Coronavirus Epidemic Update 15: Underreporting, Prevention, 24 Day Incubation? (COVID19)

Coronavirus Epidemic Update 15: Underreporting, Prevention, 24 Day Incubation? (COVID19)

welcome to another MedCram coronavirus
update so let’s go to the numbers again these are numbers that we take with a
grain of salt these are the numbers that we have they are coming from the w-h-o
who has been allowed into China as of yesterday also from the CDC here we know
that these numbers are probably underestimated we know that because only
the most severe cases that made to the hospital are getting tested we know that these numbers are under
don’t know by how much we may never know how much total deaths keep increasing by
bigger numbers 1018 total recovered is growing probably the fastest okay let’s
go over to our other website that we look at which is the worldA meter at
least according to these numbers there is a suggestion that things are layering
out let’s go back though to our death cases that doesn’t seem to be at all
petering out in fact if we look at the number of deaths here
February 10th deaths total was 108 and that seems to indicate what we’ve been
talking about all along and that is the number of cases usually represents
something earlier in the course and that takes time for the patient to get sick
to the point of death which takes a little bit longer so hopefully here in
the next week or so we might start to see death starting to
layer out we can only hope that that’s the case we know that almost all of
these deaths are happening in mainland China in the wuhan area of course their
system as with any system is overwhelmed inundated and things that would normally
be happening or not happening as they should they are trying to alleviate that
by building hospitals dedicated to taking care of these more milder
symptoms so they can take the stress off of the hospitals to take care of these
more severe cases so of course the big news over the last 24 hours has been
about the incubation period we’re gonna get to what to make about incubation
period of 24 days before we get to that the other big news is San Diego
California just got its first case and interestingly it was from four people
that were hospitalized because of symptoms at UC San Diego and they had
done some testing there at UC San Diego apparently went to the CDC and the CDC
released them but one of these people actually had further testing done and it
turned out to be positive in which case that patient came right back to the
hospital and they had quarantined them and everyone’s doing well it’s just that
we have a patient that’s turned positive and so again these are people that flew
in last Wednesday from China and are being quarantined at the Miramar base
just north of San Diego so let’s talk about this quarantine issue actually the
quarantine issue which is related to the incubation period so up to this point
was felt that 14 days was enough to take care of any potential type of infection
in fact that’s where the recommendation came for just about anyone in the world
now that is coming from China they are quarantine them because the incubation
period is about 14 days well there was this new paper that was published pre
peer-reviewed what does that mean that means that before a bunch of scientists
that are in that field got to look at the paper pick it apart and say hey what
about this what about that it got published on a server and it’s out there
let’s talk about it so here is the article the lead author whose name
actually goes at the end is this gentleman nan Xiang Zhang this is a
pulmonologist and you know I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for pulmonologist
because I am one and here’s the abstract for it and then here’s the key part it
says the median incubation period was three days range of 0 to 24 point 0 days
and of course they went into a lot of other things so some things I want to
point out here which is really interesting is if you were to see our
update from yesterday where we actually quoted the Jama article the Jama article
was a publication that looked at a hundred and thirty-eight patients that
were seen in the hospital there in Wuhan this one actually looks at 1099 patients
so you’re gonna get a much bigger n number that was at one hospital this is
at five hundred and fifty two hospitals in 31 provinces through January 29 2020
so here the meeting age as compared to the JAMA article was a little bit
younger that was in the 50s this one’s 47 years of age in this case there was a
bigger majority that were males in the previous one it was more split half and
a half we saw about the same number of people with fever
people with cough we also saw that diarrhea was uncommon but it did happen
but there’s some other interesting things we saw that lymphopenia that
means low white blood cells were observed that seems to
a very common finding in any type of viral infection but in the jam article
which was looking at 138 patients in a single Medical Center in that situation
there were 36 patients or 26% that were admitted to the intensive care unit here
only 55 patients or 5% were admitted to the intensive care unit let me explain
that again the larger study that had more patients in it and was more of a
cross-section of the area had a much lower admission rate to the intensive
care unit only 5% and whereas in our jam article 4.3 percent died at least at the
time of publication the mortality rate here in this publication was only one
point three six percent so seems as though the patients included in this
study were not as severe so what do we say about this 24 days let’s talk about
that the first thing you need to look at is that the median incubation period was
3.0 days and so what that means is that this 24 days was a real outlier so what
would make that outlier exists well they asked the w-h-o doctor at a press
conference on the 10th that very same question and the response was that
sometimes what can happen is there is a reinfection later on that makes the
exposure look longer than it really is in fact they’ve seen this in Ebola where
there is a double exposure and sometimes what can happen is there is a
reinfection later on that makes the incubation period look longer than it
really is so what we mean to say there there’s an infection that occurs here on
day zero and then there’s an incubation period here of let’s say 10 days
incubation period and then there’s another repeated one and this one may
not cause symptoms but this repeated one may cause symptoms and that will be
another incubation period and then let’s say this one happens to be 14 days and
then symptoms occur and so they can clearly identify this as one of the
potential infection periods and they look at this of
course as the symptoms what they don’t realize though is that there is another
infection that occurred and that the total when added up yes it comes out to
24 days but that’s not the incubation period of this infection to this symptom
there is another one there it’s an interesting concept this is an outlier
and so sometimes you will get outliers right there is always a bell-shaped
distribution with most things that is anyway and so yes is it possible that
you’re gonna get an outlier here at the 99th percentile or the first percentile
it’s possible but it seems as though at least at this point what we’re talking
about in terms of a median is three days on the incubation period what we’ll do
is we’ll put a link in to the video where the reporter asks the w-h-o
physician about exactly what does this 24 day incubation period mean okay so
let’s talk a little bit more about what’s happening and what it is that we
can do so we spent some time if you look at our previous videos talking about
things that we can do to help us prevent getting the virus and that’s what a lot
of expenditure is going into right now quarantine
shutting down but we’ve also talked about what is the treatment that can
occur if somebody actually comes down with the corona virus and they have
symptoms that are severe enough that end them up in the hospital we’ve already
talked a little about some of the medications and we’ll talk more about
some of these medications that are being used realize that medications that are
used for diseases at least in the United States or in Europe have to go through
rigorous placebo controlled trials for them to be indicated for that so in
other words if you have a blood pressure medication or you have an antibiotic it
has to be tested for that particular indication for it to work now we can’t
do this with a brand new corona virus we will never have randomized
placebo-controlled trials ready to go at the initiation of an outbreak they are
planning to have something maybe in April and that’s really really fast for
some of these medications but we don’t have anything that we know is going to
work and so as a result of that whenever we give something
for treatment unless it’s a known situation like ARDS because viral
pneumonia can cause a RDS that’s acute respiratory distress syndrome there are
some treatments that we know work we’ve talked about this in our video which
will give you a link to how corona virus kills there’s something that we can do
called prone positioning there’s something that we can do called
paralysis and there’s also something called low tidal volumes so all of these
are things that we can do to help improve because that’s been a randomized
placebo-controlled trial for a RDS but in terms of medications for this corona
virus we don’t have it practical things that we can do we don’t have randomized
placebo-controlled trials which are the best evidence for these things so what
do we do instead we look at the biology of things and we make certain choices
and we say yes even though we know that we don’t know for sure if this is going
to work we’re still going to try it anyway because there’s very little risk
so for instance for medications that have indications for other diseases for
instance HIV it may work in coronavirus and so what we’ll do is we’ll do this
and it’s called the compassionate use compassionate use and you have to apply
for that to use it and so that’s what happened in this case in the gentleman
in Thailand where they used medications that were typically indicated for HIV
they used it to see if the man would get better and that’s the kind of things
that we have now basically anything that we say we’re going to throw at in terms
of a medication against coronavirus it’s going to be compassionate use we’re not
going to have the best evidence to say it’s going to work so what I would like
to do over the next couple of videos and we’ve talked about this before is to
look at some practical things that the biology tells us may work but can I tell
you for sure that it’s going to help you know so what are those things they’re
things that’ll fit into the category where there is question about very low
risk these are the kinds of things that you can concentrate on to help you if
you are ever in the situation where you have corona virus what is it that you
can do beforehand and at the point of to limit the morbidity and mortality and
I’m telling you right now you’re going to be surprised at some of the things
but I’m gonna show you the evidence for it and you may say no really could that
really help me well we’ll go over the evidence and you make your pre final
decision and if the benefits outweigh the risks then you should do it thanks
for joining us

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  2. Common sense would tell you that their is something wrong with China when everyone wears surgical masks everywhere in public.

    American politicians go out of their way to bring them here legally and illegally without checking any of them out!

    Real safe move for All Americans.
    Democrates bringing in people for illegal votes for elections. Without caring for America.
    You do this with other countries to in bringing in these cheap laborers for factories and businesses. Plus in our schools too.

    We do not need more people when there are unemployed Americans in America that need jobs with college educations.

  3. I think politicians need to quarantine everyone coming into our country from All countries alike.

    Chinese travel to other countries and mingle with other passengers from other countries too.

    I do not want to get sick nor do i want any family member or friends sick either.

    All this is because Democrates wanted cheap labor and votes from them.

    Why bring in sick people when we have millions of college educated people here now that are unemployed or working in lower pay ranges with college educations now.
    So politicians quit selling out Americans.

    P.s. if you get someone sick you deserve what you get and your family.

  4. Isn't the concept of reinfection scarier? It means that either the person failed to produce antibodies during the first infection (so how exactly did he fight it) or the virus is mutating enough to avoid antibodies within 10 days (ie reinfections may become prevalent and no herd immunity will be able to develop).

    Instead of reinfection, I suspect that the real problem is the inability to properly establish the initial infection date. With so many in the study, some of those are bound to slip through.

    PS I suspect that the incubation period may follow a gamma distribution, given the mean and the range – it's too skewed to be normal.

  5. Are there no children getting this Coronavirus?? I have not seen any kind of stats or explanations concerning children. Anyone know?

  6. Is China reporting those found dead in their homes. Videos show no one on their streets, so why would you think homes are being searched?

  7. is it possible pollution particles spreads corona virus and possibly why china has higher contamination of virus vs western countries?

  8. Under reporting – and some under informing too? I read reports of lack of medical supplies, such as masks. But some basic information about what can and what cannot perform air filtration, might be good. There will be a range of respirators with canisters for filtering this and that – many of these may well filter the virus, since they are designed to filter substances at molecule level. So if you have a cartridge which is designed to filter organic vapors, could you use it to filter the virus? Would be nice to know. Does it follow that whatever I use to filter, that thing becomes a repository of the the thing I'm filtering? Would imagine many things would kill the virus(if it really is alive) accumulated in filtering mediums? Just questions – I have no answers.

  9. The thing is we have seen consistently the mortality rate at 20% from people coming out of the other side. So In a few wks as we see more people recovering we will also see more people dying.
    Atm around 100 a day but in a few wks it could be around 500+.
    But this is only the first wave and we are only ‘protecting’ people from the direct source.
    I believe the second and more deadly wave will come from another source. Which will probably be Africa. With its huge Chinese contingent and no reported cases atm. So people will holiday and move around in places like this unaware that it’s there. Because of the long incubation rate, lack of testing facilities and cramming of populations.
    I think we will be led under false pretences soon and think we’ve got a handle on it, then the second wave will hit hard in maybe a couple of months. Just as we think it’s almost stabilized. Hopefully it won’t mutate to be deadlier like the Spanish flu did.

  10. Your 24 day incubation explanation makes little sense. The first 10 day incubation would result in illness at day 10 unless you were inclined not to get sick (natural immunity). If this was the case you couldn't get sick from the second exposure at day 10. The most likely explanation is either a true 24 incubation, or a 14 day incubation from the second exposure, which is actually your first inoculation i.e. the first exposure didn't result in inoculation at all.

  11. Dr. Seheult, I would like to thank you for providing us with medical analyst in your case studies. I find your information helping and think that it's making me a little smarter each time I watch your material. I have a couple of questions that I have not been able to get answers for and was hoping you can provide your insight.

    #1. It's clear that the virus can be spread when a person is asymptomatic. We understand about the coughing and sneezing, however what about tobacco smoke and vaping? I've looked up the composition of exhaled smoke and vapor and there is liquid particles. If this is a fact, why isn't this addressed as a way of spreading the virus? To put a bit more context to my question, I live in a city where people do not respect the "do not smoke" signs and smoke in front of clinics, restaurants, and businesses. People smoke anywhere and everywhere.

    #2. You've talked about the N-95 masks, however not all doctors / nurses are wearing them. Shouldn't that be a concern as the medical staff are examining people with cold/flu like symptoms and may not be infected but are not infected by the staff?

    #3. The latest case in the UK, the British man from Brighton, who was asymptomatic. The UK went from a confirmed 8 cases and 0 death to a "major outbreak" severity. Why would the UK increase their severity level so high when Brighton is less than 300,000 people and bigger cities (millions) are still in the "no panic" mode? Is there something the UK knows that the rest of the world doesn't?

  12. The larger case had less admitted to intensive care… because the larger case had already filled up intensive care? There is more than we know happening over there and there is no way we can assume something.

  13. nCOV2019 has a new name now CODIV19. My question is why this new disease with clear origin and high likely patient zero from wuhan. Not named where it originates -Wuhan.

  14. It still seems strange to me that no one here in Africa has been infected yet… China pretty much owns the continent, always here but not one infected yet? Don't get me wrong, I am glad that there is nothing here yet, or in SA yet. But it seems strange that there is nothing recorded here.

  15. @MedCram How many of these patients tested positive for both influenza the Corona virus?

    Is it possible that hospitals test 1st for influenza, see a positive result, and send them home where they also have Corona?

  16. Looking forward to next episode, considering my husband and I are on the ground in China. Spend most of our time indoors now, but I'd like to be prepared. – Thanks

  17. You can not build hospitals in days to recover thousands of infected people , but you can build laboratories and incinerators in that period of time.

  18. If you search well enough you'll find that there's actually someone with 41 days of incubation period. That's just insane, maybe just like you said, a reinfection.

  19. What about the cure called one cup one life which Iran has given over the internet by their top doctors from their NASA program

  20. 1099 cases in 552 hospital?
    Then sees videos the hospital is overflowing, they're making new hospitals and repurpose dorms, sports centers into quarentine areas.

  21. I did some maths…
    Expected Casualties (as of Feb 12, 2020): I've been continuing to work on the numbers for the death toll of nCoV (now "COVID-19" according to the Worthless Health Organization). Adding to, and pruning my data as best I can. Right now I'm thinking about 257 million globally is the likely amount of deaths to expect (+/- 20%??).

    One critical piece of data I was missing was an accurate account of the % of people who required ICU care, not just hospital care. We now know that's about 5%. If they get that care, their death rate can be dropped to about 1-2% (or 20-40% of those admitted to ICU care). But with the contagion rate, we can assume that as this progresses, the vast majority of those who require ICU care, will not get it, and the majority of those patients will die (I'm guessing 4 out of 5 instead of 1-2 out of 5). Also a small number of those who need hospital care but not ICU care, will likely worsen to the point they die due to lack of basic hospital care (I'm guessing about 1-2% out of that 13% block, I'm going with 1.5% there). I also stopped using "8 billion", in favor of the more precise 7.8 billion for global population. Assuming there's fairly robust efforts to contain the spread (putting downward pressure on the R0) in some countries, but nonexistent efforts in other countries, I think we're looking at about 60% of the global population infected before it fully recedes.

    At 5.5% CFR in 60% of 7.8 billion… that's 257 million deaths globally. It could mutate, it could change in transmission rate as weather warms up, and we're somewhat at the mercy of CCP lies, bogus "leaked" exaggerated claims, WHO politically correct babbling, and media "downplay". So it's a VERY rough estimate. But 257m is my Vegas spot. At +20% that's 308m, at -20% thats 205m.

    Or for simple math in any particular country: 5.5% CFR x 60% spread = 3.3% of the population at large. Round down (moderately) if your country has robust health care facilities, and enforces strict countermeasures (quarantines, mandated masks, closed public transit & public gatherings), or is more rural. Or round up (moderately) if your country has or is likely to enforce none of these things, and/or is more urban.

    IF there's a very large number of undocumented cases, who are not dying… things could look considerably less grim.
    Still horrible, but less horrible. That's really the only major poorly defined detail in the math. Well that, and the possible long term evolution of the disease, reinfection potential/severity, etc. I think it will burn itself out, but I could be wrong.

    Those most at risk of dying will the older, infants, pregnant mothers, smokers (and to a lesser extent vapers), and anyone with a respiratory or heart complication, or a compromised immune system. But it's going to kill plenty of healthy 20 year olds. And those most at risk of contracting the virus will be people who engage in a large amount of public interaction through work or otherwise, and/or those live in more urban population concentrations. Also, there will be a significant number of survivors who suffer some degree of permanent lung, heart, or brain damage, from their harrowing scrape with hypoxemia. Based on this virus's spread capacity, the bulk of the death toll will be in the first half of 2020. Origin point is almost certainly the WIV bio lab in Wuhan China (plenty of data on that if there's interest). This will have a % of population death toll very similar to the spanish flu of 1918, with a moderately lower CFR, but a somewhat wider spread. Worth noting, reported "case counts" out of China are irrelevant… It has self sustaining un-contained epicenters in many parts of China, and 2-3 other countries now. If it's "loose", it's loose, and it will follow a mathematical progression globally. The case count in China is just a possibly accurate or inaccurate glimpse into what week of the mathematical progression we're in. To be fair to China, once they got serious, they did all that they possibly could to contain it.

    Side note, China's claim that the virus spread has plateaued are largely due to their decision the other day to no longer count those infected, but asymptomatic, as an official case. This will of course drop their case counts, but it doesn't reflect things getting any better. It's basically China's very subtle admission that the battle for containment in China has largely failed. They'll keep trying, so as to minimize the death toll, but the genie is out of the bottle. To be fair, they may be trying to avoid killing people with false positive tests, and their availability of tests kits may be severely limited vs. the number of infected anyway. But to claim a plateau based on this change in procedure is just nonsense.

  22. Dear DR. Seheult (medcram) PLEASE discuss the PROPER WAY to Quarantine these SHIPS and FLIGHTS full of possible infected people is to Divide them into smaller groups of 20 – 30 people. In separate rooms of course like one of our ex military bases. Each barrack full of 30 people could than re-enter society after 14 days of being negative. In a public space like apartment or ship the ventilation and constant contact with staff will regularly run into new cases.

  23. CAN the QUARANTINED people put a makeshift filter over their A/C Duct with a bleach or Lysol disinfectant applied to kill the incoming germs, bacteria, or virus?

  24. In my life, first it was swine flu, then ebola, then bird flu, then SARS, now corona virus.
    While I know rational perspective is the last thing governments, the the medical business, and the news business want to foster, consider these facts andadjust your feelings (if not your thoughts) about corona virus accordingly.
    Chinese dead from dirty air in 2016: 4,000 deaths a day
    America: typically killed with guns in the U.S. in a day (about 85) / 5217 died from choking /
    Worldwide: In 2013 falls resulted in 556,000 deaths.

    Gee, I wonder why are we sheeple being told to fear the least fearful thing there is?

  25. The country with billions is under staffing, the country with brains is out to lunch, and the whole mishap is a mission of un rescue. Unacceptable!

  26. People need to get extremely serious here. This isn't a major pandemic or even epidemic. 1100 people have died in China from the Coronavirus. To put that into perspective, of the 1.4 + billion people who live in China 0.000078% have died from the virus or 1100. To put this in the even more perspective for 1% of the population to be affected in China alone, 14,000,000 people are going to have to die.

    Nearly every single one of the people who have died from this virus are elderly, or have other health issues and or are already sick from something else. It really doesn't affect the young or healthy people. Yes. Everyone within the realm in the spectrum that I've listed above can be counted as those who have contracted the virus. But the ones who are dying or the elderly, people with existing health conditions or people who are already sick from something else.

    They're using fear. To control you International travel has already been blocked and or suspended all together. And who knows what else they're going to come up with?

  27. Zhong Nanshan was at the forefront of China's fight against SARS. He came out of retirement to help combat NCP. Absolute hero.

  28. Thank you Dr Seheult, know you are the only Dr with info I can trust Wish more people would SUBSCRIBE and click the like button (thumbs up icon)

  29. The WHO has been let in. I’d like to know whom from the WHO was let in? Were they allowed to travel freely? Are they going to be reporting honestly.?
    Sorry but I don’t trust the WHO to report this without bias. They’ve already proven to downplay the actual severity.

  30. Question?! Can you give us/me some insight for people like myself, that have lupus/Graves /Autoimmune disorders? What are the numbers or chances of contracting the corona virus 🦠?! Through contact with people that have just traveled out of the US. Or just simple contact. I watch you on the daily. So thank you! For informing me/us as best you can.

  31. MedCram – Medical Lectures Explained CLEARLY – I absolutely love and apprechiate your posting articles you read before you talk about something, stating things,…etc. Absolutely my most favorite coronavirus update chanell! Keep up sharing your knowledge! You are doing God's work SIR! Subbed for life <3

  32. Millions of people have been talking and writing about coronaviruses for weeks. So what if government employees want to call it something else. Normal people will keep calling it coronavirus.

  33. Just wondering, how did they do a blind placebo with ARDS? Wouldn’t the patient and/or researchers know if they were in prone/being ventilated/being paralyzed or not?

  34. Just an observation unrelated to topic. Minute 4:43…. Why does the paper write "41.09 % were female" instead of "58.01%, the majority, were male " I find it confusing, since it emphasizes the minority instead of majority.

  35. Would it be a good strategy to have people get this virus so it is in our coding to fight it off in the future. The thought is that it is likely to surface again in some years time. It might be as virulent and even more potent. If this is the case wouldn't it be more strategic to already having our immune system be exposed to the virus?

  36. These Medcram videos are the most rational I have found on said subject. Thailand medical news and Dr. Sircus (for natural treatment protocols) are also helpful (though more fear.)

  37. Great informative videos, however don't bother going to the comment section it's full of tin foil hat conspiracy theories.

  38. I hope they can come up with treatments for those poor people soon. I won't forget that report that showed a woman crying and screaming from a balcony for help because her husband couldn't breathe. There was no hospital available and so they were getting no help. 🙁

  39. I wonder if the American citizens brought from China will be released after 14 days ? Keep them for a month there for everyone’s sake 🙏🏼

  40. Grain of Salt Confirmed Cases Data: think soon an antibody test will be available that is faster easier and low cost. Then, they will be able to canvas population and use statistical methods to determine how many mild cases are missing.

  41. would it be possible at any chance to satisfy a patient's request whose situation is not critical asking for an antiviral agent such as the ones which were working in the compassionate use in Thailand? is that in practice in any healthcare association when it comes to new epidemic outbreaks?

  42. China has decided that positive cases that are asymptomatic are no longer being reported as confirmed cases to the WHO or the world. Thumbs up this for awareness.

  43. My assessment is that in China out of 6250 patients 5133 recovered, 1117 died. That's a mortality rate of 17.8%. Outside China it appears there is only one death so far recorded from 523 known cases. So there is cause for concern and hope that actions taken internationally will inhibit the spread of this virus sufficiently.

  44. But a symptomatic people are the super spreaders. They still shed the virus and shed it to more cuz they are out and about not knowing they are killing others who can’t handle the virus

  45. The world has been bracing itself for another pandemic…… has now arrived. The severity of it is being massively under reported by all the MSM as too not cause alarm.

  46. It’s time Revolt against the communist Chinese government

    So sad to hear about the brave Chinese journalist and that Doctor who warned about this virus both were prosecuted 😡It’s time to revolt against the Chinese communist government they are spending all the money on grabbing land of other countries and spending on making new weapons to threaten other countries but no money to help the poor Chinese citizens …revolt people of China 🇨🇳Its worst than Hitler times .. Wr pray for you ..The Workd must stop doing business with them and stop flights till they can control this virus

  47. So apparently the number of cases jumped by 14,000 today, because of the different reporting method? I guess they finally decided to report the real numbers

  48. So only today the 13th The Chinese government admitted to A: lying about the figures so deaths are now at least 240 doubling since yesterday. B, Deaths are increasing the decrease was mis reporting to lie about the issue. C. It wasnt Snake, Bat tar tra consumption that caused the outbreak it was their own Bio chemical lab in Wuhan and it escaped (no doubt bio weaponising). Chinas answer to Trumps sanctions no doubt which blew up in their own faces.

  49. cant trust or believe anything that the CCP or the WHO ,say to me or you,,this is the Wuhan virus and it will forever be and no matter what they or anyone else says,,it is world wide pandemic .

  50. REAL STORY : The Chinese government was manufacturing the Virus in a Bio Lab in Wuhan, so they can send it to WIPE OUT THE UYGHURS !!! ; That's why Chinese President Xinjiang, "appologized" to them and asked them to pray for China. He was not aware of that Virus Bio Weapon being produced for that purpose. He didn't really apologize. World leaders and Intelligence agencies are aware of this, that's why they are waiting for China to provide the Antidote.

  51. Can you update us on the new virus in brazil “Yara” and the ebola epidemic if you have any information on that, thanks

  52. لو الولايات المتحده تحقق بموضوع فايروس كورونا مثل التحقيق الدقيق بالقناة المشهوره ID ستكتشف حقيقة مسببات مرض كورونا من الألف للياء

  53. If we look at percentages of current infection cases and current closed cases, the percentage of people serious/dying is between 15% – 18%. Are not these the numbers we should focus on??? Now let us increase these numbers by at least 10 times and the leaks from funeral homes in Hubei province claiming mass fatalities, seem to match up!!!

  54. 限界新型コロナの件

  55. why is the death count for corona so high in china but only 2 death reported in the cases reported outside of china ? some thing does not make any sense to me….

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