coming out: got one more place to look to see if the information is archived then I'll know more.

  19. Stand up on your feet… if you work for justice in America…. Stand up on your feet… if you want justice in America….

  20. I do wonder why organisations like this can be allowed to hire ppl to manipulate ppl. 3 or 4 accusations in for years yet no guilt found.

  21. Here’s the real question , why is everyone that is friends with Trump or worked for Trump going to prison???????? SAD!! Everybody should be accountable for their actions in a court of law!! But apparently Trump can get away with murder!! Sad day in America.

  22. Explaining the glass onion of down to earth masculinity. There is no mirror of the unmanly metro sexual vanity in there. Brad Pit can get by with good looks and practiced Hollywood producer tea bagging. The out of work actors nut sack salt deficiency, skip piddy doo dah "I'm so pretty and witty and white". It is sad that the rest of us nobodies have to work for a living. Gazing into this glass onion oblivion, the source of the down to earth resourcefulness gathering. It looks like Joe low blow oblivion for the most part.

  23. Folks are afraid to protest this corrupt administration, because they think trump will send his white supremacists to shoot them on 5th Ave. Or run them down with cars. Yes, this is definitely a America trump, his base and putin want, forever.

  24. Well Mccabe has just been totally vindicated and exonerated. This is just more attempts at projecting Trumps own corruption onto others to destabilise America and gaslight and troll the base.

  25. What is it going to take to get Trump out? He is out of control, out of his mind. How is this serving our country? It isn't, it's serving himself. Someone take a stand. This is all wrong and you know it!

  26. sounds like an anti-Trumper is not happy that the AG is doing his job & going after the corrupt liberals. I guess if he was going after republicans or Trump himself everything would be great. I guess the shoe is on the other foot now though & maybe we'll see some actual justice for a change in Washington instead of these fake impeachment attempts and other false accusations against Trump & republicans. But of course the leftist media won't report it that way cause they're in bed with the dems. It's very pathetic & sad.

  27. Las Vegas and China When you have the ability. To look deep you will see. China and Las Vegas have a lot in common. Especially if you get to deal with someone from Nellis Air Force Base for example Robert Justin, Alford green.

  28. That fat arsed criminal you call a President is right. USA has the worst laws on the globe. They cannot put him away!!!!!! Shameful.

  29. Wind breaking news, inside the MSNBC digestive trouble brain fart department. Shiny objectivity, "this one? No no this one?", how news flashy shiny can corporate reporting be? Flashy brain fart lighting an old, Chuck Todd iffy scoutmaster trick.

  30. McCabe wasn't charged for his crimes. Once again, they let certain people go. Way to go bar Oh, would you just flip over to the Democrat side?

  31. The left has turned their base into mindless zombies who believe anything the fake news media reports, no matter how ignorant it is.

  32. Barr is full of Bull Sh!+….This is wrong on so many levels. These Republican monsters must go. I prefer to prison, including Trump, Barr, and the GOP Senate!!!! Otherwise a revolution may arise, I do not want that.

  33. Mini-Mike can't buys big enough box to stand on..
    Trump won already so what's up with the continued propaganda?
    Aren't you concerned with losing your broadcast license?

  34. What are the gems are f**** mad and they're scared all the b***** they accuse Trump up for 3 years now that it's coming back in their face yeah you start some s*** you might get a mouth full of s*** and that's exactly what you're getting payback for a b**

  35. Look at the arrogance of Trump how he position his posture and facial expression……SHUT UP TRUMP

  36. Barr knows what happened. To Epstine. Trump and his cult went to sleep with little girls. At Epstines mancion. Thats why hes dead. Some one murdered. Jiff Epstine.

  37. What bothers me really badly is that when the ppl that disagree with trump resign it leaves the door open for trump to install his own supporters in those positions. I get it that judges and prosecutors disagree and dislike him that much, but they need to stay in their positions to stop him, keep him at bay, and prevent him from gaining even more control.

  38. What happens when this dumb a** is not President? When all this stupid sh** he’s done and al the enemies he’s made.Has he ever thought of that

  39. See what i said. He did contradict. Himself. Trump is going to fire Barr. And i hope so. Because hes a follower. And fears that 😈. He better pray.

  40. The "certainty principle" not at all similar to the "uncertainty principle". As a child, they send to the principles office. He asks you a question, you respond and then he say's "are you quite certain?" you of coarse shrug and reply "As certain as I'll ever be" then eyes flash the hate hate hate. This principle is quite certain he has discovered another "enemy of the state". That is in fact how it is in this world, some of us are naturally as certain as we shall ever be. Yes the likely storyteller. You can tell a female principle the same story it's the same deal.

  41. expired ibana era egos weaponized agency obligations to try and insure their institutional insecurities and attack the president enthusiastically elected instructions, but their anti american agendas did not impress or intimidate. seems barr intimidates them though, for a variety of clinton scam excuses.

  42. expired obana era egos weaponized agency obligations to try and insure their institutional insecurities and attack the presidents enthusiastically elected instructions, but their anti american agendas did not impress or intimidate. seems barr intimidates them though, for a variety of clinton scam excuses.

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