Did Trump Interfere In Roger Stone’s Sentencing?

Did Trump Interfere In Roger Stone’s Sentencing?

>>Donald Trump’s involvement with the Roger
Stone sentencing seemed fairly clear yesterday. There have been developments, though, and
so we wanted to catch you up. First of all, I wanna acknowledge that Donald
Trump is saying publicly that he did not get involved with the decision to push for a lighter
sentence for Roger Stone. Here he is.>>Ridiculous that, none of that, no, I didn’t
speak to the justice. I’d be able to do it if I wanted. I have the absolute right to do it. I stay out of things to a degree that people
wouldn’t believe. But I didn’t speak to him. I thought the recommendation was ridiculous. I thought the whole prosecution was ridiculous. And I look at others that haven’t been prosecuted,
or I don’t know where it is now, but when you see that, I thought it was an insult to
our country. And it shouldn’t happen, and we’ll see what
goes on there, but that was a horrible apparition. These are the, I guess the same Mueller people
that put everybody through hell, and I think it’s a disgrace. No, I have not been involved with it at all.>>Yeah, yeah, even the extent that he hasn’t
been involved. No one would believe how little he’s been
involved despite the fact that he’s been tweeting both of them before and after the decision. And first of all, even if he had in his preferences
are obviously clear. Particularly, for the people in charge of
the DOJ that he put there to protect him and his cabal from criminal consequences.>>Department of Justice spokesperson said,
no, we had made the decision to change our mind about the sentencing of Roger stone right
before his tweet. That’s like the, I think it was at 1:30AM,
by the way, the Tweet. Yeah, so like a 1:25AM, now like what do you
think, we just overrule all the career prosecutors, all four of them.>>Mm-hm.>>That thought that this was the right sentence?>>Yeah.>>Right, right, everybody agreed? My god, you guys, you’re not gonna believe
this. Trump just tweeted about it. What a coincidence.>>Which, by the way, I feel this over abundance
of need to be fair to people who have never once deserved it. It’s not like they’re never overruled, it
is a recommendation. Hypothetically, it doesn’t need to be followed. And there are reasons to believe that in some
cases, prosecutors might generally push for sentences that are greater than some other
people who’ve been less involved with the case might prefer. All of that is possible but it exists inside
of a context where Donald Trump’s relationship with Roger Stone and the rest of the people. That he’s either trying to bully them or bully
the people who’ve been investigating them. In some cases, the judges on their cases. All of that is so important and just to be
clear, yesterday we read the Tweet where the original recommendations comes out. And he tweets, it’s unacceptable, it’s crazy,
he can’t do it, obviously, stating his preferences. Although we didn’t know at the time that they’d
already decided to change it, that just wasn’t public yet. And so then, William Barr decides to get involved
and he tweets this. Again, like fully publicly making clear what
it is exactly that he wants. He says congratulations to Attorney General
Bill Barr, for taking charge of a case that was totally out of control and perhaps should
not have even been brought. Evidence now clearly shows that the Muller
scam was improperly brought and tainted. That’s not true. Even Bob Mueller lied to Congress and so they
put out the recommendation 7 to 9 years. He tweets, it’s unacceptable. They decide to lower it, all the people originally
involved resign so Bill Barr takes control. And then Trump congratulates him for not that
they already changed their mind, that theory that’s out there that they want you to believe. He’s saying, no, it was wrong and Bill Barr
came in and stopped it, after I made clear that that’s what I wanted.>>Yeah, but, John, you’ll never believe how
little I was involved.>>Yeah, except for the Tweet.>>You would never believe it. Well, that’s true actually, that’s the first
true thing he said, I won’t believe it.>>Mm-hm, yeah, I have a hard time believing
it actually.>>Now, guys, let’s talk about now the broader
implications. Now that impeachment is over, he thinks there
are no rules at all. And he’s kind of right.>>He’s totally right.>>Yeah, he’s like, I clearly broke the law
when I did the deal, when I asked Ukraine to hold up. And I held up their funding to have them do
a political favor for my campaign. That’s actually, three violations of the law
in there, holding up the funding, asking for a political favor from a foreign country,
and getting something in return. So that’s extortion, campaign finance violations,
and then there’s a separate law about holding up the funding. So I broke the law eight ways to Sunday. And then I told all the Republican senators
shut up and vote, that I’m innocent and don’t even do a real case. Make sure you’re rubbing their face by having
no witnesses at all. Even though there’s someone who is my National
Security Advisor saying please, please, I have information about this case. And the republicans did exactly as I told
him to, so who cares if I break the law on this or anything else? What would they do? They’d go through a whole another impeachment? And what difference would it make? All the Republican senators would acquit me
again. The truest thing he ever said was I could
choose someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it.>>Yeah, if they thought that their career
depended on me getting away with it. It does and so they let them get away with
it. Another Tweet that was just filled with lies
that I want to acknowledge was this one. There was a Tweet about Amy Berman Jackson,
who was the the judge in some of these cases. And he tweeted, is this the judge that put
Paul Manafort in solitary confinement? Something that not even mobster Al Capone
had to endure? How did you treat crooked crooked Hillary
Clinton, just asking you. That was crazy, when she put him in solitary
confinement when they didn’t even know what to call Al Capone except, that she didn’t. And he was in incredibly lenient. He had his laptop, he had his phone, he had
his own shower and his own. Like he had all of these extra perks over
and above what anyone else would get. My favorite was he could use his phone, which
was in his cell, for 12 hours a day. But to be fair, every call was capped at 15
minutes, which is a big limitation. Except that once you hit those 15 minutes
and disconnects, you can just call the person back again and just keep going for 12 hours
>>Okay, poor Paul Manafort and his ostrich jacket. Whereas black and brown people are put in
solitary confinement all the time endlessly by our horrific criminal justice system, without
a second thought. And I’ve never seen Donald Trump give a damn
about that, but his criminal partner Paul Manafort. My god, I heard they put him in solitary confinement
for the other 12 hours. He didn’t have his phone. No, that’s not what solitary confinement is. And he’s like, does she ever prison Hillary
Clinton? No, because there was no case brought in front
of her about Hillary Clinton. And judges don’t randomly go, hey, can you
guys grab Hillary Clinton cuz I want to put her in prison and then give her a solitary
confinement. None of that is how it works. And so, meanwhile, putting kids in cages that
cross the border, no problem. My elitist friends who helped me and my criminal
enterprise, how dare you put them in a cage after they broke law after law?>>Do you think, so this thing with the his
approach to Roger Stone is obviously different than his approach was to Manafort and to Cohen. Cohen, obviously, was more fully turned on
him, was willing to testify and all that. So that was a significant difference. But Paul Manafort didn’t really do that. And so how frustrated do you think Paul Manafort
must be? That now Trump is willing to just like stop
pretending and just he’s gonna do whatever it takes to get Roger Stone out. They’re lowering the sentence, he might pardon
him tomorrow. But Paul Manafort didn’t get that sort of
sweet deal, although perhaps, it’s an indication that it might becoming some sort of commutation
or something like that.>>I know you guys don’t need me, especially
if he wins again. I mean, certainly for the next year, but if
he wins again, there are no laws anymore. He’s like Bill Murray’s character in Kingpin,
his toupee flying in the wind, going, I’m above the law. And he kind of is. The Republican senators said he’s above the
law. We don’t care what the law is. We will never enforce it on Trump. So, yeah, he can do whatever the hell he wants.>>Yeah.>>There’s no chance of a second impeachment. I’d be in favor of it. I do it in a second. But you know, Democratic leadership, they’re
the weakest people on earth. There’s no chance that the Senate whatever
convict him of any crime, no matter how clear it is. So he now rightfully thinks I can break any
law, any rule, don’t care that could rub it in your face.>>Yeah, there’s no report, I mean, I guess,
I would love a second impeachment to go over the territory that should have been involved
in the first one. But outside of that sort of a completions
streak, what would be the point? Republicans are as lawless as him, or as little
concern with what all this means for the future of our country.>>Well, you know man, I think democratic
party should be a thousand times more aggressive. I’d do it to call witnesses. Bolton says he’d like to testify, can do.>>That’s true.>>We could make that happen right away. Let’s bring in everybody. And what was the corrupt deal he had with
China and Turkey that Bolton was referring to? And if you got no evidence, I don’t care. I’d do a second impeachment. I’d do an eighth impeachment, but not for
political reasons. If he actually broke the law, then yes. And by the way, charging with crimes next
time. He already broke five laws in the Ukraine
story three and two others at a minimum. So, but that requires courage from the Democratic
Party.>>Yeah, and it doesn’t seem crazy that we’re
like, we’re done with this. We’re moving on. We don’t know what John Bolton knows, like,
hypothetically, maybe we can read the book or whatever. But there’s not gonna be any sort of like
cross examination or anything. And Robert Hyde, what was he doing? What’s our hope at this point? Maybe someone will make a documentary someday? He might have been stalking and planning to
murder an ambassador. That’s foolish, move on.

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  28. Cenk, do your mentally challenged followers a favor and explain to that the US Government has 3 separate and distinct branches. The is the Executive, Legislative (Senate and House of Representatives) and Judicial. The president and the president only runs the executive branch. The Senate is run my the majority leader and the house is run by the speaker. The Judicial is led by the chief justice of the supreme court. The Justice Department is part of the Executive branch and the President runs that branch. That's why he can tell the attorney general and prosecutors what he would like them to do.

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