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78 thoughts on “Donald Trump says he’s not concerned about impeachment testimony so far

  1. What is this crook means a perfect call. It’s a perfect crook call. He doesn’t know these people what a fake defense

  2. Hey, it's Not like President Trump was getting Don jr. a Job. 😂😂😂 No, that was All the Dumb children of the Democrats. 🕵🇺

  3. He calls People Never Trumpets … They are simply Americans with A Brain who look at every side of things … And make informed decisions … But never Trumpets ARE Americans First with the Right to disagree with what " We the People " feel is wrong with.Our Leaders … It is Our Country after all Not Trumps Kingdom

  4. The Trump administration's defying of congressional subpoenas is obstruction of justice and impedes congresses ability to uphold the checks and balances requirement of the constitution and is grounds for impeachment in itself. Proof of any other wrong doing by the president isn't even necessary, his actions are already impeachable.

  5. Is Mr. Tramp really this delusional?? And that transcript he refers to… those three little dots, there's a lot inside them that's being left OUT! IF someone wants to read the transcript, there are thousands of pages of them… Not the "memo" that he's referring to.

  6. I'm interested in politics. In my country, but also world politics. It is a mystery to me that US politicians have tolerated this person as US President. I live in a small country, and corruption is everywhere, but in my country, citizens will NOT accept it. This person has been HIGHLY daily since the insertion. I can't believe all that trouble can't be stopped? Where is your respect for your country – and for yourselves? In the '30s, there was a man who was NOT taken seriously – and what happened … It's shameful for America's politicians.

  7. Why did CNN switch the Sanders/Warren poll results? Pass it on over and over to get them to stop trying to silence Bernie. And then they get outraged at being called fake news.

  8. Delusional …. Lie Lie Lie and people are standing there patiently until he walks away.
    Sounds like a bully….

    They all must be waiting for a lunch?

    So he don't know nobody.

  9. Yeah we can see his lack of concern in all his DESPERATE tweets. Nonstop. Every innocent/nonconcerned person acts like that.

  10. Evidence people evidence! There is none here, that's why he has no concern. Your feelings, the whistleblowers feelings, that's not evidence. Demand real evidence from your politicians other wise your supporting further waste of tax dollars. Stop making tax payers pay for the lefts wishful thinking. Wishful thinking is not evidence.

  11. All you liberal communist make me laugh you Democrats communist liberals can attempt to impeach Trump all you want it'll never pass the Senate so just remember one thing Trump 20/20 and there's not a damn thing you can do about it

  12. Why is he always saying “ i don’t even know who these people are”
    Later there will be a photo of him with them 🤦🏼‍♀️ proving he did know them

  13. The true agenda of the Republicans is to make America seem so unstable and unappealing to the rest of the world that foreigners will no longer want to enter. The chaos also pushing out all the free thinking, intelligent citizens to leave. All they want are the mindless citizens who they can easily manipulate, having complete control of the country.

  14. Pedophile Joe Biden is the one who committed the quid pro quo actually, as he says here —>

  15. Damn does he actually believe his line of BULLSHIT??? Does he really think we are stupid (other than his groupies at his "rallies") He really should have paid attention to the crowd at the National's baseball game!

  16. after everything is said and done. What will happen to America when it"s all over. He may seem like he"s a nut, but we will have to deal with all the crooks that want our money! THINK ABOUT IT!

  17. Think about this. How will it feel, and it's gonna, when nothing happens to him, he gets re-elected in 2020. Because that is what will happen. Wait and see. All this "show" is just that. It means nothing. You will see that too. Things are not gonna happen the way you think they are, wait and see. 2020 will be your worst nightmare.

  18. Have you ever heard anyone on the planet say there conversation with anyone was a perfect conversation? WTF is a perfect conversation? Perfect compared to what? Who grades conversions?

  19. Trump: a pathetic excuse for a human being. He is a liar. A cheat. A criminal. A serial adulterer. A rapist. A sociopath.

  20. Donald Trump is appointed by God and I thank God for the right time He was appointed Trump to become the President of United State of America and the time you speak the truth the people trying to take out from your position the will of God for us (people) pray for our leader this is only thing we can do pray for Trump but mocking our President because those does not spoke a Minister or a great people God Spoke God bless to Trump and we pray for him.

  21. You say, 'you are not concerned about these people who testified in Congress, but you are definitely UNHINGED by their testimony, right? This caused you to get AG Barr to do a press conference like the one he did after the Mueller probe. Barr did back then was evident that all people of America would not read the voluminous findings of Mueller, even though it was the truth. Now, your simple call to Ukraine's president which you say, ''was a perfect call'' does the job. Yes, Trump, it was a perfect solicitation of the President of Ukraine to dig up dirt on the Bidens in exchange for the military aid you were holding of sending to our ally. You were caught red handed!

  22. Well by gods he had better be concerned about a lot of things, especially impeachment. And he damned well should be because I for one hope he is out of the presidency. He has made a mockery about so manyof our laws and the sacracy of our country that thousands have died for, to make this the greatest, most brave and dedicated in all our hearts and he has been treating it all like its his kingdom ato do with ad he damned well pleased. Time for a serious prrson who has all our rightd and views to uphold. Out with him. He doesn't own nor run us like pheasants and he the king. Show him once a for all who we are and what we hold dear.

  23. "No taxation without representation" was America's
    battle cry during the first American Revolution. I pray our next one will be
    peaceful.  As our population grows, we
    are being less and less represented by Congress, the President and Supreme
    Court.  With everyone's vote not equal,
    we get Presidents like  Mr.  Trump, a Senate that won't due its duty in
    the impeachment process, and a Supreme Court that fails to do what is best for
    a democracy. See the Court's decisions in cases like "Citizens United."  To prevent even more authoritarian rule in
    the future we could allow all  states to
    have two senators, but their votes in Congress must count proportionally with the
    number of Americans they represent. 
    Further, all Americans should have an equal voice in choosing our
    President.  Fairness and the survival of
    our democracy demands that all votes be counted equally just like fairness
    required us to change our Constitution so now we allow blacks and women the
    right to vote.

  24. For week Trump and the GOP been ask for a open hearing now they got one and nothing is pure you learn that as a kid and for week Trump and the far-right-wing been disrespect their former military soldier who have service in the vietnaw war and dessert storm and Iran war and government there hold adult life when this is his first time in government and is a complete f*cking and hot mess.

  25. did yall see that UFO on the right side of the screen at 8:46 spooky stuff is going on these days i tell you, spooky stuff : Shout out to Secureteam10 !!!!!!!!

  26. Patetic 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥…………

  27. Good, you go ahead and keep being not concerned. Keep playing "I'm the center of the universe." It will only hasten your removal from power. God dammit you pathological jackass, give us our country back.

  28. God Bless President Trump from Canada 🇨🇦 Trudeau cares nothing for the white farmer's in South Africa. Trudeau had the nerve to deport a family of 4 who used their own money to get here, yet Trudeau allows illegals and ISIS members to join Canada? Opened our border's to mass illegal immigration. Thank you Mr. President and Mr. Putin. Trudeau said the African white Christion family were being "racist" and said it's not as bad as they say. Yup that's our weak Prime Minister🇨🇦

  29. It was not the first time the USA was pausing the aid in collaboration with the EU in order to ensure Ukraine sufficiently addresses certain issues of corruption. But this time Trump wanted other European allies to step up their own aid contributions. Biden was not even an issue at Trump's table at the time. Such assertions came later as the ongoing democratic discussion about impeachment was running dry.

  30. Trumps July call to Ukraine was to ask President Zelensky for an investigations into the earlier contributions from the EU and US to the past Ukranian government. In that regard the EU was requesting of Ukraine a quid pro quo , that is no money without an investigation. Since the US was planning to provide most of the aid Trump had do fulfill that very clear obligation as the President of the USA as the main contributor to get information on where aid already provided had gone.

  31. CNN: Trump will be impeached. squack! Trump will be impeached. squack! Trump will be impeached. squack! Trump will be impeached. squack! Trump will be impeached. squack! Trump will be impeached. squack! Trump will be impeached. squack!

  32. Perfect, its all perfect. Absolutely perfect! Pure perfectly perfect perfection!

  33. Please pray for this old man.
    He’s just trying to keep his job, by any means necessary.
    He even forgets to call himself president.
    Sad. I hope he gets the medical attention he needs.

  34. He is clearly concerned about what Putin, the Saudis and Wall Street big wigs will do to him if he doesn't do their bidding. He has also got to maintain a very weak dollar. His little cell phone must be ringing a lot lately. He isn't doing very well in the eyes of those who matter most. They'll get him impeached, not the Dems. They have real stuff on Donald.

  35. It's called projection, a tool of the Narcissist. Whatever accusations he throws at whomever, you can be certain he is describing his own behavior. It's as good as a confession.

  36. Fake news. I see now why the left media believe their viewers are completely stupid.. I do have one question for left wing idiots. If the left believe Trump ordered the Ukraine to do as he asks or else he would deny them aid and the left believe Trump should be impeached, does that mean Joe Biden is going to be disqualified from the presidential race?

  37. Trump says "For the most part….. I never heard of 'These' people"… CNN then claims Trump says he never heard of Sondland, which he never said.. Fake News.

  38. Truly, this Trump guy is such a block head. When he talks, he assumes he is talking to people who cannot reason, I guess like his sons.

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