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26 thoughts on “Daily Blend: Winter storm weather hits Northern California, blanketing roads with snow and debris

  1. He good news is It will be easier to pick up the 3 tons of homeless-human feces on the sidewalks of kooky-left wing CA now that it’s frozen solid.

  2. this newscaster looks like the actor in A CABIN IN THE WOODS movie. 'EVERY REFERENCE IN 'A CABIN IN THE WOODS' YT. openening scene. very beginning of this video…

  3. Grab on people its going to get worse. I advise any one in California to carry blankets food flash lights water and 2way radios. Its for your own safety if you are in a car accident stay in your car with your seat belt on do not get out unless you have a chance to get to safety

  4. If it is called knowledge and information then I am a saint descending from heaven. You have to be a complete fool to see such nonsense. Greet people from dementia.

  5. There is one problem with the headline, winter does not start until December 22, this is still fall. If this is how fall is, I cant wait to see what winter is going to bring.

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