Breaking News Intro Effect | Movavi Video Suite

Breaking News Intro Effect | Movavi Video Suite

Good evening and welcome to CNN..N…N…NN…N….
I’m Arthur N.E. Moore-Donuts and in
tonight’s breaking news, Internet giant
Google announced the sale of YouTube to
the former music television network MTV.
MTV announced later in the day that they
would be rebranding the platform as the
“All Ariana Grande network”
If you want to learn how to make it look like you’re doing a newscast using green screen
effects stick around I shall show you
how hit the subscribe button and click
the notification bell to be part of the
conversation so one of the biggest
tricks about setting up a green screen
effect is the lighting all I have behind
me is a very simple green cloth it’s
something that you can either buy online
through Amazon as part of a chroma key
kit or you can just go to your fabric
store and buy any kind of green cloth
Green tends to be a great color because
it doesn’t clash with a lot of other
things that you’re wearing and you can
eliminate it easily in the chroma key
feature now you could do it with blue or
red but you just have to make sure
there’s none of those colors anywhere
else in your shot because you’re going
to eliminate that color from your
footage I want to thank the good people
at movavi for sponsoring today’s video
once you have your green screen footage
shot what you want to do is find your
background image or footage and bring
that into movavi first that will lay the
bed for the newscast clip that you’re
trying to recreate I found the footage I
used for free at and the
music track from the YouTube audio
library I’ll put links to both down in
the description next bring your green
screen footage into the track above the
background footage once you have it in
place double left click on your green
screen footage to access the video and
audio options in the upper left in the
video tab scroll down and click on the
chroma key feature here’s where you’ll
eliminate the green background and allow
the track underneath it to show through
at the top where it says pick a color to
make transparent make sure the color box
is highlighted in yellow
you’ll notice that your preview screen
is also highlighted in yellow and will
let you know that movavi is ready to
select your color move your cursor over
to the preview window and you’ll see
that it turns into a plus sign just
place that anywhere in the green area of
the preview window try to find a spot
that seems to be the mid-tone of your
green color if your green has any
inconsistencies like mine does
then just left-click once and the
background will be eliminated I have two
separate lights coming down on me to
really illuminate me and two other
lights illuminating the background the
trick here is to get the background
green as consistent as you can get it so
that when you go to remove it it’s as
close to one shade of green as possible
and not a lot of shadows and highlights
you can see my cloth has wrinkles and
whatnot in it if I were really trying to
make something perfect I would iron
those out and I’d really stretch that
tight so that it was as smooth and
consistent a color green as possible you
can dial in the tolerance noise edges
and opacity to fine-tune the effect to
your liking there isn’t one perfect
setting that works every time but the
better job you did lighting and
preparing your footage the easier it
will be to dial this in the overlays I
used in the upper right corner were just
images I placed into tracks above my
main footage if you single left click on
them in your timeline it will allow you
to highlight and resize them up in your
preview window I just shrank them down
and stuck them up in the corner to
highlight this completely ridiculous
news story I was babbling on about
I got everything aligned to where I
wanted it and voila
Good evening I’m Les Filling
I’m Chester Moistmuffins
I’m Oswald Pattonswald
And I’m Howard Jalaykakik
I’m Orville Knickerbocker
good evening I’m Oswald Thad Endswell
I’m Chester Flandergrass
I’m Sven SunGard
and I’m Lester Chesterfield
This is stupid
I’m Chester Brockenbury
I’m Thor ButnotComplaining

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