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100 thoughts on “Deadly high school shooting in Santa Clarita, California

  1. Guess what beto and gun grabbers no ar-15 just a 45 pistol , oh that's right , you know you can't get the pistols so you go after the rifles witch is responsible for the least crimes in america .

  2. We are ignoring the prime catalyst of all these horrors. GUNS….This is just one of hundreds of shooting that took place today that don’t get this kind of attention

  3. Why would he do this especially on his birthday that’s the last thing one will want to do on his day ! If anything buy another pistol and more rounds and enjoy a day at the range man it’s a shame and poor kids who were shot ! It’s always this and that w school shootings man 🤔 fucked up shit but yet California has strict gun laws lol

  4. Everyone from the president to this little boy who's doing mass killings seem to be the same ethnicity white so why is this the rest of our problems O because the whites control everything sorry white people

  5. Now the Democrats have more ammunition to ban guns. It's hard for me to say this, but I think Democrats love it when these shootings happen. To them it's collateral damage. It instills fear into people, and then the Dems manipulate the fear to get their agenda met. I don't understand the thought process of the Democratic party. On one hand, they want to disarm law abiding Americans, and take away their only tools that can keep them free from being helpless against the evil that embraces the world. Then they do a total agenda implying that it's all about the preservation of life. Well in my mind, if they are so concerned about innocent lives, there is no way that they would fight for abortion rights. The number of innocent lives from abortion is catastrophic compared to the loss in domestic gun violence. These are sad times for the best country on earth. We have nowhere to turn governmental wise. At this point in American society, our elected officials care more about political parties than they do about the constitution, that is the foundation of this country. We have a total piece of shit as our president. His main base is made up of ignorant uneducated individuals who are possibly inbred. Anyone with a working mind knows that this arrogant narcissist needs to go, because he is poison, and needs to be dealt with. But Republicans would rather protect him than remove him. Political parties mean more than the country to career politicians. I'm not a Democrat and never will be, unless they change their policies and that's not going to happen. So all in all we the have no leaders. Republicans lack the backbone to rid us of the worse president we have ever had, and our alternative is a party of baby killers. I'm out. I declare myself a free God loving American. You can have party loyalties. But I will die fighting if either party tries to control me.

  6. L.A. County saw three shootings larger than this in the last month. But those neighborhoods weren't affluent, and those kids weren't in the suburbs. This shit only makes the news because it upsets people, and that's where the money is. Oddly enough, if you talk to anyone with a background in Criminology, social and political conflict is identified as one of the primary causes of indiscriminate murder, and has been for over 50 years.
    Opportunistic politicians and their counterparts in the news media are literally feeding the monster that's eating us, and we're paying them to do it. Thanks, CNN.

  7. every school shooter has mental or emotional issues. They certainly are not normal carefree young people. A very very deep dive into schools and what is wrong with them is long over due. Are schools and the lunatic liberal co-opting of our schools to blame for this? The assault on young boys by man hating lesbian teachers? the indoctrination into violent activist mentality? Face reality…..what is being taught in schools today and not being taught very likely is grooming this hopelessness in boys.

  8. He is white. Son of a white man who hunted. Why does the officer say he is Asian? The name Berhow is white. Second speaker addressed suspect as male not asian. Get the facts straight cops!

  9. 2 people are killed in Santa Clarita at a school
    2 people die EACH DAY from this in Chicago
    29 people are EACH DAY killed on our highways due to drunk driving
    130 people die EACH DAY from opioid overdoses

    Which one of these aforementioned human tragedies is broadcast on EVERY major news organizations for hours and hours and hours and hours and then the next day and the next day after these tragedies occur? Well, the school shootings of course! Gee……I wonder why far, far, far more attention is paid to this type of tragedy than all the rest? Do the lives of the two that were killed in the school mean more than all the rest of these poor souls? One would think so. But why? Yes, you know why!

  10. I learned about this after my friend called his uncle who was in Santa Clara that day that the school shooting happened and told him about it and then my friend told me about it

  11. Ban ALL FUCKING GUNS DESTROY EVERY SINGLE GUN It's 2019 more guns than people in the USA lol everyone wanna be a cowboy and feel tough and superior! Learn from EU! almost every country in the EU >USA in healthcare and safety BAN all fucking guns or every month school shootings and multiple daily murders continue raising kids in the USA is irresponsible parenting !

  12. look at all the libTARDS disappointed it was not a white shooter…the same idiots who ignore the many murder victims on any given weekend in Chicago!!

  13. For the victims family may God shine up on you and give you strength! RIP angels!! I am very sorry all the kids who witnessed this ! I am very sorry for the family and loved once of the shooter,I am sure there will be a lots of guilt, questions, sadness that there son tooks life of others.i pray for all to get strength, peace in your mind and heart.

    It's so sad we all have to live looking over our shoulders, And thinking when will this be better so we dont have to worry about our kids safety even though school supposed to be second safe place for them.this lier(fear)wont think takes our life in control for even a second that we would be paralyzed by it.
    It takes LOVE and kindness to pass anything through. It takes LOVE and kindness for humanity exist .God help us and give us a wisdom to give to one another!!

  14. Maybe let's try being as understanding as we'd like the world to be for us or our families.
    Can we stop looking for the easy way to blame SPECIFICALLY and look at our society.

  15. How’s the gun laws working out for you California? Oh….. How about we stop putting our children in danger with laws criminals don’t obey???
    #infowars #2A

  16. quite kid walks in humming pumped up kicks
    others: ok cool
    quite kid :starts singing it louder and going through his bag
    everyone else: 0.0

  17. WHAT this CAN'T be SO ! California is a GUN FREE STATE,THEREFORE there Can't be ANY GUNS in the state. Why do all these shootings occur in GUN FREE states and Cities. BECAUSE Democrats allow and PROTECT every MENTALLY ILL person they can find.

  18. Bunch of over paid officer and liars. This was the usual fake event to promote gun control. Never do we hear of inner city true gun school and knife crimes. It always has to be stage in a posh school so that it makes the U.S look good.

  19. This is why mental health is very important. The shooter was probably very stressed with college prep and high school life in general and probably mentally snapped.

  20. And yet again where are all these open carry clowns we keep seeing on face book antagonising police with there stupidity, hiding like the cowards they really are, raped up with all their guns.

  21. Why the kid is being referred as Asian male everywhere? His father is white and his mother is a foreign fucked Japanese female who has given up all her own identify to cope with the man who fucks her and they are living in a white country, the kid is white

  22. When fully automatic guns were still legal to buy and sell, the only school shootings that happened was the government shooting at Kent State.

  23. Welcome to America! Hahaha… I'm so glad I don't have to live in the US. What a horror growing up with all this violence!

  24. There needs to be policies created keeping politics out of the schools….. unfortunately there's radicals pushing their crazy agendas on the students causing stress & frustration. This happened in California….go figure.

  25. This will continue to happen. It happens when God is kicked out of homes and schools and courthouses. These kids have no idea what the 10 commsndments are or where we got them. They have no idea how to live their lives. Sorry folks, you can't blame the guns. People kill people.

  26. Another Gun Free Zone failure. Do away with GFZ. Have armed defense and protection in public places. It is not the existence of firearms. It the existence of violent criminals, who will use anything as a weapon. More people are murdered with hands and feet than with rifles. Wake up people.

  27. RACISM can only be taken to a point of the soul Thiers something being hidden here but believe me I don't like ever hearing about these shootings & remember that a Lady WHO blocked a vote 2 stop these kind of weapons being in the hands of people like this so also go after her it's in 1 of reports like your watching here so sorry tobe seeing this again & again when will you get your head's out of the ground the future of your country is at stake here my ❤️goes out 2 those effected by this tragedy

  28. I think the suspect obtained the gun from his dad who most likely legally owned the gun. Although the suspect's father passed recently, the gun was most likely still in the house and easily accessible. I think there should also be a discussion about gun ownership responsiblity of properly storing guns in a secured area especially when there are people living in the same household who cannot adequately cope with stress or trauma that can easily access them. I feel like that's how most of these school shooting suspects are obtaining their guns illegally.

  29. 🌿🌿Gun shooters are depressed people, just like the rest of our messed up world.


    Don't let the enemy 👹, boss you around and tell you(or whisper) you aren't worthy.

    This is what God says:
    Jeremiah 1:5
    “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb"

    God is in absolute love with you and will forgive your sins, if you come to Jesus for help.

  30. As long as dumbass liberals can't understand that our kids are worth the same protections as politicians and banks then …..the risk remains. Beef up security at schools!!!. Democrats have no viable solution!!!!

  31. Life in the United Hates of America, political hacks hate the kids of America since they will do nothing and this will become a normal part of life

  32. Has strictest gun laws in country

    “Nobody can get their hands on guns now! It’s not like the deep web isn’t a thing!”

    Outlaw guns and only outlaws have guns.

  33. In a Democrat Controlled State.
    In a Democrat Controlled County.
    In a Democrat Controlled City.
    In a Democrat appointee Controlled facility gun control failed again.
    Just like in the exact same circumstances Epstein did not kill him self.
    Odd how that works?

  34. Victims and parents need to start suing the municipalities where these shooting happen for damages , schools should be safe and gun safety laws need to be stronger a lot stronger . Hold the gun owners responsible for what happens with their guns , responsible gun owners only allow access to their weapons to one person themselves. If someone else uses your gun you should be held responsible.

  35. I'm asking for your support to resolve this issue that haunts America schools in playground

    please pass this video on

  36. I think we are forgetting the point that high school is tough. It is a rough time in a young person's life and high school is KNOWN to be the breeding ground for a–holes and jerks.

  37. See, if everybody had listened to Trump there would have been no need to call 911, the teachers could have just shot back. I'm sure that would have worked out fine, right?

  38. Wonded why this one fell out of the news cycle so fast?
    Oh right he's not a straight white male
    Oh narratives are sacred nowadays

  39. What is wrong with this white kids.Someone plz find out how to help these children.Bullied, low self esteem etc.In the black community we have issues with youth gangs. God give us wisdom to stop this. I pray for all involved.

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