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100 thoughts on “Chris Cuomo clashes with Rudy Giuliani over Ukraine

  1. Hey cnn hows that whistleblower thing going ? Dam you make yourself look worse and worse CNN is full of soyboys liers and morons..smh

  2. He tries to give him an out so many times and Rudys like "No!! I'm going to shoot myself, watch!!! I'm loading the gun!!" Ffs

  3. “…which tangentially involved my client, colonel Nathan R. Jessup, United States Marine Core.”

    Chris: so he did order the code red?!

    Rudy: of course he did!

  4. Listen to what is being said about this situation and then go watch this link… It might change the way you think…

    Joe Biden and Ukraine


  5. This says everything you need to know. Don't listen to the speculative charges being espoused by the media pundit simply watch the video of Joe Biden speaking during his time as Vice President… You may have a difference of opinion about who needs to be getting investigated… Just sayin'…

  6. CNN is an absolute disgrace. The are just like commies running our news. The tell you exactly what they want you to hear. When was the last time they even said something half way nice about President Trump? And the totally disgusting thing about their lying ALL THE TIME, is that these dorks have convinced themselves that they are telling the truth. These sick manipulators of the news should be thrown in the slammer for the rest of their disgusting lives. THESE JERKS ARE NOTHING BUT COMMIES IN THE MAKING. THEY DO WHATEVER THE AMERICAN GESTAPO

  7. TELL THEM TO SAY AND DO. There will not be FREE HEALTH CARE, OR COLLEGE TUITIONS. WHERE IN THE HECK DO YOU THINK THE MONEY IS GOING TO COME FROM? I have really bad knees, no insurance. I have a plan, sneak over the border that leads to Mexico, then turn around and head back to the American side, cross over get caught and tell them I can barely walk ( using my very best Spanish accent ). Then they will take me to the nearest hospital and there’s a good chance I just might get my Knees fixed. Then after I’ve recovered, I’ll escape to my home in Michigan. And enjoy my new knees. Sound like a game plan? You never know, it just might work.

  8. Forget about the criminality. I am just so surprised how come people with such stupid brains endup with such high positions. Some thing i don't get about life.

  9. You guys are all in for a big surprise, you was wrong about Clinton winning a landslide election and then you was wrong with collusion with Russia and now the Muller report so your all batting 0's so keep spreading the B.S. Im loving every bit of it…..lol

  10. Chris is a genius in getting Rudy to confess. We all know government is corrupted. This just goes to prove how corrupted it is and how America is nothing more than a land for republicans to sell "white lies."

  11. Watch this. Go to YouTube type in Nosaj-Thing song there, It All Point Back to You. This is where the men real men in Republican Party stand up or stay sitting like cowards. Let a reality star take their party and treat them like white slave men. Shame on those men.

  12. CNN is biased trash. Don Lemon is a fagget ass homo he tries to act intelligent yet can’t fool majority of this country he’s a retard. Chris cuomo thinks his worth is way higher than it is

  13. 'FREDO'…is a Russian spy. His name and phone number was scribbled on a gay bar toilet wall in NYC…with ''FREDO is a Russian spy'' scribbled underneath.

  14. I don't understand how Anna Navarro (Republican) can understand that this Republican president is a liar and a crook and his selfishness are the rest of the Republicans stuck on stupid or just brainwashed by his orangenesd

  15. A complex ARGUMENT like this not only wasting time by discussing on national television, CNN, but also 'heating up' on national television? "YOU STUPID AMERICANS." But the reality is CNN just wan't to make money no matter how they flip the subjects, the TYPICAL Jewish way to make money.

  16. Wow so glad they got that tape on the president of CNN telling all his staff to lie and be biased ..If anyone still believes a word from them then youre sure asf an ignorant fool.


  18. This political circus of denial and then admitting then denying again is common in defense of our elected president. Also passing of the buck after giving a bad answer to a relevant question. It is hard to believe how divided this country has become. Our vulnerbility becomes apparent to hostile countries. Yikes!!!!

  19. These people are STUPID
    TRUMP is an Amazing Honorable AMERICAN Leader. History can't remember such an American PATRIOT as Our USA's Commander in Chief DJTrump. We are Trump's Voter and we won 2020 already till 2025.
    Praise Almighty God!
    Save money and vote for Presidente Donald J TRUMP.

  20. Biden and lovely stinky HILARY are both hardcore Crooked Criminal individuals.
    TRUMP is President and he can ask what so ever he pleases. Trump is Commander in Chief. PERIOD

  21. I already bought my MAGA KAG gears. Ready for my block big party we will enjoy. Is gonna be Craaaazy! The best Fire works in Orlando Florida after the declaration…. And still, All AMERICAN PRESIDENT! El Presidente Donald John TRUMP!!!

  22. 80 millions of Trumpers are rehearsing their vote eagerly.


  23. CNN Chris Cuomo Muller Probe Bias Is Not Substantiated (2018-06-15)
    CNN Chris Cuomo Trump Lawyer Suggests To Pardon Witnesses (2018-06-15)
    CNN Chris Cuomo Trump Did Pardon Muller's Probe Witnesses (2018-06-15)
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    CNN Chris Cuomo Trump Tweets Proof Admission Of Intent Of Corruption (2018-08-01)
    CNN Chris Cuomo Trump Tweets Proof Of Fact Of Corruption (2018-08-01)
    CNN Chris Cuomo Trump Creating Division With Russian Investigation (2018-08-01)
    CNN Chris Cuomo Trump Stoking Discontent Around Russian Investigation (2018-08-01)

  24. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/chris-cuomo-spreads-myth-that-ukraine-whistleblowers-identity-is-protected-by-law

  25. What a brilliant articulate argument from Rudy. OMG. 5 affidavits from Ukrainian Official's say Barry told them to "dig up dirt on Trump and Manafort", (by the way Manafort is human scum). Instead, we have to listen to lemon split hairs over useless BS. I bet not one of these men (except Rudy, and me) know how to Diagram an Argument. They failed or never passed Logic 101. It is PAINFULLy clear they just take a stab at some random outrage. Ugh!


  27. Lol that's every trump supporters case we state the facts of what trump did and their response everytime is Joe Bidens son like it has anything to do with it

  28. People don't really understand you know you're younger generation, but when Giuliani looks you and your eyes and you're part of a criminal organization oh, he's going to get you

  29. everything Trump touches dies your ratings. Dies, after careful examination you look like a bunch of people on some type of drug just hating on the president losers

  30. Giuliani's dad served time in Sing Sing prison for robbing a milkman. Real genius. Then he was a collector the mob. The fruit does not fall far from the tree and it often rots.

  31. Bidens are far more corrupt than anyone in the Trump Administration. Bidens are getting a taste of their own medicine regarding allegations and smears. Remember, Biden is an advocate of Obama/ Hillary… motivational speakers for the religion of armed and unarmed Muslim migrants… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AthT4haUerQ

  32. I think President Trump should ask the United States FBI to investigate Biden and his son, it's like asking a corrupted person to investigate a corruption.

  33. If it was hillary as president doing the same thing it would totally be fine cause its a clinton!!! Just some more bullshit trumpphobia !!!

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