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100 thoughts on “Bullied Teen Gets Sweet Surprise at New High School

  1. Laverne High School? Wow, I can't believe something so wonderful happened so close to where I live in Nashville. That's wonderful, guys! Take courage, and have hope, Azzy!

    Thank you, Jesus for these wonderful kids.

  2. it’s so nice to know that he went to a school in tennessee, which is where i am. it feels good that we do stuff like that.

  3. Its a shame that a child has to leave his school and switch to another because of bullies. That parents and school officials couldn't put a stop to it.

  4. Dude should be proud of himself. Looks 10,000x better than I ever could, why the hell is he of all people getting bullied? He should have so much friends with that hair and personality. I'd be his friend.

  5. I’d go to jail for this boy including that other boy who got made fun of because of his nose he was so sad I wish I could just beat their bullies near to death that’ll teach em

  6. Why. Does. This. Bully. Nonsense. Go on in school fb. Every where & some. Of these. Darling children take theirs. Own lives. These. Bullies. Need. A she. Bear called down on them it seems to me instead of the bullies getting suspended kick them completely out of school &. Let. Them lose. There education!

  7. Literally people at school yell “Go away ____ nobody likes you!” in front of the teacher and she does NOTHING. Teachers should actually start helping bullied students.

  8. I just wish they did not record this. Is bad enough that he is poor / low income , but to let the world now . When you do something nice don’t promote it. Just do it because it feels good

  9. Bullying results to:Suicide,Depression,Pyscholic,Drugs, even murder.

    be aware that everyone you meet, might change in a heartbeat..Im glad this kid switched schools❤️❤️🤦🏼‍♀️

  10. Charity when everybody is watching ins't charity. I bet they aren't sorry for him. He doesn't need hyped sneakers, he needs respect.

  11. Such a shame..He's adorable! That school needs to have those students do a short documentary on how and why to treat others with respect

  12. America’s news should be doing positive movements like this all the time! Jesus movement let me see more positive and let negative we can make the changes together

  13. You can tell by the look in his eyes that the previous school mentally disturbed him. They look so dead and cold. This prevented a serious threat .

  14. Instead of running away to a new school his father should have told him to stand up to the bully and fight back even if he knows he will lose. That's how you stop a bully. As soon as they realize that you will fight back they pick on an easier target. His liberal coward raising parents should be ashamed.

  15. I wish people would do anything for me, they don’t even compliment me despite what I do, they bully me to suicide for what I do

  16. 🇺🇸🇨🇦Change the word BULLY to 👊Assault/Bodily Harm & or Battery.
    🚔 Charges should always be applied if 👊physical attack(s) 👊 result in Assault causing Bodily Harm👳
    👮‍♀️Bullying = Assault & Harassment which can make the Victim fear for their life.☠️ The Victim lives each day trying to avoid the exact Violent Predators that go to the same school or employment. Must Stop

  17. I'm not even trying to praise him, but why is he getting bullied? He looks like your typical schoolmate, he's cute to me tbh. You go king! 💙

  18. I would beat the S*** out of the bullies and pee on them after I hate bullies making people kill themselves because of the bullies.

  19. Lol I love that they gave him the gifts raw, no wrapping, not even a bag for the clothes, just boom and boom, clothes and shoes ya boi

  20. Heres the thing Azzy is gonna be the kid that everyone feels bad for and wants to constantly help he dosen't want to be that kid he just wants to be a normal teen with normal friends not some kid that everyone feels bad for.

  21. They bullied him because they can't be him, they lack stuff instead of being a good friend and learn a few things about him in general. Azzy sounds a pretty cool character if you tell me, vZ.

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