Caught up! News & Sports: Episode 1

Caught up! News & Sports: Episode 1

What’s up guys Amer everybody’s here from the daily ever to get you caught up on all things new this week Our beloved tailors could possibly lose its spot as the top local campus bar after being cited for 29 offenses within the last 14 months The olcc and city of Ujjain have recommended that their liquor license be revoked How do you feel do you think Oregon is better off without dollar Wednesdays or do you feel it just won’t be the same without Those green buckets. Let us know in the comments section below In other news president Michael Shaw is set to receive a sixty thousand dollar raise Shield salary will increase from six hundred and sixty thousand dollars to seven hundred and twenty thousand dollars after a June 2020 his yearly salary is set to increase to seven hundred thirty eight thousand dollars Shu is currently the highest-paid president in Oregon and the second highest in the pac-12 Conference Students expressed their thoughts largely and questioned the necessity of his raise Some students feel there are other places This money could be used in order to minimize things such as rising tuition costs and budget cuts For most students shales raise doesn’t come as a surprise and many were outraged by the news additionally a family is suing the University of Oregon for $750,000 after filing in July. The family is claiming They suffered illness from modish Bulger while living in the university’s East Campus housing The family who filed the suit also claim the university violated the tenant act and showed negligence as mold grew within their attic This is the second time the university has been sued for unkept facility conditions. Their first case was back in fall 2016 for $74,000 University settled in fall 2017 for one hundred and twenty thousand dollars If you think campus has been changing rapidly over the last few years It looks like things won’t be slowing down anytime soon the university has announced plans to tear down both Hamilton and Walton Hall and replace them with two to three new dormitory buildings by 2023 Factoring in the new track build the Franklin building and the potential new dormitories The U of O is becoming a new campus with all the new renovations It’ll be hard for recent alumni to even recognize the U of O campus in the coming years Check back in for more coverage in our weekly newspaper or online at the daily. Emerald com The Carter five has officially dropped and it marks the long-awaited comeback of little Wayne After battling some legal issues with his former label Cash Money Records and longtime mentor Birdman There was no clear scientific way would ever released his album After a success with winning young money back Little Wayne finally released Carter 5 making it a seven-year wait that ultimately lived up to its hype The Carter 5 is expected to sell around four hundred and seventy five to five hundred and twenty five thousand copies in its first week This will make it the third highest release this year after drake’s scorpion and Travis Scott’s Astroworld Hopefully with this new release there will be a tour of some sort to continue the hype of this album Finally the Ducks football team rebounded nicely last week against the number 24, California bears with a score of 42 to 24 The Ducks moved up to number 18 in the AP poll The Ducks are now 4 and 1 on the season and one in one in the conference play the Ducks will have this week off and then will return home to take on the number 10 Washington Huskies in Autzen Stadium on the 13th Oregon volleyball drops eight spots in the AVC a poll after losing to upset home matches They’re looking to bounce back this week as they take on the number 17 UCLA Bruins and the number 12 USC Trojans this weekend Oregon’s soccer lost to close games last week to Washington and Washington State Currently the Ducks are one and two in the conference play and 7 3 & 1 overall That’s it for this week’s episode Make sure to check back to see more coverage of all things new on campus now, you’re caught up with the daily Emerald

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