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100 thoughts on “Fareed Zakaria: US faces a crisis with its asylum system

  1. Democ-rats are proposing open boarder..
    So why people who fly to America need visa and passport.People who come through southern boarder do not need them why?

  2. Half of asylum seekers are fake, they applied based on fake stories. US is responsible for letting many criminal foreigners who committed crimes, murder, theft in their nation who should be extradited but the US let them to stay because they say they fear to go back. To be honest US politicians are fools and the system is broken. I agree with Trump on this.

  3. Your reporting is worthless. The American people have known this for years. CNN, we will not forgive or forget your roll in pushing false narratives. You are an organization based on lies. Obviously.

  4. Democrats keep promising illegal immigrants healthcare and sanctuary cities to protect them of course illegal immigrants will enter the country illegally in order to get benefits paid for by American citizens..,,

  5. Look, I hate CHUMP, but the illegals are breaking the LAW. If they wish to enter the US, then they must do SO LEGALLY. Too many of them think they are owed a free ride to the top. No. Blacks get shot for breaking laws, but they get taxpayer shelter, room, blanket, and a pillow? CHUMP, what are you waiting for?

  6. Now CNN admits there is a crisis at the border. It's time to end the asylum system.

    Also, you're not white Fareed. Sorry to break it to you.

  7. For years, YEARS Latin American immigration policy was catch, feed, fingerprint (identify) and immediate release only to catch again. In some cases 5, 6, countless times. Now we decided to face it, not waste funds on an endless cycle. And revamping the asylum system is part of it.

  8. Its not the system. Its the dems promoting false hopes to these impressionable people, for votes. They shouldn't be here and damn sure shouldn't get voting rights or free driving licenses. REMEMBER THE ALAMO

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  10. Well when a store places a BIG out of business sale day banner what happens?? People including you rush to the restore right?
    In this case Trump advertised the BIG WALL 200% of people rush into the US. So who created the crisis??

  11. That's funny, in January all CNN reporters were ordered to say there was no crisis at the border. Which is it?

  12. Yes….We Need To Lock Up AOC & The (Damn) Rats 🐀🐀🐀🐀 Pelosi’s Klansman In The Asylum….Enemies Of The American People. Especially CNN Propaganda Network….Fake News

  13. Nothing like 400,000 uneducated Hispanic men running around The United States like we’re a Buffet for them Gun Up America NOW🇺🇸

  14. There is a problem; however, our interference in the countries of Latin and South America are the reasons for the massive influx in asylum seekers. We’re trying to do regime change in Venezuela, while still enabling the drug gangs by making drugs illegal in the United States. We also do a bad job of finding the drugs that slip through our ports of entry. If we made drugs legal, drug gangs would lose their power. Our insistence on meddling in the affairs of other countries is why they have problems. Venezuela is a perfect example. While it’s true, that Maduro may be evil and Venezuela relied too much on their oil money, our sanctions haven’t helped, either. It would also help if our religious paragons of virtue would stop convincing those countries to take a hard line on those who are part of the LBGTQ community. It would also help if we didn’t support those with misogynistic tendencies. Of course, that would only change if that wasn’t supported her in the United States. Trump ended support for many of the countries, such as El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, where we are seeing an influx of refugees [https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/the_americas/trump-plans-us-aid-cut-to-3-central-american-countries-as-fight-widens-over-us-bound-migrants/2019/03/30/d6814b42-52ff-11e9-bdb7-44f948cc0605_story.html?utm_term=.744e483c5777]. Therefore, there are lots of reasons for the influx, be we don’t have politicians who are interest in solving the problems. I’m a registered Democrat so I could vote in the local primaries, but I don’t care for them anymore than I do republicans. I care about politicians who are interested in solving problems, and from where I’m sitting, no one seems to be interest in that, least of all Trump. He only wants his wall and changes to the system, without addressing the real problems.

  15. This is why I'm voting for Republicans and for Trump we need to get our border under control and enforce legal immigration Democrats want our country to be flooded by migrants and illegals putting them first before American citizens that's just not right. #Trump2020🇺🇸🇲🇽🇧🇷

  16. Why does it pain him? It hurts to tell the truth, no wonder they have such a hard time telling it. Ohhh the agony.

  17. I think the biggest problem with mass immigration is the social cohesion it destroys. You can only take an amount that you can introduce into american culture..right now..they just run off and we have ethnic ghettos all over the country. Shocking to see at least 1 person at CNN come to a rational piece of commentary..we hardly see it anymore.

  18. President Trump has been saying the very same things that Fareed Zakaria is saying about our asylum laws being exploited, but somehow he's "mean-spirited" when he says it. And in spite of the crisis at the border, not one Democrat presidential candidate even mentioned our our crisis at the border during their debate and not one Democrat is working with the Republicans to fix our laws. America will remember this come 2020.

  19. FACT: %99 of illegal aliens [asylum fakers] pay thousands to "coyotes" (cartel smugglers) to pass border.

  20. Trump called it right. And the democrats have been encouraging more people to come which is pure treason.

  21. Dont ignore the fact that the reason the murder rate is going down is BECAUSE of the exodus of people that would have been murdered if they had stayed!

  22. This Fareed character is non stop bashing of everything about the US. It's time he took a long vacation to his country of India to see how great his 1 billion people are sweltering in misery. He should give them his advice we don't need it.

  23. Really? You all finally noticed huh? It seems common sense and rationality flew out the window at CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS the day Trump was elected to be president. What is happening on the border is not immigration, but mass invasion, and we tax payers are having to foot the bill for all those illegals who come here needing everything and possessing little education or job skills. When are you all at CNN going to realize that we can't even afford to take care of our own citizens, let alone all those illegals. I personally challenge you Mr. Zakaria to visit Green Forest, Arkansas and see for yourself what has happened there over the last 25 years. What used to be an all American farm town is now little Mexico and the town is over run with illegal aliens. The far left main stream news single minded hatred of Trump, even when he is right, will end up destroying this great country if you all don't finally wake up to what is a very real crisis on the border!

  24. Fareed Zakaria, I'm sure it pains you to say that Jared Taylor destroyed you in your race realism debate…lol

  25. if freed is so smart then why hasn't he applied for the position ????
    Looks like fareed is just a foil ????

  26. Wow fareed siding with drumpf against asylum. Its more than domestic violence. Its femicide. The gang problem. These countries have been under assault from us interventions. I thought fared was a neocon of some sort. Now im sure

  27. He is in pain stepping out of the reality distortion field created by CNN and the other liberal media organizations. If he could stand a little more pain, he could fully step out of it and experience the world with his own eyes and ears.

  28. USA safe ?! The USA's addiction to gun violence gives it a higher gun related death rate per 100,000 population than most of the Central and South American countries, many times that of other English speaking countries, it's NATO allies and Japan. In the UK death by gun shot is very rare and in Japan it is almost unknown.

  29. America is suffering from bias idiots like you, we open our door and welcome you. You turn out to be an anti-American and an idiot leftist ungrateful propagandist, CNN rating is in the toilet. Probably is best for you go back where you came from!

  30. The plagiarizer doesn't really care about the problem. All he cares about is that it could spark more populism.

  31. if you want to fix our boarder, agree on the funds that are needed but no the hypocrite democrat congress denied the funds and just want to campaign on this issue…. this has been going on for decades!!!!!

  32. Did Fareed Zakaria use his white privilege to get a job selling Globalist narratives at the Jeff Zucker News Network?

  33. There's a problem with disingenuous asylum system? No shit! Who has been saying this for YEARS? I would have said, "we told you do", but I almost forgot, you leftists simply CANNOT ADMIT WRONG.

  34. So its either "Liberals or Fascists"??  No regular Americans who simply have not been
    indoctrinated by the media, people who just want to save the country from the
    globalists who wish to destroy it..?
    Or maybe rejecting the globalist oligarchs propaganda makes you a "fascist", according to the globalists.

  35. Most of those asylum seekers are either from :
    1. Countries that the US bombed/invaded i.e Iraq, Afghanistan.
    2. Countries that the US caused a horrible regime change or under sanctions i.e Iran, Libya
    3. Countries the US allies bombed, supplied with american made weapons i.e Yemen.
    4. Countries that the US supported its radical armed militias i.e Syria.
    So yeah, what goes around comes around.

  36. Wow! CNN actually allowed some truth on this matter to be publicly spoken? Wouldn't be surprised if they fired this guy.

  37. WOW!!

    this is why CNN is fake fake news…. who is the guy in this video taking the polar oposite stance?

  38. That moment you get the short straw at CNN… and have to go on camera to explain why the Soro's funded caravans are backfiring and blowing up in the face of Democrats

  39. Thank you, Mr. Zakaria, for speaking the truth. I disagree with many of the things I've heard you speak about, but I must applaud you for setting aside Partisanship and calling attention to the truth of our broken asum system. We will not be able to get the situation on our southern border under control until these broken laws are fixed. Thank you.

  40. Fareed you racist Nazi , AOC and antifa will be on your door step soon , no more room in the lifeboats now that you’re here .

  41. A guy born in Mumbai warns the US about the dangers of immigration.
    A guy who rambles against populism participates in the demonization of immigrants and refugees.
    A neoliberal wants open borders for businesses and firmly shut down for people.
    How more ridiculous can this guy end up sounding?

  42. Thank you for the excellent analysis Fareed! I was a refugee and was kept in a camp until a sponsor was found and got me resettled so me and my family didn't have to live in the streets. I agree that there are many people in the world who really need help, but can they just walk over the border and demand benefits? One would think no country on the globe would be able to accommodate that, including the US even if it wanted to. If the current system is inadequate, cannot be enforced or improved, our congress, or whoever is responsible, will need to come up with a comprehensive Orderly Resettlement Program ASAP to resolve the situation.

  43. His bigoted attitude is not towards immigration, it's towards illegal aliens! Stop conflating the two issues and lying to the viewers. Go and plagiarise some articles!

  44. The roots of the problem are not the asylum rules Fareed refers to, no, the roots of the problem are centuries of exploitation of the southern hemisphere by American big money and business, with the help of the US government, which oversaw the installation and retention of authoritarian, puppet regimes to guarantee cheap labor and products, and big profits for northern interests.  Well, chickens come home to roost.

  45. According to the ratio of thumbs up thumbs down, we can assume that 2/3 of Americans are honest and 1/3 of them are either stupid or lying. I’m guessing a lot more of them are lying because nobody is that stupid.

  46. Appreciate this honesty about the situation from CNN. The network as a whole seems set on a strategy of obfuscation.

  47. Hate Speech (the truth, facts) allowed on CNN? Is Fareed Zakaria still employed, have the Henchmen come for him on Twit?

  48. Hate Speech (the truth, facts) allowed on CNN? Is Fareed Zakaria still employed, have the Henchmen come for him on Twit?

  49. Come on Fareed, Don Lemmon told us just recently that it is a manufactured crisis. Are you saying he is a liar?

  50. Finally some truth from CNN. If they stared telling the truth more often I’d start watching them .

  51. So you're saying that Dems should be careful not to do something that could work in Trumps favor? Why not say – Dems should be careful to do the right thing no matter whose favor it works for. I know it pains you to tell the truth, but no one cares about anything but the truth.

  52. He is not a bigott.. your half woke,,and we are only watching because your half truth on your reportiing. Wont you get fired for saying you agree with President Trump?

  53. Pathetic, "mean spirited, biggoted" fuck you Fareed, you can't even keep your pussy lips shut for two seconds when Trump is on your mind, flapping out lies as fast as you can. But congrats you finally got over your TDS enough to admit theres a crisis.

  54. FINALLY! Someone from the MSM connects with reality! That's all that Trump is about: common sense responses to the real dangers threatening the stability and viability of our nation and its citizens. His policies are 100% sound and he's making the world respect our nation again, instead of cannibalizing it to the point of no return. The presidency isn't about personality contests, but about solid policies and the courage to enforce them; and that's what Trump is doing.

  55. It must be hard to swallow but then they can't hide from the reality forever. And So they finally have to admit it as a "crisis" and backed Trump.

  56. Why is it so difficult for our MSM to simply report the "news" without the "mean-spirited" and "bigoted" drama commentary non-sense? It just Pained you to say that…major eye roll on that one…This is exactly why so many don't watch the MSM anymore, and exactly why the Right came up with the phrase "Trump derangement syndrome"- and guess what?

    "It pains me to say it, but they were right"…Not one left MSM "journalist" can report anything without the constant Trump barrage of insults- it's old, it's infantile, and it's annoying! And, I don't even like Trump!….Well, at least you actually reported on the "crisis" and that our asylum system needs reform- so goody for you- for actually acknowledging the obvious…

  57. Wait.. wait wait.. wait.. wait. For months.. CNN informed me that the situation along our border was a manufactured crisis and its all a lie.

  58. Holy shit. I guess they could keep lying to its viewers. This guy LITERALLY called this a manufactured crisis a few months ago.

  59. There is not a crises except for what Trump has created. The reality is America has helped Mexico take the 1994 peso crises. Ever since the Iraq war we have taken resources away from there And the levee of New Orleans cough hurricane Catarina). So I guess this was a long standing problem, especially since the advent of gangs like Ms 13. But especially when Trump made such a big deal of closing the borde to Mexico, and building the wall, there has been a mad dash for the last of immigrants to come this side of the border. Isn't that what America is all about? I find ever since Trump there has been a Orwellian inversion to the American Dream. America is about protest except when Colin Kapernick, or the ladies soccer team does it. Anyone can grow up to define there piece of America, except when it is AOC and a group of progress Democrats within legislature, who might I add were voted by there own community members. And you tell them to go back home? Why, because they look different, Birtherism run amuck? Trump is a nativist, instead of defending the idea of America, he is concerned with the look of Americans.

  60. CNN Editor Mohammed Elshamy محمد الشامي Resigns After History of Antisemitism Resurfaces


  61. Does anyone else get the feeling that Fareed is trying to appeal to every side of the political spectrum? I think most Democrats would agree that the asylum system is broken, yet Fareed starts his clip with "President Trump is right…" Unless Trump has come up with a comprehensive, humane plan to overhaul that system that I haven't heard about, why cite Trump as someone doing right when all he's done is state the obvious? Do we doubt that the KKK/White Nationalists believe the asylum system is broken? No? So why not cite them as right too? BECAUSE IT WOULD MAKE NO SENSE!

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