CNN’s response to Mueller News: ‘Great victory for President’, ‘Trump is vindicated’

a panel on cnn’s situation room with wolf blitzer reacted live on air to news that the mueller report has concluded and resulted in no new indictments by admitting that President Trump has won a huge victory indicated by them Evan Perez said of President Trump and the Mueller report and then he’s now vindicated exactly Gloria Borger said you know how do you manage that politically I mean we obviously can’t jump the gun here we have to see what comes out from bar and what’s in the report but if I’m at mar-a-lago with the president as Pamela has been reporting the lawyers are that I would be very happy she added later a panel member concluded that the Mueller report was in fact a huge victory for President Trump a couple of victories here cnn’s shamone proxy bitch said did not have to sit down for an interview they were so concerned about that because he’d get caught up in lies and there’d be perjury traps okay so that’s now over no more people being indicted sealed unsealed no more indictments Muller has done huge victory for the president he said council robert mueller concluded the russia investigation and turned over his report to attorney general william bar friday afternoon according to multiple reports there will be no further indictments in the report sealed or unsealed according to ABC News President Trump is reportedly glad it’s over [Music]

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