Breaking News Allure of the Seas Having Engine Issues Next 25 Sailings Altered

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Bruce item today everybody it’s Bruce
here with traveling with Bruce today’s
date May the 2nd 2019 and I have some
breaking news just heard that the allure
of the Seas the 4th largest cruise ship
in the world has made changes to her
next 25 sailings in the Caribbean
propulsion problems have surfaced for
the Allure of the Seas there are three
azipods at the back of the ship and
we’ve got problems back here the ship
will continue her runs but the next 25
cruises from May the 5th till October
the 27th have been altered and we’ll see
if this is going to go any further the
ship but supposed to drydock April 2020
we only have changes in white generate
until October of this year of course
we’ve been following the Oasis of the
Seas with the crane crashing on her in
Freeport she was supposed to have azipod
work done now the allure of the Seas has
Azipod issues and it’s affecting the
cruise ship going forward join me Monday
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