Coronavirus outbreak: US ‘disappointed’ by China’s response

Coronavirus outbreak: US ‘disappointed’ by China’s response

We thought there was better transparency
coming out of China but it doesn’t appear to be. I know they revised their numbers up a bit.
They say it’s a different method of counting. We just don’t know.
It’s the great unknown. I wish we did know more because,
you know, this should not be about politics or, for that matter, trade. This is just plain, ordinary health,
public health, help people. The virus is contained
in the United States. We don’t know if it’s contained in China. We thought they were tailing off
in their headcount. It turns out that might not be the case. We are engaging with China,
the president’s engaging with president Xi, we have a very good trade deal
with them and so forth, but on this particular matter we are quite
disappointed in China’s response.

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31 thoughts on “Coronavirus outbreak: US ‘disappointed’ by China’s response

  1. The Chinese government are slowly releasing the real number of infected cases. But they say it was a “sudden spike” sounds pretty dodgy to me

  2. There are consistent rumours that the numbers of deaths and infected are being underreported by maybe a factor of 80.
    Deaths maybe be in the 10s of thousands, infected in the 100s of thousands…

  3. WHY should we believe america any more than China? They BOTH lie to their own people, and follow their own agenda. They just go about it in 2 different ways!

  4. Don't worry, Trump and Xi Jinping are gonna work together to make sure the facts don't get distorted… You're actually serious?

  5. Coronavirus: senior US official accuses China of lack of transparency ►

  6. It appears to only affect Asian people… the Chinese government is using this and violence to crack down on dissidents… Kung flu is they’re cover for all the dissidents they are executing

  7. It will get worse and worse as we near the end of all things, earth quakes, rioting. Diseases, wars , fires, as wickedness prospers so shall our destruction!

  8. USA has done nothing. Quit trying to spread fear if Your useless Country cant keep up with a Pandemic. It wont be the last one.

  9. Sonuvabitch trump don’t know his geography. Shoulda built the wall around China . Corona , leave us alon-aa.. 😳😔👁

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