David Tennant doesn’t understand the 🍆🍑 emojis 😂 | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

David Tennant doesn’t understand the 🍆🍑 emojis 😂 | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

You would think having
lots of children would keep you
kind of young, tech-savvy,
you would know what is going on,
but, David Tennant,
this has not happened for you.
You recently found out
you’d got left behind
in the world of texting and things.
Well, yeah,
because now, when you start jobs,
because of the Me Too movement
and lots of, you know,
great strides forward are being made
in making sure workplaces are safe,
so now, different companies have
different ways of coping with that,
and for a show I was doing,
I had to watch a video and prove
I’d watched it from start to finish,
and it takes you through things that
are acceptable and not acceptable
in the workplace, and then,
right at the end of this sequence,
when it’s talking about how to
communicate on your mobile phone and
what’s appropriate and what isn’t,
it says, “And remember,
“the eggplant emoji is
not just an eggplant.”
And that’s it!
And I’m left going,
“What the fuck is an eggplant?!”
It’s an aubergine, right?
But that’s not what they mean.
There’s a whole…
And it turns out…
And I knew nothing about this.
There’s a whole kind of language…
Yes, there is.
..usually based around foodstuffs,
where they represent…
..other things!
And asking somebody out for a taco
could easily be misinterpreted,
it turns out!
Did YOU know that?
Be careful! Did you know about this?
Yes, of course!
Where have you been?!
I mean, the eggplant doesn’t even
look like an eggplant, it’s…
Then you have the peach,
and if you start adding to that
the raindrops…
You can do anything!
Don’t act innocent!
Don’t come here with your, “Ooh!”
It’s a minefield, clearly!
But you text?
Do you have a smartphone?
I do, yes! I have no idea how that
passed you by. That’s weird.
I thought the emojis were just meant
to represent what they represented.
I didn’t know there was this whole
kind of other language
you had to learn!
Can you get explicit emojis?
That’s what we need!
Apple needs to move forward
and just call…
..a vagina a vagina!
Peering at it – “What IS that?!”
The thing is, there is an image
of you as the Doctor
that fans are not letting go,
and it’s just this,
it’s a very simple thing – it’s
just you in the street doing that.
Now, this meme is called
David Tennant
In Places He Shouldn’t Be.
Right. You must have seen these.
I’ve seen a couple, I think, yes.
Mind you, if you don’t know
what an eggplant emoji is,
the chances of you seeing a meme
is really slim!
Now, obviously, a beginner one
is just, of course,
you’re at the Royal Wedding.
Where else could you be?
Then we’ve got you in education.
You know the answer.
No-one else does!
You are on it!
Then what have we got next?
Oh, ice skating. There you go.
Very good at that!
Then we have you in film.
There you are in The Lion King.
And finally, there you are
synchronised swimming.
Good, right?

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100 thoughts on “David Tennant doesn’t understand the 🍆🍑 emojis 😂 | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

  1. Hello. I'm 20. I had no idea about the existance and the subtext of a peach emoji. I only knew about the eggplant because everyone's yelling about it. And I'm basically only using the emotion emojis 'cause I can express literally everything else with words.
    Am I the only one who thinks that innuendos should also be clever? I like meself a dick joke, but just an eggplant emoji? It could be funny in a suitable context, I guess, but still.

    Idk, guess I'm just an old f*ck in my 20s.
    Thanks, David. Thanks for making me feel like I'm not alone in this.

  2. 😂😂😆 yes, all of us know!! No, honestly, this is the first I'm learning it, too. Now I'm concerned about some texts I've been apparently extremely misunderstanding….

  3. Chris is just sitting there watching micheal sheen looking at david with all this love in his eyes and he is wondering " am i missing thing here?" 😂

  4. Omg i cant😂😂 David's frantic face while he's asking "did you know about this" and Michael's distress "yes of course i know that!"

  5. I thought that this would be from a few years ago, but I look at the date of publication and of course it’s from the middle of this 2019

  6. That's so funny about David's reaction. And the face he's making when Michael explain that you can add the rain drops and the peach 😂. I thought the peach represents "butt" and not a "vagina" in first.

  7. I too had no idea about this “other language”..still don’t know what an aubergine emoji means :/ I guess there’s a lot a need to catch up on 😀

  8. I was actually surprised DT has a smartphone, considering how he‘s acting around phones when he’s acting but maybe(?) that’s just acting?

  9. Micheal sheen frustratingly trying to educate David Tenant on rude emojis is honestly one of my favourite things on the internet right now.

  10. David Tennant looks so lost, left behind, he's not impressive at all, DOESN'T KNOW ANYTHING and the people around him know that

  11. considering how it exposes his naïvete in regards to sexting/social media innuendo, this interview begs the question: when will buzzfeed have david tennant read thirst tweets about himself?

  12. Ok You’d think that Chris put next to David would make him look not as attractive… well sike I love all these men 🥰

  13. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 “you have the peach….and then if you start adding to that the raindrops….” 😭😭😭 Michael Sheen is proper great 🤣👏🏽👏🏽

  14. David is the model for all dad's, he's so nice. Congrats on the 5th tiny human David… You might be a great dad but you should probably stop now

  15. David and Michael are so comfortable with one another that their bodies are completely leaning towards the other. Also, David, you are too pure for this world and must be cherished at all times. Michael's inner knowledge also must be cherished too.

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