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100 thoughts on “Dem Party Chair Changes 2020 Rules ‘Midstream’ After Saying ‘We Can’t Change The Rules Midstream’

  1. Perez needs to go. He's awful. Not doing the Dems any favors. Sometimes I wonder in this day of compromised people if he is not on the Republicans payroll. His work is THAT BAD.

  2. The Nominee better NOT be Buttigieg if you do not want TRUMP for a second term. The USA will then see the full measure of Don the Con and the rest of the GOP: THE END OF DEMOCRACY. The country will become an Autocratic/Dictatorship ruled by tyrant TRUMP and his brownshirts.

  3. Of course, the rules changed again. Democrats and the msm will lie, cheat, steal, and pawn their own mothers for money and power.
    What did you expect?
    Honesty? Integrity?
    Come on people, we're talking about Democrats here!

  4. Dem party changing all sorts of rules this year cause Bernie actually has a chance to win and they dont want whats best for the American people! Their pushing Pete like crazy since Biden isnt doing great cause Petes the same old, same old… nothing really changes even though they say things will. They make things sound good but dont actually ever follow through completely. Bernie will come through. The donor requirements changed to allow Bloomberg too, who the rich love! Nothing will ever change unless Americans wake up to what your government is doing to screw you constantly! Oh and Trump will win again cause no one but Bernie has a consistent record and its never changed!

  5. Anything to try to stop Bernie. The dnc should just make a rule that anyone named Bernie must lose. Msnbc for its part, will go along with anything the dem party wants. Their bias is the reason fake news is a thing now.

  6. It's all about the $$$$$$ the DNC is a joke and the party needs to be disbanded… but the irony of MSNBC complaining about fairness is laughable …. they picked and choose who they wanted to cover… no mention of that ….

  7. Tom Perez is a Clinton controlled imp who needs to resign. I am sure they will appoint another hack, but this guy needs to go. Rigged!

  8. do whatever it takes to keep socialists from taking over the party. they underestimated how many fools would fall for bernies b.s. free stuff agenda.

  9. Keep and eye on Harris and Spartacus. The Jesse Smollet deal is far from done in Chicago and they are going to be implicated. ….. remember that 'anti-lynching' law that was passed at the time?

  10. Too bad these "democrats" don't show this kind of energy when dealing with republicans. They sure seem to play "hardball" when it comes to Bernie and some others…….

  11. Ill sum it up…… Its known that the DNC fears Tulsi Gabbard!! The Democratic Establishment is doing everything to snub her! No other candidate cant go head to head against Tulsi Gabbard.

    Tulsi Gabbard 2020

  12. It shows how weak the DNC is and how much worse it is becoming. If they want to win, they should want as many people up there as possible so the American voter can find at least one relatable person. The people they have going up there represent very few Americans if any. Allowing in a billionaire who has no shot might be there only way of fixing the Committee's financial situation, but the voting base wants regular people not any of these mainstream snobs.

  13. They will be writing the rules for Bloomberg. The DNC is for sale and Bloomberg has the money. He who has money writes the rules.

  14. No its NOT FAIR! the DNC is corrupt, and those that support the DNC are probably corrupt too.
    AOC is making the right changes, start a different party support system and oust the DNC from ever participating.

  15. Democraps are consistent in that they love the rules when they favor them, and demand they change when they don't.
    And of course back again when that changes.

  16. Unacceptable. This is why drain the swamp will make trump win again. This is boomers robbing the craddle to pay the grave(bloomberg). This is why i registered independent in 1999. this is why i registered dem to vote bernie 2020. this is why i will register independent after. This is why i will voice against 2 party sys. for the sake of the kids i wont have becuase i dont belive in your future, forever.

  17. Perez is a Clintonista and a cynical neoliberal who sees his mission as a gatekeeper to keep power out of the hands of the progressives who are not beholden to corporate donors and actually want to raise taxes on the ultra-rich. Horrors! He boasts that the superdelegate system has been "reformed," but carefully avoids trying to explain or justify the existence of superdelegates to begin with. He should be tarred and feathered.

  18. The boomers need to realize we have to unify behind the young people. Join the movement! #notmeus Courage. #presidentsanders Together we will win! #sanders2020

  19. You don't start a football match and change the rules part way through, so why do it to anything? If Bloomberg or anyone else wanted to run they should have started to run right at the very begining.

  20. Wow, MSNBC, you were not kidding when you opened with " Now to something different." I NEVER EXPECTED that is would be you exposing Democrat corruption!!! How much is it going to cost you for wandering off script??? Why are you just starting now? Because the corruption has become so blatant that even you cannot ignore it? Hopefully this is a turning point, and you are leaving the Mockingbird program, and will start to report news, instead of spreading propaganda.

  21. Perez illustrates beautifully why I am independent. The parties are corrupt corporate lapdogs.

    I've seriously looked at the Green party, but they need more traction before they stand a real chance on the national stage.

  22. Full disclosure 70 YO Bernie Bro here.. Thank you Ari for taking your journalistic responsibility seriously. Such a contrast to Chris Mathews feeling that he's about to be lynched or Chuck Todd suggesting that he's a holocaust victim. Events from 2016 and this year explain to me why in my lifetime there's been so few candidates I've been able to trust and believe in. It's because it's so difficult to get through the gauntlets that are the DNC. and RNC, both essentially corporations. I wrote to the DNC recently saying that I intend to support any democratic candidate that is chosen by democratic voters, but this doesNOT INCLUDE a candidate chosen by the DNC. I consider that to be as wrong as Russian interference in the election, and I will not be complicit in that. Tom Perez should resign, or at the very least get waivers from every candidate to approve the rule change. The arrogance of Mr. Perez's entitlement is stunning.

  23. We NEED YOU to join the fight for a better America. BERNIE is under attack from the Corporate Democrats, Mainstream Media, Wall St investors, Fossil Fuel companies, Big Pharma, Medical Insurance companies, the Military Industrial Complex, and Russian cyber activities to influence the election in favor of 'Putin's Puppet'; criminal rogue president 'Don the Con' Trump. JOIN our 'Progressive Movement' and bring your friends and family along, because we need to vote overwhelmingly for 'Social Justice Warrior' and 'The People's Champion' SENATOR BERNIE SANDERS! This is our LAST chance. Failure is not an option. SAVE our democracy. We MUST WIN! When we STAND TOGETHER, there's nothing we cannot accomplish. Not me. US! Vote BERNIE 2020!

  24. The DNC and media propping up racist, sexist billionaire Blooomberg, while doing everything they can to knock Bernie down. Absolutely sickening.

  25. There is only one candidate that the establishment Democrats, who are really good at losing, don't want to be the nominee. He also happens to be leading in polls right now.

  26. Bernie and all his supporters are getting screwed by the lying corrupt democrat party and their elitist billionaire media owning masters

  27. This is the most important truth that people don't understand. Dems and Reps are the same. A snake with 2 heads. Either feeding one or other. Bernie is the only Hope For This Country and sooner or later will shine among all nations on real good life quality and peace of mind. Swizerland or Denmark will only dream to what we can have with a revolution. I voted Trump in 2016 because Bernie didn't get the nomination. My family and some frinds promised ourselves to never vote again in our life because all is a mascarade for dummies. Now we have hope again with Bernie and that will be the case we will vote again

  28. Desperate times call for desperate measures. This is a civil war . We need to have a general to lead the democratic party . We have to build the most formidable team we can . Also someone who can finance themselves will not be beholding to anyone. Trump owed or had cheated everyone .

  29. Trump 2020. Best President ever. Only blind people can't see how good our economy and record unemployment is right now. Trump did more in the last 3 years than Bernie did in his life. God bless President Trump.

  30. Ari . I have always been a fan of your program but you are being extremely myopic here . Sanders has been lying about how much his net worth truly is. He is a multi-millionaire . So he is wealthy and yet he has never donated to anything . He wants to have others give him money ,but he isn't wiling to put any of his own money toward his political run . Also he has enough money to be a member of the $1 club . Instead he is collecting every government pension he possibly can . So man of the people really isn't true . Man who sponges off the people is.

  31. Tom shouldnt be in his position. Horrible job.
    Edit: We need a completely new and younger government. These old guys want to stay in 1950.

  32. Whole latta something being made outta nothing! Bloomberg sucks, no one will vote for him, wait till after super Tuesday, then everyone will see that he should leave the race.

  33. —– > This kind of nonsense is a direct consequence of income inequality promoted mainly by Republicans but also by some corporate Deomocrats. This kind of nonsense is a direct consequence of income inequality instantiated by the Republican platform of trickle-down-economics.

  34. The DNC, MSM and the establishment would rather have a republican billionaire as the candidate than a candidate overwhelmingly supported by the people. The DNC ensured Trumps election in 2016 and they are more than likely going to do the same in 2020… its the same morons that ensured Hillary as candidate in 2016! Joy Reid said on MSM that a republican is preferable over Bernie.

  35. I'll take the Democratic hypocrite over the Republican hypocrite any day. When challenged 2016 election dirty trcks Donald's answer 2016 was, "I won." Fight fire with fire.

  36. Once again, the corporate tools are stealing the elections. Remember, it's not just Bloomberg. He's buddy with all the other billionaires and they see american workers as mere "necessary annoyances" to be dealing with until everyone is replaced by a machine. The judicial has been ruling in favor of corporations for decades. Face it, without a real demonstration of power FROM THE PEOPLE< things will only get worse.

  37. So he's purchased a rule change in his favor. This is exactly the problem in this country! The wealthy are ruling everything, to their own benefit, and in the process they're hurting the rest of us.

  38. So Bloomberg jumps ship from Republican to Democrat because he knows where he can buy himself a nomination. What a bunch of two-faced crooks. It's shocking people can fall for this. How is it possible that people can't see the machinations of the DNC?

  39. While we debate if it's fair for Bloomberg to join a debate, Trump is laughing and playing toy soldier with the government.

    I'm pro-Bernie btw

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