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33 thoughts on “Collins: Trump will get reelected because of Pelosi

  1. IMO Trump will win again but not because of Pelosi or the democrats. The American people and specifically the electoral college will elect Trump again. The economy will not be on the upswing for the next 4 years. When trump gets re-elected…in 2021 or 2022 the American economy will take a dive. Trump will blame the democrats and green goblins but his base will turn on him but not all…he will keep at least 20%. The rich are getting richer with Trump in there but a lot of his base are uneducated workers hoping the economy keeps moving forward but it won’t.

  2. Patriots!! DO NOT sit at home on election day thinking "we got this." Not only does the President have to be re-elected, but it has to be done cataclysmic fashion. The Left has to be utterly destroyed. KICK THE BASTARDS OUT!!!

  3. One day Pelosi will impeach her pet rat for wearing a KAG hat. Or eat it. I'm not sure. It's possible only the KAG hat might survive that scrap.

  4. These demacrates are slowly throwing each other under the bus trying to servive there next election and it's going to be fun watching them drown

  5. Like all the bad boys all the girls secretly want to rhump ride them, trump will,wear impeached like a trophy after spring break vacation.

  6. Steal a little and they throw you in jail.
    Steal alot and they will make you king.
    Patriotism is the last refuge to which a scoundrel will sink.

    Trump is the scoundrel in the Whitehouse.

  7. Be patient, Nancy Pelosi will retire soon. She is out of touch with majority. Democrats will continue their fight against Trump. If Republicans take back the house, Nancy will have zero power. Forget Romney, he is a lone wolf of his party. If he can’t be a team player, he needs to change parties. Based on current election polling, Trump still winning.

  8. Pelosi must GO …. we can never forget the RIP!!!! She has to be stopped and MUST GO!!! Republicans DO SOMETHING about Nancy!!!!!!

  9. Not because of her. In spite of her, because we love Trump and he has been good to us. I personally am thankful for Thump’s economy. My family is well taken care of! So, Tump 2020!

  10. Trump will get re elected because of the forgotten men and women of this country. They are the voters and Trump gets that. You are giving un important people too much credit. Trump will win in 2020 because of a love affair between Trump and the people of this country. He has busted his butt working for as many different groups and trying to make an effort to do things for all people everywhere in every way that he could. Folks know it. They will hire him for four more years.

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