Corona Virus Latest Updates 11-Feb-2020 | Coronavirus Wuhan | Now News

Corona Virus Latest Updates 11-Feb-2020 | Coronavirus Wuhan | Now News

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the deaths from the new corona virus have surpassed the death toll resulted
from SARS one day later the authorities have announced a chilling new statistic
there has been a record number of deaths in a single day the statistics of corona
virus are simply dreadful corona virus cases on the cruise ship in Japan have
nearly doubled surpassing 130 China records most deaths from the virus in a
single day understanding the severity of the situation
China has finally allowed World Health Organization experts to pay a visit a cruise ship quarantine in Yokohama Japan
has brought an additional sixty six cases of the new corona virus this has
increased the number of confirmed cases to 136 according to the statement made
by the captain of the ship on Monday the Health Ministry of Japan has not
publicly confirmed that the sharp rise in corona virus cases the quarantine started a week ago since
then the ministry has announced new cases almost every day the increase in confirmed cases of
corona virus reported by the captain of the ship on Monday has been the largest
yet the Diamond princess has been docked at the Yokohama port since Monday the
outbreak of corona virus on the diamond princess has been largest outside China the ship has almost 3,700 people of
which 2600 are passengers and 1000 are the crew members and they are all
quarantined the passengers are primarily confined to their cabins the quarantine
has jeopardized the quality of life as well as the cruise ship experience of
the passengers the Japanese authorities have tested a few hundred people for the
coronavirus who were believed to be at particular risk however with the sharp
increase in the number of confirmed cases passengers are emphasizing that
everyone be screened for many days the Japanese officials
have maintained the statement that they do not have the capacity to test all
3,700 people in the cruise ship such a large screening definitely brings
about many challenges but the Health Minister katsunobu Kato said that his
ministry needed to consider whether it was possible on the other hand
ninety-seven people in China have died because of coronavirus on Sunday this
marks a new daily record since the outbreak of coronavirus in December the
death toll has increased to 908 according to the statement made by the
National Health Commission of China on Monday the latest number of confirmed
infections in China has increased to 40171 on the other hand 3062 new
cases have been reported in the last 24 hours most of which have been reported in the
Hubei Province let us remind you that Hubei province is the epicenter of the
outbreak an American citizen died from the corona virus in Wuhan the SARS
epidemic also started in China and killed 774 people all over the world in
the case of the new coronavirus just two confirmed deaths have been reported
outside mainland China one in the Philippines and the other in the Hong
Kong there’s also a speculation that there are more infections and deaths
than what have been counted by China the outbreak of coronavirus has severely
disturbed the routine life in China for weeks finally some offices and factories
across China have started working on Monday which marks the end of the
extended Lunar New Year holiday many workers were reluctant to return to the
large cities from their hometowns because of which the return to the
business has been slow the local governments across the country have
issued new health regulations the new rules come with certain variations from
city to city but have some common denominators for example in the big
manufacturing centers like Nanjing Suzhou and Schenzhen companies have been
required to know the travel history of their employees companies have been told to bar the
entry of anyone who has visited in the past two weeks areas with large
outbreaks of the virus especially the especially Hubei Province American companies in central China are
resuming the production as soon as they obtain the permission but they are also
required to establish elaborate new methods president of the American
Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai care Gibbs said – “they want to protect
staff but also nobody wants to get caught off sides when it comes to the
labor law or the daily announcements from the government” viewers this was all from now news till
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