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46 thoughts on “Donald Trump Wins Best Picture

  1. He's like a reverse Marcel Marceau, he's white around the edges, painted in the middle and he talks all the time when we want him to stay silent.

  2. He broke a federal law when he drew on a weather map with a sharpie… Trying to incite panic just to defend his lie.

    Pelosi ripped a piece of paper… Her COPY of his speech that contained tons of lies and words designed to promote fear in what might happen if we don't have him to protect us…

    The law he broke is a billion times worse than whatever law she supposedly broke…

  3. That picture was doctored, liberal morons. They do it all the time to his photos. I swear, you people are so effing stupid. lol.

  4. Funny yes. But still President. And will be for another 4 years. As much as the late night hosts hate it. He's the best president in the history of this country

  5. Why do liberal parasites ridicule those who make their socialist dreams even possible? Best economy the US has seen and Kimmel suggests they have no place in the Whitehouse? Loser.

  6. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 What soldiers?! What death?! No americans die in no attack! As the matter of fact, there was no attack! 109 soldiers just tripped over the same rock and hit the pavement in the head in exactly the same spot. They suffer from self inflicted brain injury and somehow voluntarily stop breathing at some point and got into deep meditative state! Watch what you say! Wording is everything nowadays! We have to be politically correct!!! We americans dont die and we dont lie. We are sons of God! Iran and US have great relationship and we are like brothers! Only they live in MidEast we in America!

    Let's make US great again!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. Pelosi didn't break any laws. The speech she ripped up was a copy. It was not an official document. Vindman didn't break any laws either. The military is trained to not follow any illegal orders.

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  9. I am a UK citizen but even I hate the vile creature, Trump. He is a disgusting human being and a disgraceful President. It is shocking that so many Americans still support this horrible man.

  10. No class Kimmel.  Stop spreading the hate.    Trump speaks love in his speaches and all the media, liberal bullies, Holly Wood idiots, and no good democrats do is speak hate.

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