Christmas Special 2017 Trailer #2 | Doctor Who | BBC

Christmas Special 2017 Trailer #2 | Doctor Who | BBC

Who is that?
I’m the Doctor!
You may be a Doctor, but I am the Doctor.
I am your future self.
They’re sonic!
Come back alive.
Be here when I do.
I will stop you!
I will stop all of you!
The regeneration is coming.

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100 thoughts on “Christmas Special 2017 Trailer #2 | Doctor Who | BBC

  1. I love how you can even see that the curved TARDIS console glass is refracting the view of the regeneration energy. :7)

  2. Yeesh, expose her to a vacuum, turn her into a cyberman, blow her up with all the other cybermen, marry her to a puddle, and she still comes back. I can't stand Bill.

  3. Every time I look at the regeneration scene at the end of this trailer, I'm more convinced that it's not Capaldi we are looking at but actually the figure of Jodie Whittaker in that clip. The face looks more like her's than Capaldi's, but for me the clothes just appear to be baggy for Peter's tall body. Maybe it's just me, but I think they've put a clip of her in knowing that the viewing public would automatically assume when watching the trailer that it's Peter. Cant wait for Christmas Day, love a regeneration episode, I'm 43 and still remember clear as day back in 1981 when Tom Baker regenerated into Peter Davison!!!!

  4. I’m gonna love the Xmas episode. I do hear Mr. 12th Doc’s regeneration will be similar to the 10th Doctor regeneration because of the emotion impact it will have.

  5. 0:23 That glass person's face look's an awful lot like Bill…i have a feeling that whoever that Doctor faces in the episode is going to mess with him psychologically…

  6. I like the 13th Doctor first line to be"Damn,I hate that",meaning regenerating again,then she is seeing if she is still human and then discovers that he is now a she.She starts being confused and the room starts to spin.She then sees a mysterious figure and then it turns out to be a version of her starting back at her saying"I have woken" meaning The Valeyard inside of her has become awoken.Then the TARDIS lands on Earth and she says "I don't feel so good" and then collapses face first into a garbage pile.

  7. I'm kind of curios to see what the female doctor might decorate the inside of the tardis like. If we get a new tardis anyway

  8. I saw a preview screening of the episode on Friday and I say that it’s definitely a fitting end to Capaldi’s Doctor.

  9. Regeneration episodes are my favorite. can't wait to see this one. Then again all of the rebuted Doctor who adventures are my favorite. Can't wait.

  10. Ohmagosh. I cannot wait. Peter I will miss u as a doctor. U changed the show .
    I wish I can act in doctor who just like you

  11. What she thinks after regeneration:
    1. New _
    2. I'm still not ginger
    3. Okay… Yorkshire?
    whoever might be there: Um, you're a girl

  12. Hi everyone! So I asked my siblings what they thought about the doctor being a female.
    Younger brother: "Booo!"
    Me: Why?
    Younger brother: She might not be as funny, and it will ruin the whole Doctor and Rose partnership
    (they are still on Season 1, Episode 7/8)
    Younger sister: Thumbs up
    Me: Why?
    Younger sister: I'm a girl.

  13. Peter Capaldi has been a good Doctor, still, I do look forward to see Jodie Whitaker taking on the role, going to be a blast 😀

  14. 0:20 I will stop you!, I WILL STOP ALL OF YOU!!!, and that tease of the doctor regenerating, got me excited but sad at the same time

  15. The sunglasses scene reminded me of the day of the doctor.
    "I demand to be incarcerated in the tower, with my coconspirators, Sandshoes and Grandad."
    "Grandad?" "There not sandshoes!"
    "Yes they are."

  16. despite all the hype regarding this it will be my last Dr who episode!! Not looking forward at all to it and in truth don't know if I shall watch it!!

  17. I started with Doctor #4 (although I still think 3 and 11 are my favorites) and it's always bittersweet seeing each leave once you've finally gotten used to them. It took me until the 2nd season of Capaldi's run to finally start liking him. We'll see how 13 plays out.

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