Breakdancing Olympic Sport – Behind the News

Breakdancing Olympic Sport – Behind the News

JACK: OK, Jack, you got this. So you might not be
the most flexible and you might not be able
to do that, or any of that, really. Uh-oh, I think I need
to hippity-hop out of here. Hey, where are you going? Oh, um, I realised I’ve got to go because I’m afraid
I’ll break something. Well, we can make it easy. Oh, OK. As you can tell,
I’m not exactly gifted when it comes to the art
of breakdancing. What if I just do this? But for these guys, it’s a piece of cake. I love it. Like, I started dancing ages ago and I’ve always just enjoyed
to dance in general. So I really just love
the movement of it. I feel like really free. I feel I can just, you know,
do whatever I want, groove however I want, and nobody will judge me for that. I love that you can kind
of like escape, like, you don’t have any worries, like, you can get away from school and it’s just a really fun thing
to do. Breakdancing or breaking
or B-boying or B-girling first became popular
during the ’70s and ’80s on the streets of New York and in popular music videos
like this one. In the beginning, breakdancers took inspiration
from kung-fu movies, as well as this guy… ..James Brown, the OG funk master. Breakdancing is now really popular right around the world. And for a lot of B-boys and B-girls, it’s a serious sport. In fact, there are
some very serious comps where dance crews show off
their stuff for some big prizes. Last year,
breakdancing was even included in the Youth Olympics
in Argentina, with Russia’s Sergei Chernyshev and Japan’s Ramu Kawai
both taking home gold. Now the organisers of
the 2024 Olympic Games in France say they want breakdancing
to be included for the very first time. The IOC hasn’t given it the final
go-ahead yet, but they seem pretty keen, which is great news for these guys. I think it would be really cool, ’cause there’s so many
good breakdancers out there that it’s going to give people
an opportunity to see what they can do. That’s, like,
that’s a whole new level. That’s amazing how, like, dance from, like, breakdancing especially because it’s pretty undercover, like, not many people know about it. I reckon it’s like a big step
for breakdancing because it’s a very
physically demanding sport and it means
that people can show off their fitness and their skills. Alright. Am I ready for gold? ALL: Um… SOME: Maybe? Yeah. Maybe I’ll try my luck at disco. (DISCO MUSIC PLAYS)

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