Could you fall in love with a pet robot? – BBC News

Could you fall in love with a pet robot? – BBC News

over the years we have seen lots of
robots at CES that promise to do all
sorts of things have, be smart home
assistant and talk to you and answer
your questions this one is designed to
do nothing apart from being absolutely
cute and be a lovable companion it’s
called Lovot and if I cuddle it
it will go to sleep in my arms wake up
Lovot wait wake up and he’s awake
again you may have noticed the massive
camera in his head that is so you can
take pictures of you and also so they
can patrol your house and make sure no
burglars have broken in apparently they
come in pairs so you’d have two of these
roaming about your house while you’re at
work making sure that everything is safe
and sound the retail price is expected
to be more than five thousand dollars so
that’s quite an interesting price point
because it reminds me a little bit of a
Furby do you remember those toys people
went mad for a few years to go oh well
it’s a bit like a Furby but a lot more
now a lot of the robots we’ve seen
before at CES haven’t gone on to be a
commercial success maybe they were
biting off more than they can chew will
this be the one to capture everyone’s

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62 thoughts on “Could you fall in love with a pet robot? – BBC News

  1. Next time if you ever again upload such shitty videos and entered in my recommend videos I'll be very glad to push the Unsubscribe botton. So dare me BBC.

  2. Whatever it is what they (the robots) are showing is all just pre-programmed. Animals and human shows real feelings towards each other. The answer for me is no, I can treasure it as an item, you can love it like you love your car but not at all comparable to as how you'll love your real pet animal who's showing real feelings.

  3. To take pictures of you, incase of a burglary, I think I'd stick with my own CCTV, at least I know where the data has gone

  4. Don't buy these, it runs over newborn babies playing on the ground. It literally goes all out of its way to and across the room to attack a little crawling babies often their fingers and toes and sometimes their arms and legs if it senses them alone. It also runs over your real pets tails. Small whole kitten bodies can get stuck under the robot and scraped across the ground until it reverses to free the trapped kitten if it hears you coming back. Also these robots spy on you. It can memorise your schedule and record what you say and reports anything suspicious like a sudden change.

  5. Dear oh dear. Sick sick sick and more sick. Anyone dumb enough to buy this shit which takes photo's of you & encourages you to 'fall in love' with a robot needs less flouride in their water!!! Being dumbed down to the max. Wake up humans, you're being had.

  6. How long will it be before the BBC pushes the marriage agenda between humans & robots….??? Don't laugh, the that WILL be the next move

  7. What a pathetic idea , little do we even Look at each other as human. The impending doom of living inside a Kill Grid comforted by Data harvesters and Crackheads . Thanks to you idiots who also tell the public theres no Health risks or danger and Screen addiction is a myth. The fact that radiation is frying young families out there is nothing compared to the real facts regarding sterility and TransHumanism Corporate Agenda -BBC British Broadcast Cage or maybe that should also stand for carnage …jan 10 2018 check out the Fullerton informer Folks

  8. Normalizing robots? The death of the human race is definitely in full swing for 2019 and being pushed by the BBC! Dig in everyone because trouble is coming and it's riding a very fast horse!

  9. So apparently Burglars come in pairs , then steel 5 thousand American Fake Dollars from thin Air……The exact same Enterprise Of Corporatocracy Global Warfare …Rolling out the Pedophile Kill grids. …..we can now See who your with , and even see you without the glasses.
    Think about that folks while the sheepwashes the blood from SATANS CLAWS.

  10. What's wrong with getting real animals as pets…. And lovable companion BULLOCKS…. only living beings can sense love…. I honestly think humans are losing it and HUMANITY. I hope I close my eyes before seeing this world turn completely ARTIFICIAL….I'm young and probably have a long way to go…. But I wish this world to turn more towards nature and natural things

  11. So it's really home security, but with the 'side function' of you kind of treating it 'pet-like' …. I was interested when I saw the headline; but thoroughly disappointed when I saw the product. Just as well, chances are I could not afford them anyway ! LOL

  12. Tamagachi pets are so 25 yrs ago! It's Divine irony that people choose not to clothe and feed the babies and children that are here but prefer to take care of idiotic machines that pose as pets….

    epic facepalm

  13. It looks more like a surveillance system to me. One that spies on it's owners every move!!! Every public building and street is covered in cameras so why would you want that in your home?

  14. Could you fall in love with the robot that will one day take up to 70% of the work force? Then your useless. And the government won't grant anybody. And a loaf of bread cost 10$. And the only people who have money are the ones who have always had the money. But believe in socialism because it works for them. So they decide what we get. Because the money they print belongs to them. Because the money system is alchemy. Thats why the all seeing eye is on th back of the one dollar bill. We've put faith in to currency. And the more faith we provide it. The more valuable it becomes. Majick. We now dont understand how to maintain a society without it. But it's make believe and more valuable than your life. Even if you don't think it is. Ask the man willing to take your families life for it. Bbc will delete this comment because its true.

  15. Don't invite a television company into a persons life without consent.No relatives are liked that much to be forgiven for taking part in harassment planned by a television company.Shielding a scientist doing brain procedures with out consent even with sound is a torturer and a human rights criminal who should be in The Hague.Not fake news.Boycott ITV,channel 4&5.Srap Ofcom for allowing Subliminals on programmes connected to a wider television concept that is unethical.

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