CNN “Exposed” For Exploiting Victims, Fake News On Ban Freeze Explained, and More…

Sup you beautiful bastards! Hope you’re having a fantastic Wednesday! Welcome back to the Philip Defranco show and let’s just jump into it. (and) The first thing
I want to talk about today are updates around Hurricane Harvey and the massive flooding in Texas
There are a lot of different stories coming out of this situation
So let’s try and go through them one of the biggest stories to come out of this on Social Media was one around Matt Walsh.
To me this is one of the biggest non-stories to come out of this very real disaster.
The story all starts with conservative blogger, Matt walsh retweeting this photo with the caption:
“Toxic masculinity and privilege”. Kind of a poke and prod at people that you would maybe label Feminazi. Not classical feminists
but you know the “the men are evil” people. It’s important to know that there is a separation. And Walsh then takes to Facebook
He posts the picture he writes a whole piece where he says, “Many of the images coming out of Houston are horrifying and hard to
even comprehend
But other pictures reveal the best in humanity this one from the Star Tribune captures a SWAT officer
Rescuing a woman and her baby from the flood. I’ve seen it all over social media. It resonates
I think because many people are sick of being beaten over the head with phrases like ‘toxic
masculinity’ and ‘male privilege’. Most women don’t think of men that way no matter how often the media and college professors
insist that they ought to they think of men this way as providers and protectors.
I also know how the woman is protectively cradling her child as the man carries them both to safety a perfect
encapsulation of what the man-woman-child
Relationship is supposed to be. Our culture would rather it be a picture of a woman carrying a man as the child is left back
in the boat. But that’s not how it’s meant to be. And when the floodwaters come and all pretenses are washed away
we’re left with how things are supposed to work.
How they naturally are and it’s a beautiful sight.” And he also posted a twitter with the same note of “This is how it’s supposed
to be despite what your Gender Studies professor says.” Huge chunk of the internet took to memeing and mocking him. Posting photo after photo
of “This is how it’s supposed to be
despite what your gender studies professor says.” Then an actual Gender Studies
professor responds it and that went Viral. Christina Wolbrecht writing, “Your rigid and illogical
sexual division of labor and related Hierarchy of value hurts both women and men in the US economy and the flourishing of society as a
whole. The value of work holding the baby or carrying the mother should be recognized and rewarded no matter who performs it. Given how much
care is needed, it’s all hands on deck.” Walsh
then says the media contacts him and asked if he would like to
retract his statement, issue an apology. He says no and writes, “People have accused me of politicizing a tragedy. Politicizing?
I see the profound beauty of
Womanhood and Manhood and their relation to each other. There is nothing political about it. If you see it as political
that’s your issue
and if you can’t deal with the fact that not everyone has bought into your progressive and confused and hollow and
reductionist views on gender that again is your issue. I make no apology is you no retraction. I reconsider nothing.
Send me all the memes and hate mail you want. It’s nothing to me. Meaningless.” And to that statement
I would say it’s not fully
meaningless. If it was meaningless you would not have written a three paragraph response on your Facebook and also
Let’s take away the word politicizing
I’m just saying this as an outsider looking in. It is very strange to me that you see this guy
saving this woman and her baby your first thought in the midst of everybody
praising this man is a hero is “I’m gonna write a large post about how feminazis are wrong.”
And “how like toxic masculinity is bullshit.” It’s just a strange random time to have this argument. When I see that picture
I see a hero
But I also if I just broke it down I see
Whichever person is the larger person carrying the other human being that is smaller than them to go back to your post who in their
fucking right mind would want the woman to try to carry the man and the baby to just die once again take out the word
politicizing; all this shows me as human beings have an exceptional ability to remain petty even in a crisis.
But then let’s also talk about the price gouging issue. There are reports coming out of there have been at least
550 complaints of price gouging during this. The Texas Attorney General is saying that this is ranging from hotels quadrupling prices
You’ll being sold for $10 a gallon
cases of water selling for around
$99. But the main company that got most of the backlash in all of this was BestBuy. Images came out reportedly from a
Houston resident that showed that in Best Buy
were selling a
24-pack of Dasani which you can find online for around twenty to twenty three dollars, right in the middle of a huge natural
disaster for just under $43.
Oh, and the rage was real people were letting loose on Best Buy, but there also might be a legal problem here
Best Buy has come out and issued a statement saying this was a mistake
A Best Buy spokesperson saying, “This was a big mistake on the part of a few employees at one store on Friday. As a company
we’re focused on helping not hurting affected people. We’re sorry and it won’t happen again.
Not as an excuse, but as an explanation.
We don’t typically sell cases of water. The mistake was made when employees priced a case of water using the single bottle price for each
bottle in the case.” Maybe with that apology and explanation you understand
But there is still the question of did they break the law? In Texas there is a penalty for price gouging
Per infraction you’re looking at a penalty of up to
$20,000. Also if the victim of the price gouging is over 65 years old the penalty can go up to
$250,000. It’s the law there so as far as if Best Buy is going to have to pay we’ll have to wait and see also
Also coming out of the story we’re seeing a lot of debate and talk of
morality versus necessity.
Some arguing that if you only have a certain amount of supplies you as the seller should have the right to change the price
where others say no in the midst of an emergency we have to think of the greater good.And that kind of ties into the
other story about
Looters ABC News journalist Tom Llamas came under fire for something he posted on Twitter tweeting. “We inform police of the looting and Coast Guard
Is flying overhead. Multiple officers now on the scene.”
And he got some initial backlash for this tweet so he deleted it and made a clarifying tweet saying, “Let me clear this up
We were with police wood discovered a dead body and mentioned
we saw people with faces covered going into a supermarket nearby.” And as you might imagine there was even greater
backlash. With Tom’s first tweet you might have perceived that as someone broke into an electronics store
They were stealing TVs, but in his clarification tweet
He says we saw police who had just found a dead body
and we reported that there were looters going into a
supermarket and people started tearing into Tom saying in a natural disaster where even your
Station has been saying that people that don’t have access to clean water
They don’t have access to food in the middle of a disaster when it’s life or death
This is seen as scavenging looting John Burns
North Carolina tweet, “Looting a supermarket in a flood is also known as getting food.” Another writing,
“Thank goodness now that food can stay where it belongs in a flooded
Supermarket where it’s Gonna be thrown out soon anyways.” People also pointing out the interesting times that the media calls things looting or people
finding food. Others pointing to the “Choice of Evil’s” defense in Texas. That reading, “In some cases in which all the elements
normally constituting a crime have been shown, punishment is withheld because of peculiar
circumstances around the crime. And so the argument is that because we’re talking about a life or death situation
That’s what we see here. Now keep in mind there are legitimate cases of looting there if You’re talking about people going into a supermarket most likely for a food if you’re breaking into a store
And you’re taking money out of the register you’re taking electronics. Yes, that is 100% looting.
You’re using the chaos to commit a crime for monetary gain. And understand, I’m talking about this not because I’m trying to say
looting’s fine. I’m talking about this and I want to pass the question off to you of okay
Let’s say you’re in this situation if a supermarket is closed down
It’s flooded and then you go in there you had no food or water for several days and you and you got into this place
would you take the food and water and also should you be held accountable in your mind when to the
We’ll stop applying the final bit
I want to talk about is a clip from Cnn that has gone viral
CnN reporter is interviewing a flood victim and and this happened
We’ve heard of stories of mothers trying to save their children from the rushing waters. Can you?
Tell us how that wasn’t four feet of water to go get them food on the first day? Yeah? That’s a lot of shit, but
Y’all sit here y’all trying to interview people during their worst times like that’s not the smartest thing to do
Like people are really breaking down y’all sitting here with cameras and microphones trying to ask us what the fuck is wrong with us
Some say you’re really trying to understand with the microphone still in my face
When these shivering cold with my kids wet and you still putting a microphone in my face so as you can tell very
Emotional situation we’ll start sharing this video saying that it shows that CnN
Is heart letting it shows that they’re just trying to exploit these victims for views and event I would say yes
And so first I can’t fault the woman for getting emotional here. He’s possibly lost most everything
She knows in her life is a scary situation the same time the Cnn reporter here does seem respectful
She asks a question the woman’s yelling you can see there that she looks like she’s concerned this point the reporters in a no-win situation
She either keeps the microphone there, so this woman can can say herpes which opposed the microphone away
And she seems heartless because she doesn’t want this woman to have a voice now and the woman being interviewed does have a point
It’s not just cnn, but so many of these networks are down there. They’re they’re shooting this tragedy
They’re getting interviewed Ameno the coverage we see on the ground can be seen as exploitive
But it also brings awareness to the situation when you talk about a situation by showing massive flooding
Houses being destroyed and throughout whatever numbers you want on a situation and some people will care
but a lot of people will care if they see the
individuals affected if they hear an individual story they can put themselves in that
Person’s place for a second that then often leads to pressure for the government to actually do something donations from everyday individuals
So if the increased coverage deals with more support week that’s where we get into the sticky situation of intent
I mean, I’m a cynical guy I often assume people have the worst intentions
there are people arguing that the news is covering this because people need to know about it others are gonna say it’s just for the
Views people gonna look to celebrities like Kevin hart the rock whoever donating and making a big public statement about it and go
Oh are they doing it because it’s inexpensive good promotion for them
Or do they want to raise awareness and for this very horrible situation, but in these most trying of times during these disasters
I try to pull back from the cynicism the end result is help for victims
I end up finding that I put on
Rose-colored glasses and assume everyone has the best of intentions
And so on that note of being less cynical and trying to focus on something more positive
I’ll give props to our bamf of the day Jim McKeen ville Jim is a mattress shop owner
And he opened his doors to people that needed safe the open the doors to two of his stores
He said within hours. He was housing 400 people stores are stocked with food water and as you’d imagine
Mattresses and now a capacity and they’re advising people to go to the George R brown convention
Center just looking at all the photos of these
families these displaced victims having a place because one man opened his doors given some normalcy and some safety during a
Situation that is anything
But that’s the note I want to end on not on the Petty bullshit the price gouging the anything
But saving lives and then let’s talk about the rabbit season duck season rabbit season duck season situation
That is the trans ban in the military
There’s been a lot of inaccurate reporting misleading headlines
And we need a touch on this so before we jump into the now let’s look at the timeless back in 1994
Thanks to the Clinton administration
We had don’t ask don’t tell this was official us policy for military service for gay lesbian and bisexual
Service people it went into effect in
1994 and it lasted until 2011 in 2011 the Obama
Administration opened up the path for gay and lesbian troops to openly serve in the armed forces
Then in 2016 then defense secretary ash carter issued an order allowing transgender troops to serve Openly and that decision was made after a year-long
Study by the Department of Defense with partners such as the rand corporation in this study
They looked over policies of us allies such as israel
Uk and Australia that allowed trans members to openly serve according to the rand study there were a roughly
2,500 trans troops serving although as you may have seen online activist groups claim that is closer to
15,000 troops an in carter’s decision to allow Trans troops he wrote the first and
Fundamental reason is that the defense department and the military need to avail ourselves
of all talent possible in order remain what we are now the finest fighting force the world has ever known this brings me to the
Second reason which is that the reality is that we have transgender service members serving in uniform today?
And I have a responsibility to them and their commanders to provide them with both clearer and more
Consistent guidance than is provided by current policy the third and final reason for the change as a matter of principle Americans who want to?
And can meet our standards should be afforded the opportunity to compete to do so after all our all-volunteer
Force is built upon having the most qualified Americans and the profession of arms is based on honor and trust and so under Carter’s order
The us military had until july 1st 2017 to fully implement his guidelines and begin actively recruiting transgender troops
And I mean they were going out of their way. They just would not say no
So then fast forward to june 2017 we have a new administration new secretary of Defense and the current defense secretary James
Madison’s that july for his deadline moving it to January 1st 2018 in order to conduct another study on the effectiveness of
Transgender troops in the armed forces essentially Matt is here says we need to look into this further
But then on july 26 president trump seemingly out of nowhere tweeted after
Consultation with my generals and military experts leaves me advised that the United States government will not accept or allow Transgender
Individuals to serve in any capacity in the us military our military must be focused on
Decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with a tremendous medical cost and disruption that transgender in the military would entail
Thank you
You probably remember that there was pushback from both parties many military leaders seemed
Blindsided by this announcement there seemed to be a little to no discussion with his actual generals
But of course this was just a tweet. This was not an official document
So there were no immediate changes then trump issues an official memorandum on august 25th for a menace to move forward with banning Transgender
Troops and that memo reverses Obama, era
Transgender policy it lays out the manases to block the recruitment of trans troops at the military would no longer fund sex change
Operations unless someone is currently in the middle of transition
And it is medically required it also gave Mattis some wiggle room
regarding currently serving trans members of the military this around should they remain in place or be discharged in a response to this the
Aclu tweeted
we’re taking Donald trump to Court to challenge the
Unconstitutional Transgender military ban ban is based on uninformed speculation myths and stereotypes and a desire to harm
Transgender people then something happened people that were
Against the band started saying that Mattis was a hero and frank center tweeting hero Defense secretary Mattis allows
Transgender troops to serve for now an order study rather than implement potus
unconstitutional order representative office of Rhode Island tweeting Secretary Mattis halted Donald Trump’s
Transgender military ban it should have never been considered and everyone from Fox news to the Washington Post said Mattis Froze the band here’s the
Thing not really Mattis has not stopped frozen or defied the ban
He is specifically doing what he is allowed to do
During the policy according to trump’s memo essentially here’s the situation the new policy for the us military is no new Trans troop also
No more operations for currently serving members. Who are trans unless medically necessary if you are trans in the military
You are not currently being discharged because there is an investigation, and it will be consulting with panels of experts
So the love he’s getting for defying trump and the hate he’s getting for defining trumping and all the information from this story
it doesn’t appear that that’s what happened simply put
Mattis’s following Trump’s orders and working within the limits he has been given so I just want to make sure that people were aware of
What was actually happening, and it’s actually where I’m going to end today’s show and remember if you like this video
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You’ve just been phill’d in a yo faces, and I’ll see you tomorrow

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