CNN Caught Cold In Undercover Sting Producer Admits Russia Fake News Story Pushed For Ratings

CNN Caught Cold In Undercover Sting – Producer
Admits Russia Fake News Story Pushed For Ratings
by Tyler Durden
Update: President Trump has noted the series
of CNN ‘Fake News’ stories once again…
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The investigative journalists at Project Veritas
have done it again!
Known for their undercover sting operations,
such as the one which exposed the DNC’s highly
organized network of professional agitators
sent to disrupt Trump rallies, voter fraud,
or the undercover operation which led to the
arrests of Antifa thugs planning to disrupt
an the inauguration “deploraball” event.
This time, the organization led by James O’Keefe
has infiltrated CNN…
A PV journalist covertly filmed a candid discussion
with CNN [health] producer John Bonifield,
where the “Very Fake News” network employee
admitted that the whole Russia story against
President Trump is nothing more than a ratings
grab by CNN’s CEO Jeff Zucker – based on the
fact that most of CNN’s liberal audience wants
to see the President go down in flames.
Bonifield also admitted that he hasn’t seen
any evidence of President Trump committing
a crime.
John Bonifield: Even if Russia was trying
to swing an election, we try to swing their
elections, our CIA is doing shit all the time,
we’re out there trying to manipulate governments.
I haven’t seen any good enough evidence to
show that the President committed a crime.
I know a lot of people don’t like him and
they’d like to see him get kicked out of office….
but that’s a lot different than he actually
did something that can get him kicked out
of office.
Russia is for ratings!
PV Journalist: Why is CNN constantly like
“Russia this, Russia that?”
Bonifield: Because it’s ratings.
Our ratings are incredible right now.
My boss, I shouldn’t say this, my boss yesterday
we were having a discussion about this dental
shoot and he was like I just want you to know
what we’re up against here.
Just to give you some context, President Trump
pulled out of the climate accords.
For a day and a half we covered the climate
And the CEO of CNN [Jeff Zucker] said in our
internal meeting, he said good job everybody
covering the climate accords, but we’re done
with it.
Let’s get back to Russia.
But all the nice cutesy little ethics that
used to get talked about in journalism school,
you’re just like, that’s adorable.
That’s adorable.
This is a business.
True feelings about Russia…
John Bonifield was asked directly what he
thinks about Russia… and responded with
what many on the right have been saying for
months; If it was something really good, it
would have already leaked:
PV Journalist: But honestly, you think the
whole Russia shit is just bullshit?
Bonifield: Could be bullshit.
I mean, it’s mostly bullshit right now.
Like, we don’t have any giant proof.
Then they say, “well there’s still an investigation
going on.”
I don’t know, if they were finding something
we would know about it.
They way these leaks happen, they would leak
They’d leak.
If it was something really good, it’d leak.
I just feel like they don’t really have it
but they want to keep digging.
And so I think the President is probably right
to say, like “look, you are witch hunting
You have no smoking gun, you have no real

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