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100 thoughts on “Facing Impeachment, Trump Leans On AG Bill Barr Like A Criminal Defense Attorney | MSNBC

  1. Pretty Soon Trump will begin to realize what he's dealing with, but won't know who he can trust.. and that's } A VICIOUS CIRCLE… https://youtu.be/BKt1DdRWw0o

  2. I have noticed recently that there are more people challenging MSNBC narrative on their obvious bias and support of the Democrat Party .

  3. Barr has proved that he is a man who who has no morals. He lied throughout the Mueller investigation
    He went on TV and defended a liar and a cheat. He should have been disbarred months ago.
    He went on TV and and destroyed the careers of good people just to promote himself.

  4. Kamala Harris made a fool of Barr. Good for her. I hope she gets to question him at Barr's impeachment proceedings. And, this lady speaks far too highly of Durham.

  5. I need to see Barr IMPEACHED!! I don't believe in hate. I think it makes us stupid..but… I HATE BARR…..lock him up! And I loved seeing Trump get a taste of his own medicine at the 5 game!!! Yes! lock him up!

  6. Un exemple comme cela peu tourner en vinaigre 20.07.1944 der Richter hiess "Roland Freisler" er verurteilte die Wiederstands Kämpfer um Stauffenberg zum Tode, sehe Sie sich die Dokumente an. Er war Ketten Hund von Hitler, eine Farce, ein persönlicher Befehl von Hitler. Sie werden Parallelen ziehen können zu Barr

  7. Oh how funny now who is whimpering and crying like a dog . Help me Mr Barr . Too long in coming but finally the day has arrived

  8. not invest of the mueller probe ari it is about how counter intell invest got started before trump was elected and how they tried screw trump once elected brennan talked to england italy and aust about trump and using there agents so one sided andrew mccarthy book explains a lot bribery ari is off the tracks

  9. Lol msnbc doesn’t want people to know that Obama weaponized the DOJ to go after trump. Shame on you msnbc. You inability to accurately report on fisa abuse is hilarious. We’re not all brainwashed like your lemmings in the comments. This is why the Yule time log beats you in the ratings. Everything you accuse the president of, democrats actually did, and Durham is gonna probe it

  10. Emily Bazelon is woefully under equipped to investigatively report on subjects that require sophistication and lack of naïvete. The nasal voice doesn't help with the perception.

  11. Impeach Barr for abuse of power and witnesses should defy any subpoena just as Drumpf and his people have. Drumpf has set precedence for not answering to any subpoena.

  12. Remove Trump the treasonous traitor and his entire administration of traitors!! Remove Barr!! Barr a disgusting traitor to our country!! who serves only Trump and Putin and his own interest!! just like Whittaker a con man who robbed from veterans! like manafort, Michael Cohen, Giuliani, Michael Flynn and his son lies to America on the behalf of his fura Trump!! putting Trump above the law! attacking our own government! because there is no defense for Trump the treasonous traitor! and his entire administration of traitors! And all those Republicans they have filled their pockets with Putin's money! through the NRA bribes they called campaign contributions!! all must be held accountable for their crimes against our governments! and their crimes against humanity!! Trump and his administration are the true threat to the security of our country!!!!!!!!! And Humanity!!!! Vote blue up and down the ticket!! save democracy!!!!

  13. Report anyone who wants civil war over impeachment as hate speach. It is a national threat inspired by Trump's words. If you love America, do this regardless of who you support.
    Yang2020 if you want respect and dignity back in office

  14. Cohen is resting in a jail cell! The president’s ex lawyer. Bar will be the next one in jail. They will be quite the threesome Trump colon and bar. Let’s leave some room for the entire Trump family!

  15. Impeach the corrupt POS Barr. He lied and covered up Reagan selling US arms to terrorists. Barr hates Democracy and the rule of law.

  16. I have been reading all the comments from my u 'patriotic ' Americans that yap about A G Barr etc. Instead of sitting around complaining,, why aren't you out there with your Congressman, helping them to take down the 'enemies ' u so love to hate? To lazy huh? ???

  17. We have to get barr.if not this guy will let the cat out of the bag..why should we have to give back the millions that we gave stolen from the dumb yanks. Hillary Clinton deserves those millions of dollars as does Comey.. peter strzok.. lisa page… brennan ..Clapper..McCabe..just because we are all Democrats we should be able to stop trump from revealing our shenanigans..the bidens did on nicking money from China and Ukraine..that goes with the turf

  18. Wonder, yes this I do. What does Mr Bolton have to say that could blow this ship outta water. Or Is he another Mueller. I had a poor opinion of this man, he's like that black guy that just looking the way he does makes him suspicious. This is the opinion of some white people believe in. The cover isn't the book. This is just the way this man looks. What if he were the inside leaker. Wowwww, talk about house of cards. (Get trumps gun.)

  19. William Barr is nothing more then a fat lying lapdog for Donald (lock him up) Trump and should be impeached and throwed in a jail cell!!!

  20. The GREATEST President America has ever elected…and I'm not even American nor have I ever been to any State but Donald J. Trump is the REAL teflon Don. The CIA, FBI, STATE DEPT, DOJ, DCCC, DNC, Clinton Campaign, Obama admin, THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA, dirty cop Mueller and his henchmen, corrupt Dems and some spineless RINOS…you know what they ALL have in common? They got NOTHING on Trump and actually he's got a LOT on them that's why they are freaking out about the FISA abuse report and the Durham case that's now a CRIMINAL investigation, that's why they have to get him out but it's a little too late, watch him these days when he talks to the press, you can tell he's got something up his sleeve. A black, Zimbabwean, African Trump supporter over here.

    PS: From over here, the FAKE NEWS MEDIA and the Democraps are embarrassing themselves, it's priceless to watch.😂😂😂

  21. The people are the comment section are so clueless to what’s going on. The democrats are so corrupt we will all find out in trumps section term.

    They’ve already been caught lying about the Ukraine phone call.

  22. The morally bankrupt William Barr. He looks like Mr. Mean, the Burgermeister in the Santa Claus is coming to town movie. He gives the word 'obtuse' a whole new meaning.

  23. Trump must know all the prostitutes that these guys have been cheating on their wives with. Bribery isn't controlling the right anymore, it's blackmail.

  24. WhatEVER, Barr! You're pathetic and don't deserve to be a freaking lawyer! Barr is just another sychophant. You have poisoned the DOJ.

  25. Excuse ME? I thought the OTHER GUY was investigating this shitshow?! Why has Barr been the fat bloated tick on the other guy's neck? See? Barr wants his name on every sordid detail. WHY? I rest my case.

  26. MSNBC can certainly come up with the dumbest was to argue for their point of view. Nothing but continuous twisting of words and misrepresentation of facts. How about more just reporting what people say and less what you think they mean.

  27. All the reason the US Justice Dept., with respect to its intended independence, should be a part of the Judicial Branch and not the Executive. We see in the Trump, Barr example how easy it is for the Justice Dept. to be under the thumb of a dictatorial president who does not conform to the traditional role to which his office was intended.

  28. If he acts on behalf of the United States, what was his motivation for visiting Epstein in his cell the day he died?

  29. Barr just like trump sick in the head you never work for us if you say you are go find Jeffery Epstein killer he not hard to find he is right under your nose

  30. The Russia Probe or Muller Report was used by party to exonerate the President from obstruction of Justice the very same week as the Ukraine calls.

  31. Barr is compromised. He worked in the private sector for years, with ties to Alfa Bank and other Russian business interests. https://hillreporter.com/legal-experts-say-that-william-barrs-ties-to-russia-are-troubling-warrants-recusal-31359

  32. Why is the federal; government paying Trump's attorney Bill Barr. salary? The RNC or Trump himself should pay his salary. He's not representing the government's interest.

  33. Mr. Barr, you ruin your reputation your life for somebody who is not worthy .
    I will be pleased if you save are country, before bad, make it good, may be make you feel a little sense of responsibility. Do it, you will feel much better. An advice, money destroys life's and is no worthy. BELIEVE ME. DO IT. YOU MUST

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