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100 thoughts on “Ex-FBI Lawyer Speaks Out After Trump Attack That ‘Broke The Camel’s Back’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. right there i would love to give a closed fist in the top lip to trump and leave it hanging of him, he is a disgusting pos

  2. The moment that changed for Lisa Page was when she tried to take down Trump with her lover and the other haters , deep state actors, she should be up on charges of treason with the rest of them. Get used to it people Trump will win in 2020, we will get two more judges. We will shut the borders. China will stop screwing us. The FBI is corrupt, she is one of the reasons why. You want to run with the big dogs you better get some game.

  3. Trump drops to a new level of POS daily. When I think he can't sink lower he breaks out a bigger shovel. Why hasn't anyone out this POS into a hole he can't get out of. Wow , USA you've lost your teeth to bite this crap in 2!

  4. The man is reprehensible. The last man on earth who should fling charges of corruption, of sexual impropriety, of conspiracy, of treason, of stupidity, and so much else.

  5. Have you ever noticed when people clap at what Trump says. He'll stand at the podium with his nose in the air, wanting people to cheer more!! WOW!! 🇺🇸

  6. very presidential. brought to you by the very stable genius himself. wouldn't want to hear the women he bedded tell of there experiences under his flab.

  7. The Strzok/Page texts had been previously released but in a very heavily redacted form. Quietly, without fanfare or any public announcement, suddenly Flynn’s defense counsel was in possession of not only the unredacted text messages, but also may have been a draft section of Horowitz’s FISA report.
    This is because Powell’s court filing contains an eye-opening three page exhibit in which Lisa Page is being interviewed by OIG investigators who ask her if she had made any material changes to the Flynn 302 form. When she denies having made any edits to the only official record of the Flynn interview, upon which the charge of perjury against him was founded, the OIG investigators then confronted Page with her own text messages exchanged with Peter Stzok, causing her to immediately change her story and admit she had edited the form.
    Recall that IG Horowitz first surfaced to hand off the first collection of SpyGate-related evidence to Congress in early December of 2017. That included a very large batch of Strzok/Page text messages. The Strzok/Page text messages that were unredacted got an immense amount of press coverage.

    Later, some text messages were unredacted in which the pair is seen discussing attempting to influence Judge Rudolph Contreras, who was presiding over Flynn’s perjury case.
    Completely exonerated???
    Spin away Lisa, the drip drip drip of declas will have the final say against the fake news of MSNBC
    Not only is she guilty of LYING to investigators, but she is also guilty of attempted judicial tampering (which caused the Judge to recuse when confronted) and her illicit romance(forbidden by FBI rules) left her open to blackmail.

  8. To hear a president in a modern, liberal and democratic nation say such disgusting, spiteful things to such a mass of people and hearing the roars of satisfaction, well, Americans, I'm for ever grateful what you have done for old Europe during two world wars and the cold war; the lives of young soldiers you offered for us I'll remember for ever, but for the first time in my life I'm glad I don't live in the U.S.

  9. Any woman in this country that votes for Trump a second time is delusional and suffering from a kind of Stockholm Syndrome or blindly following a cult leader (e.g., Jim Jones or Warren Jeffs). Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

  10. "They (tRump and the republicans)are obsessed with saying that others are doing what they are doing…"
    They say that the Dems are trying to pull off a coup, so…

  11. characteristics of Trump & what he's done to the Republican party… REPUBLICANS; Reluctant, Egotistical, Petty, Uncouth, Bias, LIAR, Ignorant, Cowardice, Asinine, Narcissistic, Sociopath.

  12. Funny how the Democrats think they should be able to frame the President, spy on him, mock and undermine him 24/7 but they're not supposed to be scrutinized at all. Lmao. Get real. Trump 2020

  13. This POS just knocked himself down a whole lotta points in the eyes of decent thinking and talking Americans, the rest don't matter nobody cares what they think.

  14. How demeaning and stupid, and shocking that those idiots present applaud him for his abuse. He’s despicable. Go Lisa Page, shame him!

  15. I see he's back to the "Il Duce" stance. Jutting jawed with a pause as the rubes eat it up. Emulating Mussolini, another fascist.

  16. For Ms Page favor, for a former prosecutor, she holds up her temper quite long. Those who had or hold those jobs are notoriously hot tempered and very vengeful.

  17. That man is not only evil but just down right weird as well. Who does crap like that? He should take up drinking. He acts like he's drunk at times.

  18. I'm not American (I'm Aussie) & I can't believe what I'm hearing out of Trumps mouth…. I'm sorry but he's a disgusting person…. I'd say pig but that would be putting pigs down) I feel so sorry that u'r leader is making the USA look soo bad

  19. To those who find him entertaining he appeals to the lowest of them. He is not a decent man,he is not a moral man,he is not a spiritual man,he is not a Godly man. He can only bring this Nation down. There were good things about most of the most evil men in history.

  20. Ok peeps..the English dictionary has official run out of words to describe this Yuck. What in the name of the dear Laaawd is the U.S going to tell future generations when they see this creep and look at you with frown asking – THIS, used to be the P R E S I D E N T ???

  21. Most incompetent ?????? Lowest unemployment for minorities in history, record stocks, going head up against China, rebuilt the military, securing the border, On and on……Just think what he could do if you demoncrats weren't such sore losers TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!

  22. Just steamroll right through her cheating on her husband and humiliating him and her family. That was beyond poor judgment for someone with the responsibility of taking away people's freedom. The left has proven with the this story to be just as hypocritical as the Republicans. And if you have an affair, you are by definition not a great person. You are an awful human being.

  23. well if nothing else its a perfect job for this dmb chit working for the daily beast, just wondering did they name the site after her ?

  24. You are a disgusting person! It does show us ‘tho that you take women as fools! Surely that is not an example of how your sexual experiences start…if so, how did you manage to get three women to marry you!

  25. Well he may be disgusting and repulsive but he has total support from all the Republicans in Congress. The only way to get rid of him for sure is to vote out all Republicans in 2020.

  26. This again is a real issue in this country. 50% of the American population our women, it took a lot of those women to vote for this mad man! The women of this country continue to give up their powers and their rights. Sad! It is even worse to give their powers up to a man like Trump. Our culture is in a great deal of trouble.

  27. He does those "I love you" lines so well! Hmmmm…Maybe it's because he practiced them with Stormy Daniels (who was grossed out by it and smart enough not to buy it). He's so pathetic!

  28. Trump is a disgusting vulgar SOB. He has no respect for anyone. There were children in the audience and his performance was horrible. The parents should have been highly offended by that but yet, they were laughing and applauding and laughing. That tells you s lots about their mentality.

  29. The man is nothing but a bloated orange toad filled with venom and pus. A being so vile he makes Jabba-The-Hut look handsome by comparison.

  30. I want to see something really bad happen to him. I really hope he ends up in jail or even worse, is entirely ignored. But he is the type of creep I would like to see handcuffed and humiliated. Maybe a look of fear on his face. Anything to wipe that arrogant smirk off of his face.

  31. This is the President… The dummies standing behind him is his "really intelligent base" They remind me of a herd of sheep wagging their tails as their keepers lead them to slaughter!!!!

  32. Awww! Poor Lisa. A year later she's playing the victim. Boo hoo! If she wasn't a tramp she wouldn't have to worry about it today!

  33. You two socialist can't even fathom the good your President has done in the last few short years to save what's left your once great Republic.
    It's well known your country is in a slow motion car crash after years of socialists at the helm after JFK and Reagen.
    You can thank The VULGAR for giving you all seat belts.
    Your dollar is losing it reserve currency status and your all on your way to 3rd world status.
    Trump will make sure you can freely make a living.

  34. All of you who are still foolish enough to continue to support pResident tRump — how can you watch him act like a petty little child here, and not cringe? Are you ever so proud of your Babyman-in-Chief? This supposed successful businessman (successful at running businesses into the ground), behaving less maturely than most parents would tolerate from their high-school kids? Pathetic. Absolutely and utterly pathetic.

  35. Attacking Lisa Page was a clear violation of her first amendment rights. And his portrayals were slanderous. Her only crime was not liking Trump.

  36. It's amazing how the left always turns the villain into the victim. Tho she was just one of many in a conspiracy to alter the election, she should at least be shamed.

  37. I'm so embarrassed to live in the US right now. I cannot believe this ridiculous pig is running our country. Please people we must get him out! And once we do that, let's get Lisa Page, Marina Yovonovich and Fiona Hill working in our government again. They are superstars!! I'm so inspired by these amazing women.

  38. So you say "Here's something no one in the Trump family has ever thought or said 'from very early on I knew I want to work for the government and make the world a better place"  Closest would be Maryanne Trump-Barry – US ADA for New York and then US Federal Court judge appointed by Regan and then Appeals Court judge appointed by Clinton. …. She is only arguably in on the estate tax fraud of her brother and father.

  39. who is this clown… the impotent 74 year old ,what a clown and criminal,why is he still not in jail … please keep him out of the news … … k.c.


  41. That’s potus man we the United States are on a train headed for Chernobyl #4 nuclear reactor with no protection

  42. I’m sorry this woman cheated on her own partner and with a married man. Hmm yeah I’m trusting her judgement. Not a trump supporter but if you really trust the judgement of this woman thank you but no thank you. Disturbing this whole mess!!!!!!!

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