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CNN has decided not to run a Donald Trump endorsed campaign ad after the network
decided it does not meet their standards.
The 30-second advertisement paid for by Trump’s campaign, targeted Joe Biden’s
conduct toward Ukraine while he served as vice president while also referring to
CNN personalities Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo and Jim Acosta as “media lapdogs.”
A CNN spokesperson spoke to ‘THR’ saying the ad does not meet the network’s
advertising standards adding
However despite CNN’s rejection, the president posted the advertisement onto his Twitter
page last week, along with the caption, “I am draining the swamp.” Now this is not the
first time CNN has rejected a Trump campaign ad. Back in 2017, the network refused
to run a Trump approved ad called “Let President Trump Do His Job,” which
criticized the media and specifically called out Lemon as well as Anderson Cooper.
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