Class provides physical education to special needs students

Class provides physical education to special needs students

Studies have shown that children who
face disabilities often have a delay in their motor skills. At Wauwatosa
East High School, adaptive physical education courses are offered to address
their needs. So the special designed physical education class provides a safe
and good opportunity for our students with special needs to work on their
motor skills and their personal fitness but again, like I said, in a safe and
inclusive environment. We went on to ask Jamie Gollwitzer what her favorite class activity was. Well my favorite part of gym class was when I went on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Senior TAs went on to explain what it’s
like to work with the kids. Working with kids with special needs has really helped me accept people for the things that they can’t help. Miss [inaudible] made me realize everybody’s equal. l would say, definitely try it out. It’s very fun to see reactions in
time that they get when you try with them. Wauwatosa East is proud to
provide a positive inclusive environment that supports learning for all.

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